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JULY 2020

LNA Claims Its Units Shot Down Four Turkish Drones (Video, Photos)


The Libyan National Army (LNA) claimed on May 22 that its air-defense units had shot down four Turkish drones in different parts of Libya.

Two of the drones were allegedly shot down near the town of Tarhunah. The others were downed while flying over the towns of Qaryat and Bu al-Gahrib. The towns are all located south and southeast of the country’s capital, Tripoli.

Libyan sources shared a video and several photos showing the remains of the downed drones, which appeared to be similar to the Turkish-made Bayraktar TB2.

Turkey intensified its drone operations in Libya in the recent few weeks in order to support the Government of National Accord (GNA).

Combat drones destroyed several Russian-made Pantsir-S1 air-defense systems, which were used by the LNA. The systems were sent to the LNA by the UAE.

Despite the recent losses, the LNA is still apparently retaining some air-defense capabilities. Recent reports also revealed that the army is rearming its air force with restored fighter jets, including Mig-29s. This may help the LNA to regain momentum in the battle against the GNA.




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  • SnowCatzor

    Good, those drones are useless when Pantsir’s are actually deployed and ready. Hitting a few on-route or in storage is no stain on the system’s capabilities despite what Turk-troll retards like to think.

    • Free man

      Don’t underestimate your enemies. The Turks are not pushovers, they humiliated the Russians and be sure the Russians will respond.

      • Bob

        When did Turkey humiliate Russia exactly? Turkey ambushed a Russian Sukhoi over Syria in a premeditated violation of tacit NATO-Russia airspace agreements – a TAF F-16 fired air to air missiles at a Russian aircraft that was absolutely not expecting such an attack. That is weakness – needless to say the TAF F-16 immediately fled the scene to safety of Turkey – and TAF fighters haven’t dared venture back into Syrian airspace since.

        • Free man

          Read the article about the Pantsir on SF two days ago.

      • SnowCatzor

        What, when? The Turks can’t beat Russia and their Syrian allies, nor can they beat the LNA. At most they can just keep their loser allies from complete collapse.

  • Liberal guy

    So now what more reinforcements from the so called ottoman empire 2.0?

  • Bilo Bali

    my desire is to meet as few such people as possible in my life. Muslims are fighting Muslims .. Israel is happy.. the pvo system must be networked ;)