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Lithuanian President Calls On NATO To Draw Up Forces To Eastern Europe

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Lithuanian President Calls On NATO To Draw Up Forces To Eastern Europe

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Lithuanian President Gitanas Nauseda called on his counterparts in NATO member countries to strengthen the Alliance’s military potential in Eastern Europe and develop action plans in case of various threatening scenarios.

The claim was made on December 21 during a joint press conference with the Presidents of Ukraine and Poland, Vladimir Zelensky and Andrzej Duda, in the village of Guta in the Ukrainian region of Ivano-Frankivsk.

“NATO should respond not only by concentrating its troops on the eastern front, but also to strengthen its military potential. Strengthening the military potential is good, but we must have an algorithm for what to do in case of the scenario A, scenario B, scenario C,” Nauseda said.

According to the Lithuanian President, the alleged military developments near the eastern Ukrainian border are a sign of the disbalance in the whole region. He called for actions to be taken to restore it.

“If the balance is being lost now, there must be some reaction from the other side to restore this balance. This concerns the European Union and NATO,” Nauseda said.

He added that the military integration of Russia and Belarus is already evident and has been going on for a long time and “NATO should respond to this threat first of all, because it changes the security situation for the Baltic countries. So that we discuss not only the Ukrainian, Polish or Lithuanian situation separately. And so that it was a discussion of regional security. And it should be a broad reaction at the regional level,” he concluded.

Nauseda’s claims are mainly based on the reports on the alleged accumulation of Russian troops on the borders with Ukraine which have been actively spread by the MSM since October, and were later denied by Russian as well as Ukrainian officials. Washington claimed that Russia’s “invasion” of Ukraine should be expected in early 2022. At the same time, in spite of restoring a dialogue with Russia,  the U.S. and its Western allies continue threatening Moscow with new sanctions.

Unfortunately, the current situation in Europe is quite unstable and no way out is likely to be found in the nearest future. While Russia is looking for new possibilities to establish any contact with the West and is calling for negotiations, NATO pursue the militaristic rhetorics and accumulate power on the Russian borders.

“The military-political situation in the world remains difficult. Conflict potential has grown in a number of regions. New hotbeds of tension have emerged.” Vladimir Putin claimed on December 21.


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Win stupid prizes!

Lithuania wants to end it’s COVID lockdowns by making Russia turn their nation to rubble!

Lone Ranger

Not rubble.
Irradiated ash.
They wont be missed.
Baltics, Poland, Ukraine, aka the shit hole of Europe.

Last edited 29 days ago by Lone Ranger
Chris Gr

Baltics and Poland are not bad though.

Lone Ranger

When it comes to Russia they are.
They are rabid Russophobes.
And they are actively aiding neonazis whom are genociding Donbas.

Lone Ranger

Get Nausea is a cianazi agent pushing for WWIII
Hope his toy CIA colony gets the first nuke dropped on their nazi dickheads.


eastern front? are they living in 1941-45? do they know what happen to germany in that time? may be it is time to get rid the nato disease

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