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LNA Foiled ISIS Attack, Killed Three Terrorists In Southern Libya (Photos)

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The Libyan National Army (LNA) and its security forces have foiled a terrorist attack by ISIS in the southern Libyan town of Ghadduwa.

According to Lt. Col. Osama Othmona, a security official, three terrorists infiltrated into Ghadduwa to abduct one of the residents. The terrorists were confronted by security forces and the Khalid Ibn al-Walid Battalion of the LNA.

“Two terrorists were killed after clashes with forces of the General Directorate of Desert Patrol, while the third blew himself up after getting cornered by the armed forces and the police,” the officer said on August 16.

Lt. Col. Othmona revealed that the same ISIS cell abducted an elderly man from Ghadduwa last week. The officer didn’t provide any details on the incident. Ransom kidnapping is a known to be a source of income for the terrorist group.

A few days ago, a source in the LNA warned that ISIS is resurfacing in Libya, mainly in the town of Sabratah in the west. The source claimed that Turkey deployed thousands of jihadists in the town, which is controlled by the Government of National Accord.

A recent report by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights revealed that Turkey transported 10,000 jihadists, including 2,500 Tunisians, from Syria to Libya in the recent months.

The movement of jihadists from Syria to Libya will for sure help ISIS rebuild its influence in the southern and western regions of Libya.


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