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LNA Commander-In-Chief Used “Magicians” To Subdue His Supporters: Defector

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In one of the weirdest accusations made during the Libyan war, Mohamad Hijazi a defector of the Libyan National Army (LNA) accused the army’s Commander-in-Chief of using “magic” to subdue subordinates and followers.

Hijazi, who occupied the position of the LNA’s spokesman up until his defection in 2016, said that Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar had brought “magicians” from Niger and Chad to serve him. According to the defector, one of the magicians was paid $500,000 for a ring hosting a Jinni that makes people “cheer and clap” for Haftar.

As for his personal experience with Haftar’s magical powers, Hijazi claimed that he used to get “the chills” every time he entered the LNA’s headquarters. He even claimed that he felt a “weird vapor” when he approached Haftar, claiming that the said vapor made him agree to everything the LNA Commander-in-Chief would say.

LNA Commander-In-Chief Used “Magicians” To Subdue His Supporters: Defector

Mohamad Hijazi during the interview with the Libya al-Ahrar TV.

These ridiculously unbelievable claims were made during an interview with the Libya al-Ahrar TV, which is affiliated with the Government of National Accord (GNA). The bizarre interview was aired on July 17.

Most Libyans on social media mocked Hijazi’s claims, with some saying that he got the chills because he was simply “pregnant” and others advising him to drink “a mix of water and colocynth,” a native desert plant that’s known for its extreme bitterness.

LNA Commander-In-Chief Used “Magicians” To Subdue His Supporters: Defector

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Hijazi has a long history with “magic.” He even claimed during a previous interview that he had defected from the LNA as a result of a spell.

Libya al-Ahrar’s interview with Hijazi is an example of the ongoing propaganda war between all sides in Libya, where no accusation is apparently off limits.

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Mahmoud Larfi

You see now why it isn’t tomorrow (nor the day after) that Libya or any other Arab country for instance are becoming developed countries.

National Pride

No kidding

Concrete Mike

Libya was doing fine until NATO killed gadaffi.


Good thing Haftar good lost of Hijaz and dumped him with the enemy, we should do the same whit that djinn in Turkey Erdogan.

Icarus Tanović

Wahhabis are really piece of some work. What is next, just for you to stay in power? Alien flying saucer?

liana sammartino

the art of trying to control the mind is not a new one, in different centuries done in different way….


Allah is the magician of Hijazi.

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