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JULY 2022

Lithuania Hides Behind ‘Sanctions’ To Justify Blockade Of Kaliningrad

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Lithuania Hides Behind 'Sanctions' To Justify Blockade Of Kaliningrad

Trains in Kakiningrad

On June 18, the Lithuanian government imposed sanctions on cargo transit to the Kaliningrad region. This applies to a range of goods: resources, materials, and high technology.

There will be no complete lockdown of Kaliningrad. Restrictions have affected only sub-sanctioned goods (for example, coal, metal, and building materials). up to 50 % of the cargoes, which were transported between the exclave and other regions of the country, including building materials and metals were subjected to restrictions. Products made of cast iron and steel, dozens of items of industrial equipment, and products for use in the aviation and aerospace industries are among the goods already banned for carriage. In total, the restrictive list included 23 sections. Road transportation was also not affected by the restrictions, only railroad transportation. The sanctions began to be applied by the main Lithuanian railway company on the line connecting Kaliningrad and Moscow through part of the Lithuanian territory and Belarus.

Expectedly, the Kremlin reacted extremely negatively to Lithuania’s decision, calling it openly hostile. The response also stated that Russia reserves the right to defend its national interests. Moscow’s position is also that NATO is building up its military and reconnaissance presence near Russia’s northwestern borders. As a result, the situation in the region is shaped by unprecedented political, informational, and economic pressure from the West.

The Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Shimonite said that Lithuania is not blockading Kaliningrad, but merely implementing the EU sanctions against Russia. Moreover, Lithuania did not break the agreement on passenger transportation.

Shimonte stated: “There is no blockade of Kaliningrad; it’s just that since last weekend, sanctions have been imposed on some of the goods in the so-called sanctions package, in particular steel and ferrous metals, and rail customers or contract parties have been informed of the imposition of these sanctions, that they [goods] cannot be transshipped and transported. All other goods not subject to sanctions, as well as passenger transit, for which there is a special agreement between the European Union, Russia and Lithuania, are transported.

It should be noted the successful trade turnover between Russia and Lithuania. In 2019, the amount of trade turnover amounted to 9 billion dollars. Lithuania bought fuel, semi-finished products and resources, Russia bought electronics, equipment and consumer goods. Russia accounted for about 10% of Lithuanian foreign trade. Lithuania gave up gas and electricity at the beginning of the special operation in Ukraine.


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Pedo Andy from Fcukingham Palace

Lithuania is smaller than a few Jews in a phone booth, Russia can piss it away in the Baltic anytime. Jew Zelensky and rest of the Anglo-Zionist clowns can move there too. SLAVA ROSSIYA!

Retired Troll

The fact of the matter is that these puny Baltic upstarts are strutting on false NATO bravado, Kaliningrad is an integral part of Russia gained historically with blood and soul. The BEAR will not allow its cubs to suffer at Baltic Nazi hands. Lithuanian Nazis have historical hostility towards Russia and now somehow think that hiding behind NATO eunuchs will save them. Never underestimate Russian resolve. These tiny puppets should look at the fate of Ukraine and come to their senses. Baiting the bear on its own turf is suicidal.

Last edited 10 days ago by Retired Troll

Rather than target the smaller nations of NATO, it would bring them to their senses faster by targeting the US & UK while simultaneously destroying their military bases. The City of London, the military production facilities and offices and HQ plus the military bases.

Elohim Kosher Bar

Those British North Sea oil/gas drilling wells look very appetizing Team Putin. It would be a shame if something happened to them.

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Last edited 10 days ago by Anglia

War is war. Get used to it. Try distinguishing between Brits and Jews while you’re at it.

Ask yourself why the USSR allowed the immigration of Jews from their empire to Israel. Russian is the 3rd most spoken language in Israel.

Also ask yourself why Stalin initially supported the establishment of Israel before it became apparent they would not be Communist.

Soviet intelligence infiltrated and dominated the Arab states.

Both of these videos came out after Russia fully invaded Ukraine this year:

Russian Jews flying the Soviet flag in Israel https://worldtruthvideos.website/watch/russian-jews-flying-the-soviet-flag-in-israel_S7ESCxw4dzOaLcc.html

Playing Both Sides: Jews Wave Russian and Ukrainian Flags While Dancing http://www.renegadetribune.com/playing-both-sides-jews-wave-russian-and-ukrainian-flags-while-dancing/

^ They also play both sides in the Middle East and throughout the entire Cold War.

Both sides are controlled by Jews. Russia and China support the World Economic Forum, now Russia is temporarily banned from the WEF. Rothschild bank had an office in Moscow before Russia invaded this year, they have conducted business in Russia.

