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JUNE 2021

Live Stream: Military Situation In Syria (FINISHED)

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TOPIC: Military situation in Syria.

GUEST: Kevork Almassian

Dear friends, you can ask questions about the live stream topics and other issues related to SF in the Youtube chat. (It’s available if you open the live stream in a separate browser tab)

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Toto Pinoccio

Russia is useless toothless teddy bear… allies being attacked at will, while Putin bends over and opens his arse for asymmetrical humiliation for US election interference



Smith Ricky

he is clearly butthurt.

You can call me Al

Maybe Tota has had his “nose put out of joint”………..think about it !.


It appears that Toto and his mates have been summoned to spread disinformation and discord by Israel. This indicates to me that Israel is not confident, but frightened that for the first time in decades Israeli assets are in range of weapons systems that can respond to Israeli aggression .

The Israeli’s are experts at murdering unarmed civilians and children.

The world is finally able to see the Israeli crimes that have for too long been obfuscated by silence in the US Coalition press.

Bubba Junior

Good vison, I think youre right.


It’s a Jewish thing.


following the Talmund it is ok for a Jew to lye to and cheat non-jews. I wonder how many of the citizens of Israel still follow Talmunds rules.


Download and read the Hasbara handbook, and you will understand their methods. Communication styles starting on page 18 is a good place to start.


Quite correct ..never mind the 3 zio buttboys comments here. I have stated the exact thing in other related stories. With Russia as an ally.Iran and Syria don’t need enemies!! They can only flap their gum about how strong they are…super weapons they got… but when called upon to act and help ..they run up under some woman’s skirt for protection!!!!

Richard M

Quit upvoting your own bilge, Dickslurp.


Fuck u asshole…I don’t care what you zio slaves think….if I knew where u r located, I come by for you to tell me in the face…

Richard M

Stuff your CryptoHasbara trolling, OrcBoy. You aren’t fooling anyone with your lies.


not sure what your belief is in the bible, but here is my understanding of the bible. God calls russia as one of the head of the “beast” (Satan) along france, germany. It call s out Erdogan and Putin personally as some of the anti christ who actually think they can defeat God. Damscus will have its candle (angel) removed because it digresses.They say oh, have mercy but god says no I have spoken. They have digressed (sided with his enemies) and Anti-Christ (Gentiles who only the court yard of the Dome Temple was given to, for the tribulation, those who call them selves jews but are not and are Senegal of Satan and found to lairs) Satan will destroy it n one strike. husband ( Damescuss or husband of Jelusim knows ans the bride) must fall. Damscuss will never be a city again, The final Anti christ will rise into lime light, he gives the saints a false peace offer, all shall love and obay him. Then he breaks his peace and commit reall blasfemoy (claims to be god), Then God will pull out all his army for Jesus to destroy Jeruslim will be married to Jessus (meaning will be given to obay and be protected by)


U really believe the craps you just spewed here??? Isn’t this the same bible which was said to be written by the jews? It is made for you goyims to believe….but why don’t your chosen ones follow the bible….they follow the novel called the torah…which tells them you goys were made by god just to serve them at their wishes…you are cattle for them. And their god it’s called Baal…he has the head of a goat….. I purged myself from the crap I was taught growing up…do the same. It’s a shame those ignorant southern Christians will die of ignorance for these jews….see how they elected the zio jewish rect um licker Donald Dump ???


This poster strikes me as having something in common with the writer/s of the Book of Revelation–specifically, both seem to have been on something powerful while writing.


Man, that stuff you are obviously smoking is way to strong for you!


If you keep saying that, eventually you will convince yourself.

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