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Lindsey Graham: U.S. Wants EU States To Deploy Troops In Syria


Lindsey Graham: U.S. Wants EU States To Deploy Troops In Syria

U.S. forces are in the outskirts of the Syrian town of Manbij

U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham revealed on February 16 that Washington will ask its allies in Europe to commit hundreds of troops to create a safe-zone in northeastern Syria along the Turkish border.

“I’m hoping that President Trump will be coming to some of you and asking for your help and you will say yes. And in return, the capability that we have that is unique to the United States will still be in the fight in Syria,” Graham said at the Munich Security Conference, according to Washington Post.

Graham added that Trump is open to keeping some U.S. troops in the northeastern region if the European countries agreed to establish the safe-zone there. He also argued that European countries can establish such zone with a “fraction of the forces” that they had in Syria in the past.

The proposed safe-zone in northeastern Syria will also protect Kurdish forces, which have done the heavy lifting in the fight against ISIS, according to Graham, who warned that these forces may face an attack by Turkey.

“If we do not have a game plan, Turkey will go into Syria and deal with the YPG threat … We need a safe zone to deal with that problem,” Graham said.

The plan to establish a European-sponsored safe-zone in northeastern Syria was first revealed by the Wall Street Journal on January 31. Back then, the newspaper said that the U.S. wants the UK, France and Australia to lead the coalition that will control the zone.

Turkey has not commented on the U.S. new plan yet. However, the country’s defense minister said a day earlier that only the Turkish military should be deployed within the safe-zone in northeastern Syria. The statement indicate that Ankara is not willing to tolerate this new plan.

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  • Fred Dozer

    Any oil in that part of the country ?

    • Barba_Papa

      Lots of it. Just no port to ship it from.

  • Pave Way IV

    Don’t you just love it when yet another Israeli-firster neocon plan swirls down the toilet? World domination is hard, and these f’king mental midgets are obviously not up to the task.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Americunts losers have also asked the Belgian waffles, French faggots, Dutch and Norwegian trannies to go die in Syria. The puppet Arab regimes of Jordan, UAE and Saudi scumbags (aka Paki mercenaries) have also been ordered to send troops to Syria to support terrorists. Does not look like even the puppets are that eager to die to Syria for Americunt and Zionist masters.

    • SurfaceBook

      paveway what is your stance on venezuela and past Us
      S meddling in central and south america ? are you in agreement that it is ok for US to meddle in those regions ? do you see eliott abrams as loyal american patriot or war criminal ?

  • Manofjustice
    • Sinbad2

      They say you know someone by their friends.
      This POS is one of the EU’s friends.

  • VeeNarian (Yerevan)

    The EU slave states will be even more stupid-looking if they agree. Maybe, we could promote a new British Army General, Gavin the foul-mouthed teenager, and send him to Syria, on a one way trip?

  • Barba_Papa

    So what’s in it for these European countries?. Establishing a breakaway state in Eastern Syria to thwart Iran is not really something that occupies the minds of Europeans. That’s an American obsession. Except for the French Poodle Macron, the Tony Blair of France.

  • verner

    why would they, start something in syria seems somewhat stupid, a la americana stupid, but, believe it or not, there is a coupla european countries that meet that kind of stupidity, say poland, lithuania, latvia and estonia. but that’s about it, although the gerontophil macron seems eager to get something on with graham, but that’s definitely it.

  • You can call me Al

    This is the little Twerp giving orders for the Europeans to potentially be killed….. https://ahvalnews.com/sites/default/files/styles/is_article_featured_top_1920x600/public/2019-02/lindsey_graham.jpg?h=d72da2ed&itok=iqxHPlLk

    Send him, his family and clan over to do the job; the little weasel.

    • Tommy Jensen

      The problem is not Dimpsey, but all his followers.

  • Tommy Jensen

    First revealed in Wall Street Journal = Everything US planned in Syria is a financial profit calculation. The globo-homoes of Europe are like ISIS, all willing to commit suicide for US/Israel for 500 bucks.

    • Sinbad2

      All wars are about money, and the US got very rich from war.
      A couple of British economists did the math on military expenditure versus returns.
      With the British Empire, the cost of the military grew over time, but the returns from pillaging stagnated, and then declined. The same applied to Rome and now it is occurring to the USA.

      The big returns from Saudi Arabia and the other gulf monarchies, at no real cost, just the threat of invasion are long gone. Iraq was very expensive, and it will take some time to recoup its expenditure from Iraqi oil. The plan to steal Iranian gas has failed dramatically in Syria.

      $20 trillion and rising at a trillion a year, America is cactus fuctus.

  • Sinbad2

    673 thousand Americans voted for this creature, they should all be sterilized to stop the idiocy spreading.

  • Joe Kerr

    Bankruptcy’s a bummer and wars are expensive, especially those for lies. The zio-con’s PNAC program hasn’t panned out as expected, which is why they detest Putin. Interesting that there haven’t been anymore 5th column attacks in Russia since Putin’s meetings with Netanyahu.