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Lights, Camera, Action: Staging Of Protests in Belarus (Videos)

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Lights, Camera, Action: Staging Of Protests in Belarus (Videos)

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin (R) and his Belarus’ counterpart Alexander Lukashenko walk in as they attend a session of the Supreme State Council of the Union State at the Kremlin in Moscow on March 3, 2015. AFP PHOTO / POOL / SERGEI KARPUKHIN (Photo credit should read SERGEI KARPUKHIN/AFP/Getty Images)

In Belarus presidential elections were held. According to the Central Election Committee, the turnout was quite high and amounted to about 84% of the population. The results of the exit poll confirm the victory of the current President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko.

The election campaign was marked by unprecedented administrative pressure and a huge number of provocations. Shortly before the elections in Minsk were held large-scale protests in support of the main opponent of A. Lukashenko, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya. Also, the results of the elections caused disapproval among the population. Given the scale of mobilization of the opposition electorate, such a high percentage of those who voted for A. Lukashenko is suspicious. Svetlana Tikhonovskaya said that she considers herself the winner of the presidential election in Belarus, and her team demanded the peaceful transfer of power to the elected head of state.

“The government does not hear us, it is completely detached from the people, but I must repeat that we are for peaceful changes. And the authorities should now think about how to transfer this power in a peaceful way, because at the moment they have only one way — violence against peaceful Belarusians, ” Tihanovskaya said.

Lights, Camera, Action: Staging Of Protests in Belarus (Videos)

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However, the election day in Belarus was not characterized by calm. After their completion, violent protests began on the streets. There are more and more videos on the Internet showing more and more large-scale confrontations with special police units involved in ensuring public order. Various news channels claim that hundreds of protesters took to the streets. At the same time, after analyzing of some videos, it becomes clear that many of them are staged stories.

For example, one of the first videos appeared on the Internet, which was titled as ” In Minsk, the police started detaining people. The surrounding people rushed to fight them off.»

The video shows a group of police officers consisting of about 9 people. Initially, they were forced to disperse in order to detain several people, and it was at this moment that allegedly “surrounding people” began to protect the protesters from the riot police.

Suspicions about the authenticity of the events on the video are primarily caused by the content of those “passers-by”, consisting exclusively of strong young men, most likely having no relation to the active electorate. With shouts of “let’s go at them!”, “Jackals!” about 20 people come on stage. As a result, about 20 men attack 9 police officers. The collision itself in the video lasts about 10 seconds, because most likely the attackers immediately ran away, for not to be detained.

Special praise is due to the work of the operator, who also seems to be not just a casual viewer, and has good skills with the camera. It is also heard on the video. that the exclamations of” protestors ” containing obscene language were carefully muted.

The slightest analysis of the video allows to conclude that everything was prepared, from the situation itself to the work of the video operator. Apparently, the police were provoked at a certain time and in the right place, where they were already waiting with cameras and prepared “passers-by”, ready to simulate a collision.

Similar suspicions are aroused by another video that has been widely distributed on social networks.

The video shows how provocateurs tear off their t-shirts and, on the orders of their supervisor, jump off and start provoking the police. The supervisor himself at this time, having given the order, tried to move away, so as not to be in the first poisons during the clashes. It can be seen that about 40 people participated in the production, and they were arranged in two rows so that their number visually seemed larger. For this purpose, the desired shooting angle is also selected.

Strangely, the video ends a few seconds after the collision, and another one shows the entrance to a shopping center located nearby. It appears that a group of protesters were ordered to run away and hide in the shopping center, which is an ideal escape route where they can easily get lost in the crowd. The video also shows the few people who the police managed to catch up and detain.

Such orchestrated situations are not uncommon and are conducted by competent social engineers. At the same time, the main task of such companies is to distribute the video as widely as possible on information platforms, in social networks and in the media.

Apparently, the provocative fake videos did their job, and hundreds of people took to the streets of Minsk. Various information sources claimed hundreds of thousands of protesters.

According to the head of the Investigative Committee of Belarus, I. Noskevich, mass unrest was observed both in Minsk and in other regions of the country. As a result of illegal actions, dozens of policemen were injured. There are also victims among the protesters. Participants of the riots used garbage containers, benches, sticks, cobblestones, fragments of paving slabs, glass bottles, as well as flammable liquids, Police officers used stun grenades and tear gas. There was the news about the deaths among the protestors that are still to be officially confirmed.