Last edited 10 days ago by Jack
Ashok Varma

Both are liars, backstabbers, racists, cheats, thieves, child killers, war criminals and against humanity, so they are mutually inclusive evil.


McDonalds had 1000s of restaurants in Russia, so what? Rothschild bank does not just have an office in London, they own London since 1688.


All NATO member countries should be placed under Russian control immediately to serve as buffer zones to protect the motherland.


beware of Kazakhstan, the president will betray them.


14.2 % accounts for the largest % of imports from abroad from Russia and Lithuania invested $140 million in Ukraine and they import raw materials from Russia –the future doesn’t look good for Lithuania.


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Last edited 10 days ago by LoraPickens

Blockades are illegal under international law and no matter how you cut it; this is a blockade. Russia should pass a law that it and Lithuania can never be trade partners ever again. Expel all of their reps and recall all of Russia’s, there is no reason to talk to a country that Russia should treat like it doesn’t even exist.

Last edited 10 days ago by Disinfo
Hans raus

There is no any blockade at all. You can use baltic sea in order to transport goods. Russia is in panic mode and behave like cry baby. Let Kaliningrad people to choose if they want to be european union member or russian shithole. I guees 90% of people will vote for UE. Let make Kaliningerad great again :D

Last edited 10 days ago by Hans raus

You seem to have cognition issues in the negative.


Sure, if you want europe to become ruble again, this time it will be like proper


What a load of crap you just uttered!


It’s annoying when troll comments are entirely deleted. Now it looks like your reply is to Disinfo, at first glance. But yeah, was Hans saying something stupid again, no doubt.


Blocked is blocked. It already done.


Good luck to you in the winter/2022.


Buy no more Lithuanian goods, buy elsewhere !

Ashok Varma

Never seen anything made in Lithuania, what does tiny Lithuania manufacture? I have not even seen a Lithuanian prostitute in India yet. Ukrainian Yulias are in every bar from Goa to Dubai.

Last edited 10 days ago by Ashok Varma
Muhammad your Prophet

Vladimir Putin hides behides the Nazis to act like Adolf Hitler. That’s why he needs to be denazified with a bullet through his brain. Because will be remembered as the mass murderer who reminded the world the type of deranged brainless maniac Adolf Hitler was.


US has been killing million of innocent peoples in the Middle East lol.

Muhammad your Prophet

We are all very aware what’s Vladimir Putin’s excuse to act like an Adolf Hitler wannabe. He’s just a mass murderer and a very sadistic one at it. That’s why sadists like you love him.

Last edited 10 days ago by Muhammad your Prophet
Hans raus

russian whataboutism at its best, grow up bro :D

Last edited 10 days ago by Hans raus
Ashok Varma

Dear chap, you Nazis were pathetic lousy soldiers but war criminals equal to the US losers and Zionists. It is interesting that Germany is still occupied by US criminals almost a century after Russians defeated your “thousand year Reich” LOL. You should be thankful to Russia.

Hans raus

u stuck in 1939 ? :D tell me more

Ashok Varma

US is your master, nuff said delusional hun chappy.


And israel is the US master


So or US or Russia must be THE MASTER . Emperialist mentality


u stuck in Biden’s butthole

Stephan Williams

Even a stopped clock is right twice a day.

This is one of those times with you.

I completely agree with your comment.

What Ashok Varma knows about Germany and National Socialism wouldn’t fill a thimble. He obviously watches too much television and ignores the study of factual history.

Muhammad your Prophet

Dear chap, you’re like the British prince who kissed Adolf Hitler’s ass while the Nazis were trying to destroy the rest of England.

Ashok Varma

Dear Boy, all the racist west is Nazi. The French, Danes, Dutch and the inbred Rothschild House of Windsor all rooted for Hitler. Why you think the Huns did not invade tiny UK and the imbeciles attacked Russia and got their arse handed to them by the Red Army? For a desperate hasbara troll you are quite an ignoramus sample eh!

Muhammad your Prophet

Dear faggy British boy, you are probably learning quite a bit about how to be a brainless and sadistic psychopath from all the atrocities your sadistic Russian president is committing in Ukraine. Am I wrong, sir?

Stephan Williams

Yes, you are wrong, cretin.


just your autism


Criticism of “whataboutism ” is used by the west to deflect from their unceasing wars against any nation brave enough to tell them where to get off. Their dumping of International Law – Human Rights Act – Nuclear proliferation Treaty -nearly 900 US military bases worldwide-Rendition- Guantanamo-Holocaust of American Native Indians – first to nuke a country- have you seen the picture of the naked Japanese girl with her skin peeling off ?- Cruel-Evil-Wicked-Unfeeling .

