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LNA Advance On Tripoli At Stalemate. Airstrikes And Propaganda Claims Are On Rise

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LNA Advance On Tripoli At Stalemate. Airstrikes And Propaganda Claims Are On Rise

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In the early hours of April 16th, pro-Government of National Accord sources reported that Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA) shelled civilian areas in Tripoli with BM-21 Grad rockets.

The shelling resulted in only material damage.

A video allegedly showed the launching of the BM-21 Grad rockets towards Tripoli by the LNA.

A pro-LNA outlet reported that GNA warplanes carried out an airstrike on the city of Hoon, and that there were no casualties.

GNA aircraft reportedly carried out a bombing in the Al-Jafra area.

The GNA air force also struck targets at the Al Hira gate.

The LNA accused the GNA of carrying out strikes out of Misrata airport specifically targeted at civilians.

Meanwhile, Italian Sky News showed a video of LNA forces advancing on GNA positions in Tripoli. Due to the LNA having a heavy weapon, the GNA were retreating.

LNA forces also moved tanks and other equipment towards Tripoli.

Additionally, the LNA received reinforcements in the city of Gharian.

“Large reinforcements arrived in the city of Gharian on Sunday [14.04] night and are now preparing to go to Tripoli,” the Military Information Division.

There were heavy clashes between the LNA and GNA in the Ain Zara district, no clear advantage was reported.

A few hours earlier pro-LNA sources reported that the LNA had gained control over the Abyar and Kabylie areas of Ain Zara, but clashes with the GNA were continuing.

The GNA Facebook page published a video showing an alleged LNA member transporting weapons and equipment using a commercial passenger plane.

#عملية_بركان_الغضب فيديو ميليشيات #المتمرد تستغل طائرة ركاب مدنية لنقل أسلحة و ذخائر ‫#لن_نعود_للقيود‬ ‫#تبديد_وهم_المتمرد ‫#ليبيا

#عملية_بركان_الغضب فيديو ميليشيات #المتمرد تستغل طائرة ركاب مدنية لنقل أسلحة و ذخائر ‫#لن_نعود_للقيود‬ ‫#تبديد_وهم_المتمرد ‫#ليبيا

Posted by ‎عملية بركان الغضب‎ on Monday, April 15, 2019

LNA Advance On Tripoli At Stalemate. Airstrikes And Propaganda Claims Are On Rise

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In terms of outside actor movements, a French spy plane ISR CAE Aviation Swearingen Metroliner N919CK was detected heading to Misrata airport in Libya, which is a primary GNA operation hub.

A NATO AWACS LX-N90451 was also reported tracking off the coast of Libya.

These are both more than likely in support of the GNA.

On the side of the LNA, an Egyptian Air Force C130 EGY1107 was tracked over Libya.

Finally, the UN Special Envoy for Libya Ghassan Salame claimed that Field Marshal Haftar wasn’t carrying out a counter-terrorism operation, but rather a military coup. He alleged that there was a stalemate between the LNA and GNA in Tripoli and that talks were fruitless until both sides realize that a military victory was not possible.


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Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

am assuming LNA are the good guys?

Zionism = EVIL

No good guys, most are agents of western nations, Egypt, UAE and Saudis. Interestingly the Saudi vermin are supporting both sides here to hedge their bets after the Syria and Yemen disasters.


While there are NEVER good or bad guys..

LNA is against Jihadi terrorist of GNA.
LNA could provide the stability Lybia has never had since Ghadaffi.
Therefore end the ISIS presence, the illegal migration and weapon, drug and slave trade.
I could add some other points i posted days ago, but i guess this is enough.

Pave Way IV

Haftar doesn’t seem nearly as worried about Saudi/UAE backed Wahhabi jihadist militias as he does about Muslim Brotherhood backed (or MB friendly) militias that support the GNA. He’s fighting a proxy war for the Saudis/UAE to eliminate all MB influence in Libya.

Trouble is that Haftar has difficulty finding enough support and recruits in Libya. MB isn’t that popular there, but it isn’t really considered a threat by the people, either. The GNA has a small portion of MB members, but it isn’t dominated by it (so far). The Libyans are frustrated with the inability of the GNA to stabilize the country, but they’re not that eager to die trying to overthrow it. Haftar has had the most luck recruiting those that oppose Muslim Brotherhood, and those recruits are often hardline Wahhabi-friendly Salafists. Not al Qaeda or ISIS, but pretty damn close.

To his credit, Haftar seems able to keep them on a pretty short leash – at least for now. How effective will they really be against Wahhabi-aligned al Qaeda and ISIS, though? Haftar has mostly fought other Libyan militias, not al Qaeda or ISIS. And if Haftar has ruling aspirations, what would Libya look become? A Saudi Wahhabi lapdog dictatorship? No wonder Libyans are suspicious.


I made this comment some days ago, maybe it clears a thing or two:


If by clicking on link it didn’t take you right to the comment, scroll a bit down and you’ll find it.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

took me straight to the comment :)

seems lgna are puppets of the west.. and AQ is also

nla seem to be the true libyan people then

You can call me Al

NLA ?, you mean LNA ? (I hope).

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

yeah lol

You can call me Al

No worries, I have that trouble with all the US sports leagues. Cheers for now.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

out of curiosity have you seen the veto yet?

21st century wire film, exposing CNN and al jazeera making fake news on the syrian war

Saddam Hussein

Gaddafi is dead, so no.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

the LNA are fighting the puppet government installed by the west tho?

Saddam Hussein

I think all the sides fighting are puppets and none of them will have much free will if they control all of Libya. Its a shame Saif Alislam alGaddafi (gaddafi’s son) isnt trying to unite the people.


The US would send in a seal team and kill him for sure.
Maybe he will appear in the future.

Zionism = EVIL

This is typical Arab way of warfare, advance a few kms and then make claims and counter claims. Libya is Syria on a smaller scale with the same players aka different factions of headchoppers with same mentors.


Well, i think you have a point. This is all about propaganda, about securing a better position in the comming negotiations.
Still, i believe Haftar will at least have to totally encircle Tripoli, cut off all supply routes, before he has an big enough advantage in negotiation power over the Jihadi infested GNA militias.

Saddam Hussein

This recent push is because Haftar gained new Saudi support. The situation is very different from Syria, where President Assad is clearly “our guy”. I guess you can view Haftar as another Sisi, but with a stronger old school persona. Although I wont support him just yet, I just hope someone unites the country for now.

You can call me Al

That somebody will be Haftar and if he is anti-LGNA = anti-US = anti-elitism, I will support him.

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)



Like a chess game, but with real people, and the battle is going to be decided by whoever defects first.

Mohand Imazatene

Kabylie is not in Libya. It is a berber country colonized by Algeria !

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