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JULY 2020

LNA Imposes Naval Blockade On GNA-Controlled Ports In Response To Recent Turkish Arms Shipment


LNA Imposes Naval Blockade On GNA-Controlled Ports In Response To Recent Turkish Arms Shipment

Illustrative image. Source: Libyan National Army media office.

The Libyan National Army (LNA) has imposed a naval blockade on all ports controlled by the Government of National Accord (GNA) in the western part of the country.

An official statement released by the LNA’s media office on May 20 revealed that the decision to impose a naval blockade on the western ports was taken by the army’s Commander-in-Chief Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar.

“In accordance with the decision of the General Commander of the army Khalifa Haftar to cut the supplies from the militias in the western region, the Chief of Staff of the Navy, Major General Faraj Mahdavi placed the entire naval forces on high-alert and declared a complete naval blockade on all ports in the western region,” the statement reads.

The decision was a direct response to the recent Turkish arms shipment to pro-GNA forces. The shipment, which included over 20 modern armored vehicles, was transported from the Turkish port Samsun to Libya’s capital, Tripoli, aboard a Moldavia-flagged ship named “AMAZON.”

The LNA’s Navy vowed to strike any ship that would attempt to violate the blockade with an “iron fist.”

Libya’s naval forces were largely destroyed as a result of the 2011 NATO-led military intervention. However, the LNA managed to restore several small boats into service recently. The army also acquired “LÉ Aisling” offshore patrol vessel from the Irish Naval Service through a UAE-based shell company.

The LNA’s naval blockade, if it’s successfully implemented, will complicate the situation for GNA forces, which are in a complicated situation south of Tripoli.

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  • Brother Ma

    A bit late isnt it? Couldn’t the LNA send a small boat with an anti ship manpad weapon to take out any Turco ships when they were there? Or are they being stopped by the Russians who don’t want their pals shot at.

    • Harry Smith

      Just imagine what it will be like if LNA sink the Turkish ship? Would Erdogan just sit and cry?

      • Brother Ma

        “Accidentally” sink it ,like the Turks accidentally shot down the Russian plane. Erdogan can’t do anything about it.

        Why is Russia allowing Turkey to land humvees ,fighters and arms off Libya’s shore to help the moslem brotherhood jihadist Natoist armies? Turkey is thus going against Haftar who is Russia and the Thinking Fair Worlds’ choice.

        • Harry Smith

          Sadly, Erdogan can do. And NATO will applaud him if he decides to start the war with LNA. Uncle Sam urgently needs cheap oil.

  • Xoli Xoli

    Putin delays causes serious destruction to legitimate countries under USA,France, Britain and Turkey oppression.

  • hvaiallverden

    Again, Libyans, do notise the difference between Talk and walk the walk, and whom is doing something, when the end of 7 years of living in the vally of death, it screetches to an halt.

    The second problem is again the presence of western scums, France, Brits and our very own erDogan the Trubofan, flipping so fast He is almost invicible, like Russians are, yeah, Libyans, this is why Gaddafy lost, treason against humanity for an fist full of shekles.
    You cant sink lower.
    To me this is another delyed justice, solelly to make more wars, aka cashflow must be kept alive and needs blood to feed, to keep up the refugee invasion armys on going, the Whabi scums runs it all, and the west drools along, whining something about civlians as they suddenly mattered after 7 years of civil war.
    Yeah, the even recylcle the Gass farse, this time in Northern Syria, of course done by Assad, right.
    I am afraid Libyans will loose if nothing radical happens, slap the western bitches our of the country, I dont even doubt that, but the west dont like it.


  • Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

    great work LNA, mine the ports too, crush GNA and turkish scummmmm