Most of the videos published on election day arouse suspicion. They have common features: they are quite short and in most cases they do not show the general plan, but only a local image. In almost all the videos, except for the general procession of protesters, we see only young strong men who act in a fairly organized manner.

The events in Minsk are very similar to what happened in Ukraine in 2014. There is manipulation of the position of a minority of the population that is dissatisfied with the results of the elections in order to organize mass riots and destabilize the situation in the country. However, the situations in two countries differ in several ways. In Belarus there are no prerequisites for the formation of an aggressive sub-ethnic group similar to the representatives of Western Ukraine. In contrast to Ukraine, nationalist movements, which could become the main force for the revolution, are comparatively inactive in Belarus. In order to carry out a coup, the assistance of at least of a part of the state’s military forces is required. If the Security Council supported the revolution in Ukraine, at the moment the Security Committee’s support for the protesters in Belarus seems unlikely. Thus, despite the efforts of social engineers who actively feed the revolutionary movement, a repeat of the “Maidan” in Belarus seems unlikely. However, a long term civil confrontation based on the discontent of some voters and fueled from the outside is quite likely.


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Hey Lukashenko, do you like your newly found friendship with Pompeo? Nuland got to Ukraine to give away cookies. Pompeo, at least, has gone to Belarus in a more official posture.

Furkan Sahin

Lukashenko is good Usa created problem in Belarus


Lukashenko is piece of sh*t.. Bat it is indeed USA behind the protests and new majdan…

Furkan Sahin

why ? he support Assad


How?? With few words?? He will support Putin – only if it doesnt cost him nothing.. In Ukraine (close to his and Russian border) its entirely different! Since the beginning he supported nazis in Kyjev, in politics he is supporting EU and sometimes US positions against the Russia, in economy he constantly try to rob Russia while doing everything to increase russofobia in the population – like wrongly accusing and arresting 30 Russians in Belarus (in cooperation with nazis in Kyjev) just before election!

Furkan Sahin

He has sent weapons to Gaddafi and supports them and he has done the same with Assad

Антон С

How? By words only? How much help he sent to Syria? As I know, Armenia only (except Russia) sent a company of sappers. That’s all. In the rest Lukashenko didn’t support nor Syria, nor bigger Russia. No recognition of Apsny (Abhaziya) and South Osetiya (done by distant Venezuela and Nicaragua not by Lukashenko), no recognition of territorial integrity of Russia (Crimea).

Furkan Sahin

only Weapons but no military

Jens Holm

There is no Majdan. And who by the way shot who and why.

Your solution is NO CHANGE – But noprmal sober voting is not possible. People can be candidates and any opposition to Lukas is knocked out.

Shall people start paying or give Lukas chocolate for Christmas or a first edition of Das Kapital.

EU as well as USA has no use of old time farmers and alreadyhas too much food, so we cut down.

As EU member We also see how difficult we integrate so many many muisguided people into things anyone need. We dont need 10 more millions of that kind. We also dont think we have lack of corruption.

Jens Holm

They want to be themselves, and Yours dont allow that. GET THAT. Your contrast is a fake.

Not even Lukashenko want to be with Putin, but byung cheep oil from Russia and redistribute it to West is big business.

And was it American soldiers, which were arrested? No, they were Russian rioters or mercenairies under redeploying.

Siegfried Stahl

calm down! it looks like some covid-stressed “partysan’s” same shit like in stuttgart (germany) or dijon (france).

cechas vodobenikov


Jens Holm

Its because she is not raised for sale and had to have 5 nice little girls until she got a dirty little boy to raise his big sisters for sale.


What i find so ironic, is that at least German RT is now pushing the same color revolution propaganda as the US in regards to Lukashenko, promoting the protests and claims of fraud. Funny how the narrative can change between covering a Belarussian and a Russian vote..


Lukasenko ask Putin to present him as an independent president, not as a humble servant, that was the role of the so called mercenaires too, probably they will be released immediately as they are paid by the day.


Cut your crap propaganda Bacon and your fairy tales for children

Lukasenko is dictator in soft kind of way. And all merits for his very long political carrier goes to Putin and Russian subsidies that Belarus have been receiving from Russia ever since USSR days. And above all to the extremely cheap gas (and cheap oil) that he was receiving from Russia has always giving the stability and strength to Belarus economy and his dictatorship. So no he can’t be ” independent president” because he was always a parasite depending on Russian help.

