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LIVE UPDATES: The Turkish Coup (Finished)


LIVE UPDATES: The Turkish Coup (Finished)

SouthFront has finished the #TURKISHCOUP Live. Thank you for the attention.

Since yesterday, Turkey has been in complete chaos. The military has attempoted to take over the country. However loyalists were able to fight back. As result, the coup failed. However, operations are ongoing.


  • 265 people killed – according to Turkish PM
  • 1440 wounded
  • about 3000 members of the Turkish Armed Forces arrested

The Turkish Prime Minister has said that First Army Commander Umit Dundar has been appointed as Chief of General Staff.

Erdogan has said the coup is “over.” 

Why did the coup failed? READ HERE

6:24 pm CET

Turkish prosecutors have issued arrest warrants for 140 Constitutional Court members and 48 members of the Council of Stat.

2:37 pm CET

Turkey’s top judicial body HSYK lays off 2,745 judges after extraordinary meeting. 11 Supreme Court members and 4 members of Judges Committee are arrested because of alleged links to the coup attempt.

2:20 pm CET

Reuters has reported that some 100 pro-coup members of the armed forces had been detained at the Diyarbakir air base in southeastern Turkey.

According to US Secretary of State John Kerry, Washington hasn’t received any extradition requests for Muslim cleric Fethullah Gulen, who currently resides in the US. Earlier, Erdogan had blamed Fethullah Gulen of instigating the coup.

12:48 am CET

Russian airlines have suspended regular passenger flights to Turkey.

The Embassy of Belgium in Ankara and the Consulate General of Belgium in Istanbul has been closed. The Bosporus strait has been re-opened to transiting tankers.

Media reports suggest that the coup was led by Akin Ozturk, an ex-Commander of Turkish air force.

LIVE UPDATES: The Turkish Coup (Finished)

LIVE UPDATES: The Turkish Coup (Finished)

11:59 am CET

The Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildrim has said 265 people have been killed and 1,440 wounded in the coup attempt. He added that over 2,800 members of the armed forces have been detained and emphasized that the situation is “fully under control.” 10:37 am CET Anadolu Agency says pro-coup soldiers that have taken over the Chief of General Staff Headquarters are trying to negotiate to surrender. This is the last known base where coup supporters remain in control.

LIVE UPDATES: The Turkish Coup (Finished)

Just imagine his reaction if the coup is in ‪‎Russia‬ or ‪‎Iran‬

LIVE UPDATES: The Turkish Coup (Finished)

Iran’s Foreign Minister

10:24 am CET Anadolu Agency: The airspace over Turkey’s northwestern Marmara region has been closed to civilian flights. Russia is concerned about the military coup attempt in Turkey. Russia’s Foreign Ministry:

“The worsening political situation, as well as existing terror threats and regional armed conflict, pose increased danger to international and regional stability.” Moscow is ready to cooperate with the “Turkey’s elected leadership.”

9:38 am CET The Turkish General Staff has reported that over 100 coup supporters had been killed.

    • 194 dead


  • 104 pro-coup troops



  • 49 civilians



  • 41 police



9:20 am CET According to unconfirmed reports, over 100 people have been killed

8:44 am CET

8:17 am CET Anadolu Agency says 200 pro-coup soldiers at military HQ have surrendered to the Turkish police. Death toll rises to 90 killed with 1,154 wounded. More than 1,500 military personnel arrested according to Turkish officials. LIVE UPDATES: The Turkish Coup (Finished) 7:07 am CET Army chief General Hulusi Akar and Turkish Presidency Secretary-General Fahri Kasirga have been rescued after being kidnapped by coup soldiers. Aegan Army Commander Chief Major-General Memduh Hakbilen is arrested. The Turkish parliament LIVE UPDATES: The Turkish Coup (Finished) 6:36 am CET 16 pro-coup soldiers  have been killed, 250 detained at the Gendarmerie Command in Ankara’s Beştepe district. 6:28 am CET What we know by now:

      • 60 dead



    • about 1000 injured



    • 754 members of armed forces arrested



    • 29 colonels



    • 5 generals



    • Operations are ongoing (clashes are reported in the military HQ in Ankara)



LIVE UPDATES: The Turkish Coup (Finished)

Rear admiral in Mersin being arrested by police

6:18 am CET There are reports of F-16s pounding pro-coup battle tanks near the presidential palace. 754 members of the armed forces have been taken into custody over the coup attempt, Turkey’s Justice Ministry has said. The Bosphorus strait is closed for tankers. 5:39 am CET Pro-coup forces say that “operations continue” through the army website. The coup IS NOT over. LIVE UPDATES: The Turkish Coup (Finished) Footage from CNN Turk HQ ( pro-coup soldiers are being arrested by police):

5:19 am CET 336 people have been reportedly arrested across the country by the Erdogan supporters. 5:13 am CET A pro-coup military has been reportedly shot down in outskirts of Ankara. AFP says that Turkey appoints new acting army chief of staff. Dropped equipment at one of the bridges across the Bosphorus in Istanbul. Reuters say that some 50 pro-coup soldiers surrended there (check video at 4:49 am CET): LIVE UPDATES: The Turkish Coup (Finished) 4:55 am CET: Western media report that “apparentlly pro-coup” jet has dropped a bomb near the Turkish presidential palace in Ankara Erdogan speaks at Ataturk airport, arguing he will punish “plotters” behind coup attacks (He blamed Fethullah Gülen)

4:49 am CET 50 soldiers are surrendering to crowds

4:38 am CET

GUNFIRE ongoing in Istanbul.

Last night explosion in Ankara. It looks that it was a TV center.

4:14 am CET:

At least, 60 people are dead as result of the coup attempt in Turkey. A total of 120 soldiers have been arrested so far.

Anadolu news agency reported reported that the soldiers who attempted a military coup opened fire on people gathered at the parliament and General Staff buildings.

01:30 am CET:

The military and police forces are both separated. Nobody can confirm which forces are defending the government and which ones are staging the coup.

01:07 am CET:

Unconfirmed reports state that Turkish loyalists have taken down a military helicopter.

01:05 am CET:

On the Russian TV channel Russia 24 was reported that at least 17 police officers have been killed in Ankara.

01:04 am CET:

Wikileaks reports that Erdogan has blamed Fethullah Guelen’s groups for the attempted coup:

01:02 am CET:

Video of a helicopter firing at the streets full of people and probably civilians:

12:55 CET:

Video of a firing helicopter:

12:54 CET:

Video of the tanks occupying the streets:

12:45 CET:

The Greek army is in combat readiness. The border is reinforced and all officers are asked to come back from vacations.

Until 12:30 CET:

On the streets, loyalists and the rebelling military have been clashing. Helicopters have reportedly hit the HQ of the police in Ankara. Tanks have occupied the airport in Istanbul.

People are capturing tanks and the whole situation is getting worse.

At the same time, President Erdogan was flying to Istanbul but was denied entrance. He then asked for asylum in Germany but was again denied. Now, he’s reportedly flying to London. No further information on him for now.

NATO has still not issued a statement on the Turkish military (the second largest force in the alliance).

Iran has closed its border with Turkey.



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