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LNA Airstrikes Continue On Mitiga Airbase, Showing No Sign Of Relenting

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LNA Airstrikes Continue On Mitiga Airbase, Showing No Sign Of Relenting

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Throughout May 8th and continuing on May 9th, the heavy strikes by Haftar’s forces on Mitiga airbase continued.

The airbase is the primary command center and base of operations of the Government of National Accord’s (GNA) forces. While Misrata is being used as a center of operations for their Turkish supporters.

The attacks are both by air, as well as by artillery shelling.

As the push is ramping up, Libyan National Army (LNA) spokesperson Brigadier General Ahmed al-Mesmari issued a statement vowing that no international missions, headquarters of international companies and national institutions in Tripoli would be targeted and struck.

The LNA purportedly also received a new Pantsir S-1 defense system.

Meanwhile, the GNA continues its push on al-Watiya airbase, southwest of Tripoli.

Airstrikes were renewed on May 8th, and there are reports that 9 LNA troops were killed as a result of them

There are also no reports of clashes, but the LNA spokesperson al-Mesmari said that the city of Tarhuna, under LNA control, is besieged by the GNA, which is exacerbating the situation with public health in the city.

In regard to the oil blockade, reports came in that the block would continue until the tribal demands are fulfilled.

Finally, when it comes to fake news – media advisor to the GNA’s Ministry of Health – Amin al-Hashemi admitted that a story he announced on May 8th that an LNA missile strike that had struck a family in Ain Zara, southern Tripoli was entirely fake. The story was shared by Al Jazeera, as well as GNA-related media.


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Seems LNA is able to control much of Lybian airspace. This may well prove decisive.
GNA Jihadis and their Erdogan Turks will have a hard time without solid air support.. ;)

Zionism = EVIL

You are right, unless the Turkeys bring in manned F-16 and deploy more troops the LNA and its supporters will dominate the air. They also have logistical support from Egyptian forward bases and Pakistani mercenary pilots flying the UAE Mirage 2000 from Marsa Matruh. The Turkey drones have proved quite useless in stopping the LNA advance.

Pave Way IV

But the only airspace that matters right now is around Tripoli, and GNA layered air defenses own that space: medium range MIM-23 Hawks, short range Hisars and Korkut anti-aircraft guns. Old junk, but good enough to keep the LNA’s old soviet stuff away and (so far) scare away UAE Mirage 2000s, which only have limited AD suppression capability. The UAE would need to bring in their F-16s to take out Mitiga’s air defenses and they don’t seem willing to do that yet. This all protects GNA’s Turkish TB2 drones, which are by far the biggest threat to the LNA. They slowed down TB2 ops lately, but still have plenty of them left from Turkey as far as anyone knows.

LNA’s grad attack took out some fuel tanks, but didn’t hit any GNA TB2s (somewhere in shelters). Grads and artillery could potentially take out the remaining TB2s, but not without a lot of time, wasted ammo and civilian casualties around the airport. And that’s if they knew exactly where they are – I’m not sure the LNA does.

LNA did have some Chinese Winglongs for recon and intel. That visibility gave them a big advantage in their recent push. Unfortunately, the GNA (supposedly) hit the LNA Winglong ground and relay stations and apparently took one out. The LNA hasn’t been seen using them much lately, so they may be down for now.

As far as air defense, the LNA now has a few Pantsirs, but not enough to really protect anything but a few of their most critical sites. There are plenty of other high-value targets for the GNA, especially if they have real-time imagery of what’s going on below. That’s how they made their recent advances. Range of the TB2s (armed) are only about 150 km, so they only give the GNA an advantage right around Tripoli. I think Sirte is almost out of range for them.

This is all just a narrow observation of the current, known AD/UAV side of the battles, not a broad description which side may or may not have the overall military advantage. Z=E mentions Turk F-16s – those would easily tip the scales if or until the UAE countered somehow. Thousands of other possibilities overshadow any temporary AD/UAV advantage either side has.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Is the Misurata power plant still functioning is my first thought here?
Second question has the LNA mined the harbor entrance to Misurata?


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Assad must stay

very nice LNA keep pounding and taking over the base

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