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FINISHED: Interview with The Saker. Russian-Israeli relations and the conflict in Syria






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  • verner

    Russia tolerates israel to a limited extent but they.the israelis, are reduced to stay on the sideline. of course Russia is very much in favour of the Palestinians and should it come to it, Russia can crush israel in no time from far away in which case the israelis will have to rely on the disunited states of america and however much kuschner wish to support israel, congress won’t allow another massive war in the middle east, considering the huge amount it has cost the dis-organised state of america so far. thus, you can assume that Iran will have rather free hands in Syria and with the Hezbollah and Russia will stick to Syria, since it’s vital for the control of energy and the area in general and after all, israel is a rather sore point but of little importance in the whole of things.

    so the Saker, sounding very american, seems to have an american take on things and that is just not a viable view on Syria, Lebanon and the middle east. Putin can wipe out israel without even getting near israel with a set of ICBMs from the Caspian Sea and that is something the iron dome can’t do anything about. in fact it would be Iron Doom for israel.

  • R Trojson

    Most here cheer for the extermination of Jews and Israel itself. Any Putin nuclear strike on Israel will be met with a nuclear strike on Russia from Israel. Then what is left of Russia will be easy picking for China and the US.

    • Sun Tzu

      Don’t even go there. Look at the RF’s land mass and compare it to Israel’s. Also compare the S-400, S-500, Tor, Pantsyr AD and the superb EW’s performance with Israel’s AD: Iron Dome, Arrow, THAAD, Patriot. It is better for Israel to quit and denounce the Oded Yinon plan while possible and sue for peaceful coexistance with neighbours rather quickly. Just saying.

    • Stephan Williams

      As soon as you claimed “Putin is determined to start WW3” I recognized you for what you are – a projectile vomiting, low IQ hasbarabot. You serial-lairs sicken me.