And Belarus can’t be ” independent ” country because it is small 9 million modest GDP country! No country of that size is ever “independent” in anything!


I don’t see how what you say contradicts what I have said but anyway, once Lukasenko is gone, Putin has to invade to make sure EU doesn’t expand there, that would mean cutting more economic ties, more sanctions… So Lukasenko asks Putin this kind of favours: at least make me look more independent.


No definitely not!

No “invasion” or any open aggression of even smallest kind. It has to go smoothly the way it did with takeover of Crimea and referendum ( with no violence or single person wounded let alone killed. We obviously don’t think the same

Lukashenko’s time has EXPIRED and he is now on BORROWED time when it comes to Russia! So what would be the purpose to artificially prolong his survival and make him look “independent” Actually he can ask anything but only if he pays the price! He must pay real price for favors his asking by giving away peace of Belarus independence till only FACADE rests in place. A Potemkin village of Belarus “independence”.

So favors yes but only with strings attached always!


Even if the anexation goes smooth like Crimea, the economic ties with EU will be dratically cut, NATO will be revigorated and many soldiers will be sent in Poland. That’s pretty much all. The oligarchy in Moscow will lose billions from sanctions.


“NATO will be revigorated” ??!! Invigorated with WHAT for fuck sake? That Belarus Russians that speak Russian are getting even closer with Russia?!?! They were ALWAYS PART OF RUSSIA !

“Belarus ” = White Russia (in Russian)

They are RUSSIANS separated from Russia artificially into the another “republic” by COMMUNISTS to make ethnic Russians more divided and weaker!

The rest of your comment is usual Bacon going full retard and talking about “sanctions” There is NOTHING left to sanction except gas and Europe can’t survive without Russian gas you simpleton!! Russia can always completely turn to China and Asia so EU needs more Russia than Russia needs EU !


USA and UK speak the same language and Austria with Germany so on. That’s a non-argument. Anyway I wouldn’t mind Russia annex Belarus. But there are a lot of things that are not sanctioned. I can order almost any product from Russia right now. You can find Russian products on Amazon… And btw the Russian gas is only 35% cheaper than American LNG.



Why would I give fuck what you think when you either don’t understand a shit or pretend not to understand?!

FUCK OFF and for good you retard or I’ll block you!


Give back Crimea, Kaliningrad, Curiles, Tatarstan Chechnya and Siberia and apoligize already!


Crimea is just the beginning of ethnic Russians of Ukraine joining Mother Russia. As for the rest you ask….they are historic parts of Russian Empire. Come and take it away you aborted Western twat ! You think that your NATO faggots scare somebody :)?!


Well, the time of the Empire is near. It won’t take a hot war to colapse, it will be something like in the 90’s. Since Russian exports mainly natural resources and the agriculture and industry are subsidized by the natural resources revenue – that simply means Russia doesn’t have a functional economy.


RT was always on liberal side.

That RT is “mouth-peace” of Kremlin was never substantiated or justified by anything but Western propaganda.

If they did any harm to the West or were so much anti-West, than RT-America, RT Germany, RT-France, RT-Britain would be closed long time ago.

Russia is far more democratic (permitting openly lot of anti-regime media to work for decades) than many of the prejudiced idiots and cold war fanatics could possibly imagine.

I always read RT as less anti-Russian Western media


Yeah, still the narrative is quite different now when the west claims Belarus votes are faked, compared to when the west made the same complaint at the last Russian election. Just like with the Russian election, those western propaganda should be rejected and exposed by RT, and not like now, at least on German RT, even pushed together with western MSM. This “the enemy of my enemy is my friend” thinking can only backfire.


I can only repeat that traditionally liberal RT is becoming even more liberal than before. That’s the only answer I have and their behavior doesn’t surprise me. Russian government, administration, executive body… tend to be very rigid and often lack adequate and timely reactions on virulent liberal propaganda not only on the West but in Russia proper as well. Maybe Putin is growing too old and people around him, environment around him too lazy and corrupt

Fog of War

Not sure I buy the fake video angle. These are just Zio inspired morons thinking they’re fighting for some mytical brighter future. As always, Russia will play a suprised, reactive role, because it seems they never see these develpments coming. Poor performance

Jens Holm

Actually they most likely try to fight themselves away from the USSR collapse and think their rights are to decide themselves about it.