Hans raus

Ok then, russia war crimes:






You want to play whataboutism card to justify killing ukrainian people and ruin their country only because they want to be in westersn sphere of infuence ? better ask yourself why most of ex soviet republic want to be part of west? coincidence? i dont think so;) typical rubbobot payed by kremlin troll farm :D

Last edited 10 days ago by Hans raus
Ashok Varma

Hollywood version, let’s keep it real hun chappy.


”hans” you just listed the subversive actions of the CIA in the past 30 years or so, the proof is all well documented and freely available to anyone that reads,your language seems to fluctuate from amusingly chaotic to legible when it suits you and you fail to use the common trip words for germans, so go back to langley you half witted yank, trool farms are a nato construct to hide their crimes Russia has no need of them.


What makes you think ‘Hans’ lives in the tiny northeastern tip of the US?

Ghost of Hans Ranus

Dumb little gay whore from NATO brothel for transgender US marines, the list of US/UK crimes is too long, Brits invaded 90% of countries in the world and the US is directly and/or indirectly responsible for +90% of wars since 1945 (including all you mentioned above). Don’t forget Dresden and Hamburg where they incinerated 100.000s civilians, I guess that’s why you obedient masochist whore love them so much? Stockholm syndrome. Stupid little turd.

Also, you moronic gay whore, here is no such thing as ‘the western influence’ haha. You slave bitches have no influence in your occupied vassal eunuch country. How many bases they have there? 50? How many you have in America? 0. That’s your “influence”: 0. And your IQ: 0. Stupid little turd.

Also, Ukrainian legal and legitimate government was overthrew in a bloody CIA putsch in 2014. and kept under Maidan terrorist occupation ever since, basically all opposition in Ukraine is banned except Maidan factions. But if they truly want to be part of Poland let them be. Russians living there have the same right to self determination. Stupid little turd.

Finally, 11/13 Southern states wanted to leave the Union and seceded in 1861. but Lincoln burned them down to the ground and occupied them forever. He is still considered the best US president ever. Gorbachev/USSR let those shitty republics to secede without a bullet fired. That’s the difference. But then explaining you dumb indoctrinated 10 years old bitch is throwing pearls before swine. You deserve only shit from Joe’s diapers. Stupid little turd.

Last edited 10 days ago by Ghost of Hans Ranus

According to Al Jazeera USA has 119 bases in Germany alone!


Last edited 10 days ago by ...

The documented number of those killed by America is approx 30 million since WW2 adding in those seriously injured who died later-those starving to death etc it comes to around 50 million .


Switzerland Imports Russian Gold for First Time Since War

Switzerland imported gold from Russia for the first time since the invasion of Ukraine, showing the industry’s stance toward the nation’s precious metals may be softening.

More than 3 tons of gold was shipped to Switzerland from Russia in May, according to data from the Swiss Federal Customs Administration. That’s the first shipment between the countries since February.

The shipments represent about 2% of gold imports into the key refining hub last month. It may also mark a change in perception of Russian bullion, which became taboo following the invasion. Most refiners swore off accepting new gold from Russia after the London Bullion Market Association removed the country’s own fabricators from its accredited list.

While that was viewed as a de facto ban on fresh Russian gold from the London market, one of the world’s biggest, the rules don’t prohibit Russian metal from being processed by other refiners. Switzerland is home to four major gold refineries, which together handle two-thirds of the world’s gold.


The solution here is simple, as usual, revert the state condition of Lithuania, so Lithuania comeback to be part of russia. That way russia will be part of UE, then Russia could vote to eliminate the sanctions against Russia in the UE. Also Russia become part of Nato, that conclude the nato actions. Lol

Last edited 10 days ago by GREATWARRIOR

Köningsberg was beautiful town until Rooskies made it just another pigsty.

Last edited 10 days ago by Frantisek
Hitler Kaput

Pigs were removed in 1945. Go join them/your family in hell.


Nope. It is just a special operation to denaZify rail traffic.


beware of Kazakhstan, the president is in collusion with the USA, has blocked coal on the Russian border and does not recognize the Russian struggle in Ukraine, BEWARE


Seriously, Europeans don’t consider Russians to be enemies. Governments are not elected by the people, so they can only speak for themselves.


Watching a documentary on western independent media today. Leo zagama a Vatican insider made the point that this was a most dangerous move by the western governments to try and prevent and block the supply lines in and out of Kaliningrad. Pointing out that Russia will not allow the EU to dictate or suspend supplies from one part of Russia to another part of Russia.

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