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LNA Kicks Off Push East Of Tripoli First Since Start Of Operation Flood Of Dignity (Video)

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The Libyan National Army (LNA) captured the air-defense camp east of the coastal city of Sirte in a surprise attack on May 3 marking the beginning of its advance towards the Libyan capital, Tripoli, from the eastern direction.

While the LNA’s press office hasn’t confirmed the capture of the air-defense camp yet, Libyan activists released a video showing army personnel inside the camp.

Sirte, which is located 360km east of Tripoli, is one of the few ports remained under the control of the Government of National Accord (GNA). The city’s port is one of the key oil-exporting ports in the country.

This new push will likely increase the pressure on pro-GNA forces, which are already struggling to hold onto their last remaining positions south of Tripoli. Earlier today, units of the LNA were able to cut off the road between the town of Aziziyah and the Libyan capital, after killing dozens of GNA fighters, including three field commanders.

The LNA may mange to reach the vicinity of Sirt in the upcoming few days. However, radical militias from the nearby Misrata city, that support the GNA, will likely attempt to stop the army’s advance.

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Minor correction : SIRT port is NOT a key oil exporting port – these are as per the attached map of the SIRT BASIN oilfields, plus ZAWIA west of Tripoli for the Shararah and El Feel oilfields – all of these are under LNA control. MISRATA is the main GNA militia enclave and base, it cannot be taken unless the foreign supporters of the GNA (Turkey/Qatar/Italy/Britain/Germany) abandon it.comment image


If Tripoli falls there is little point left to keep on supporting the Misrata militias though. That would be akin to the German Wehrmacht to decide to keep on fighting WW2 after the fall of Berlin, from its last enclaves in Norway, Denmark and Bohemia. At some point it becomes clear the war is lost and there’s little point in keeping on supporting a sinking ship.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Pity that the LNA hasn’t got any Scuds to hit Misrata with from the Sirte direction.

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