Trap Is Not Gay

The rioters want Jews’ diversity


Hatred Incarnate

Traps are gay.

Jens Holm

Gays are the best people in the whole world. They work every day, pay high tax and also makes no children.

Many could improve the enviroment by being like them.

Davide Herzog

You are a gay !

Davide Herzog

You are great !


So what do we know about the main opposition candidate other then her name? Some of her policies and stances on internal and external politics? Does she have any ideas like that, what does she stand for??

Jens Holm

You show Yourself erasing Yourself very well. You have not even looked her up, because You are a fanatic beliver and Putinist.


Антон С

She is not a candidate, but a replacement of her husband, arrested by Lukashenko as another ex-candidate – Babariko. All opponents of Lukashenko are pro-western, pro-polish and anti-russian. Their economic program is privatization, lower share of the state in economics, “foreign investments” (i.e western speculative stock market capitals). Political program: to return 1994 year constitution with no russian language as second official, though over 90% people use it as their native language; further de-russification, latin alphabet, re-writing history (creating new, crazy one, very-very ancient), glorifying nazist collaborators. Look at their flag – white with red stripe (like a piece of lard with a layer of meat), it’s the same flag used by so called BPR (belorussian people republic) – supporters of hitlerists. Colors of flag are similar with flag of Poland. Ukrobelorussians is polish invention to fragment Russia (as minimum) and to take this lands for Poland as it was 300-400 years ago.



Thanks for the reply! Well then with an opposition like that no wonder Lukashenko can think of himself as irreplaceable.

Антон С

That’s why Lukashenko supports them between elections and allows to do some unlawful things. While pro-russian candidates are oppressed constantly. Many moved to bigger Russia, some stopped political activity. The same as Yanukovich did. He gave 2 million dollars to “The right sector” (recognized as terrorist group in Russia). Yanukovich thought he can move RS leader to the 2nd round of elections and beat him, because people won’t vote for a nazi.


He is still replaceable and his replacement is called Euro-Asian Union.

Jens Holm

This article is very staged (maybee too).

The opposition only getting 20% is totally far out.

Davide Herzog

It’ s impossible 20% stand with pedophilians , homosexual , sex maniacs , stealers , criminals , feminists , bitches , childrens murders , abortion supporters , crazy left liberals , stinky zionists shit in drugs : they are less than 5% . Let’ s hope belarus people will kill all these zombies . If they call for people standing for freedom and normality we all run there to help them to kill zombies .


Lukashenko is shit, 26 years dictator regime and now 4 or 5 more, so 30 year on power REALLY. He just appoints himself up and that’s it. Go on he is a nasty piece of shit who just wants Russia to give him money and he can do little dirty works with the western neocons and screw Russia. I don’t know what does Russia has anything out of this, and what are they getting in return from this guy. What???

Антон С

“I don’t know what does Russia has anything out of this”

It’s big secret for many people here. Lukashenko uses rude words against Moscow at least 10 years, as Medvedev said in his video 10 years ago. I think, such persons should be changed for more reasonable ones. Or stop giving any money and preferences for such regimes. Don’t bite a giving hand.

Davide Herzog

You are shit asshole . Freeworld stand for Luke ! I’ d like to shot the warms that oppose him .


The same CIA color coded format.

Антон С

White and red are colors of Poland’s flag.

James Adams

South Front your full of Shit !!!


Your filthy mouth is full of shit you braindead moron.


absolutely agree, rabid Nazi is going bonkers

Tommy Jensen

Lukashenko refused to give its people freedom, and its not the Belarus population who are wrong. The people are innocents and they have done nothing wrong!

its their Belarus government who are denying to give freedom to its people. Gay marriages, green clima houses, rights that we dont think about and other normal human rights are forbidden in Belarus.

The Belarus government and Putin deliberately bomb civilians and kill innocent protesters who only wants a little democracy like we have in America, because they envy and fear our values and freedom.

The Farney Fontenoy

Everybody & his uncle knows Belarussian elections are always fixed, the only strange thing is that this time its a big deal, the West barely ever cared before, so what’s changed? Something big is coming I reckon this debacle is just a warning to Lukashenko, it’s also possible revenge for refusing the World Bank’s ‘Offer’.

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