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Lithuania Plans to Spend €5.8 Million to Meet NATO’s ‘Defenders of Russian Aggression’

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About €5.8 million will be spent from the Lithuanian budget in order to prepare the infrastructure for deployment NATO units on the territory of the country.

Lithuania Plans to Spend €5.8 Million to Meet NATO's ‘Defenders of Russian Aggression’

Photo: hkpro.com

Lithuania has calculated the cost of improving of the infrastructure for deployment NATO units on the territory of the country. Next year, contingent of the Western armed forces, the main part of which will be made up of servicemen from Germany, will arrive to Lithuania. The cost for their deployment for the state budget will be about €5.8 million. Reportedly, the NATO troops will be stationed on military bases in Rukla and Linkaiciai.

“Constant presence of NATO military units in Lithuania is a very important means of deterrence, as from now the NATO forces will be in our country and they will not only train together, but also, if necessary, without delay, proceed to collective defense. Therefore, we must do everything to make this unit to timely arrive to Lithuania and to have conditions for maintaining combat readiness here,” Chief of the Lithuanian Armed Forces, Lieutenant General Jonas Vytautas Zukas, said.

The day before, representatives of the Lithuanian Armed Forces inspected the military base in Rukla in order to be sure that it is capable to accept NATO troops, which ultimately should consist not only of Germany, but also of Norwegian, Belgian, Dutch and French soldiers and officers.

Speaking about the Russian aggression, Lithuania, like many other European states has the only one goal – to increase spending for the country’s defensive sector. On what and how exactly the additional funds will be spent – this question never has a clear answer. But, obviously, there is some group of people, who get their own profit from such additional financing and, perhaps, even make business on this matter.

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This is unfortunate that Lithuania is fallen victime to EU propaganda.

Igor Ochocinszk

more like vice versa, EU is totally cool, but politicians in this particular country are fucked up russophobic chauvinist neo-nazis doing anything and saying anything possible to just undermine the russians, including ethnic ones living in their own country ffs. EU atleast tries to protect ethnic miniorities and these bastards just steamrolling over them


Lithuania can’t make it without the Soviet union and the only card to play in EU in order to get funds is the Russian thread.It is stupid to spend on defense when no one threatens them plus may be soon after January 2017 nato might simply collapse.I hope Trump will help them wake up.

Peter Magnus

Its allway smart when you have a large and upredictable neighbour to keep a strong defence, high officials in kremlin have questioned the baltic states right to excist. This nescitates the creation of a decent armed force to oppose any and all incursions.


I read that only a battalion will be placed in each baltic state. This is a NATO show of support and a trip wire against any RU “aggression”. This is a good thing. The Crimea was annexed after 90%+ russian population voted for it. Who drew those borders?

Peter Magnus

A ballot upheld by foreign bayonets cannot be called valid no matter the result.

That Lithuania has decided to keep herself with an army is only good news. A country with the means to defend itself is a lot less inviting target, should future Russian leaders choose to go mental.

Defending the Russian occupation of the baltics and east prussia is a hard thing to do ethics wise. As for who drew the borders, the Russians did…


East prussia was taken from Nazi Germany. Surely it would not be allowed to exist as a detached state of the German empire. It was used to start WW2, to flank the Polish armies from the north. Stalin then took baltic states with land grab agreement with Hitler. We all see how this worked out. Godspeed Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia!

Igor Ochocinszk

damn, you mimic the exact words of our propaganda xD


Baltic states have always used this “Russian aggression” card to get more funding from NATO and EU so its not bad to cough up some funds to match the goals.

Problem with Baltic states is that they do fall under “first strike” threat as soon the hostilities will start from any side they will be run over either by NATO defending forces or Russian pre-emptive forces to secure the coast lines and cover Kaliningrad security.

In the end Polish and Baltics would end up as Putin said just a “collateral” victim of higher power ambitions in the area.


Seems to me that another Ukraine is on the making.

John Mason

Waste of money especially for a country that is financially strapped and a low standard of living. NATO will eventually come to nothing, toothless tiger against any country that is capable of defending and attacking.


Lithuania is going to be sorely pissed off when Russia doesn’t invade them. It is like waiting for the guest of honor to show up at an organized surprise birthday party… but he never shows. Bummer.

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