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LNA Is Using Modern Russian Anti-Tank Guided Missile System Against GNA Forces


The Libyan National Army (LNA) is using the advanced Russian-made Khrizantema anti-tank guided missile (ATGM) system in its operations against the Governorate of National Accord (GNA), photos released by Libyan sources on June 5 revealed.

The photos show the remains of a Khrizantema 9M123 missile, that was reportedly launched at position of GNA forces in the district of Damascus in the southern part of the Libyan capital, Tripoli.

LNA Is Using Modern Russian Anti-Tank Guided Missile System Against GNA Forces

Reference photo by Vitaly Kuzmin, VIA: vitalykuzmin.net. Click to see full-size image

The 9M123 missile is available in two guidance modes, automatic command to line of sight (ACLOS) via radar beam riding or semi-automatic command to line of sight (SACLOS) via laser beam riding. The missile can be configured with a high-explosive anti-tank (HEAT) warhead or a thermobaric one.

High speed is considered the 9M123 biggest advantage. The missile can reach a record speed of Mach 1.2, making it almost impossible to intercept by available active protection systems (APS).

Russia supplied the Libyan military with four 9P157-2 Khrizantema-S, a launch vehicle based on the BMP-3 chassis, before the outbreak of the civil war. Following the victory of the rebels in late 2011, the military received ten additional systems.

The LNA’s use of the Khrizantema around Tripoli was not a surprise. Earlier this year, the army deployed at least one Khrizantema-S launched south of the city.

LNA Is Using Modern Russian Anti-Tank Guided Missile System Against GNA Forces

Click to see original-size image

The use of such advanced precision-guided weapons will for sure give the LNA an advantage over GNA forces which are still holding onto their remaining positions around Tripoli.

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  • kraaiiii

    It’s numbers, not high tech, what tips the balance in war, i am curious how much units of
    9P157-2 the got

    • occupybacon

      As much they needed.

    • Barba_Papa

      There is no single determining factor in war. Many times throughout history the numerically superior army was beaten by a smaller one. You can’t just rely on sheer numbers to win. Stalin tried that in WW2 and he ended up with the Wehrmacht almost in plain sight of his Kremlin. Your commanders have to know their shit, the troops have to know how to use their kit, your combat doctrine has to be right, you have to have the right strategy, and having the right kit does help. When any of these factors are seriously deficient then chances are you will get your ass beaten. Considering that both sides around Tripoli are more or less balanced to each other, then yeah, adding a new variable to the mix, like these ATGM’s, might make a difference.

  • iosongasingsing

    Lybia is like Yemen.

  • frankly

    This is Hillary Clinton’s legacy. The free-flow of refugees, massive infrastructure damage, tragedy on an epic scale. Libya’s sin? Selling oil without using the petro-dollar.

    Seth Rich’s sin? He was a Patriot! Through and through.