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Lieberman Meets Russian Defense Minister In Moscow As Israel Continues Sending Threats To Iran Over Syria

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Israeli Minister of Defense Avigdor Lieberman is meeting with his Russian counterpart Sergei Shoigu on May 31 in Moscow to discuss Iranian military presence in Syria, The Times of Israel reported.

Before Lieberman set off to Moscow, he had twitted that “the primary focus of the defense establishment is preventing the entrenchment of Iran and its proxies in Syria.”

On May 30, Israeli Channel 10 reported that Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had hold a high-level security cabinet meeting to discuss the situation in Syria. According to Channel 10, Netanyahu revealed that he had spoken with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo. Netanyahu requested that a proposed US-Russian-Jordanian agreement on the deployment of forces in southern Syria involves a withdrawal of Iranian forces from Syria.

On the same day, Netanyahu threatened that Israeli forces will hit Iranian targets “anywhere in Syria”.

“We will continue to act against [Tehran’s] intention to establish a military presence in Syria across from us, not just across from the Golan Heights but anywhere in Syria,” he said.

Israeli statements came after Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov repeated remarks that non-Syrian troops should be pulled back from the South of Syria “as soon as possible”.

On May 29, at the international Primakov Readings Forum in Moscow Lavrov stated:

“We have well-known agreements concerning the southwestern de-escalation zone,” he said.

“Those agreements were concluded by Russia, the United States and Jordan. Israel was perfectly aware of them while they were still being drafted. They stipulate that the zone of de-escalation is expected to consolidate stability and that all non-Syrian forces must be pulled out of that area. I believe this must happen as soon as possible. This is precisely what we are busy with now in cooperation with our Jordanian and US counterparts.”

On May 28, Lavrov emphasized that only Syrian troops should be near Syria’s southern border.

“Of course, the withdrawal of all non-Syrian forces must be carried out on a mutual basis, this should be a two-way street,” Lavrov said.

“The result of this work which should continue and is continuing should be a situation when representatives of the Syrian Arab Republic’s army stand at Syria’s border with Israel.”

The tensions between Israel and Iran have recently grown even further.

It should be noted Tel Aviv claims that Iran is allegedly trying to establish its military presence in southern Syria in order to attack Israel. Tehran rejects these allegations and says that it has sent its forces to train Syrian government troops fighting against terrorist groups.

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Gregory Casey

It seems quite clear to me that Israel is attempting to spark all-out War with Iran …….. initially within Syria and then, with the assistance (assistance = taking the lead) of the US, right up to the borders of iran. BiBi, Lieberman et al are the most dangerous collection of criminals on the planet.

Bird of Prey

Russia has its own issues with Iran. Russia sees some use in Iran for purposes of tactical expediency, but in the long-term, Russia has no use for stone-age mullahs to its south.


Not true. Russia needs Iran as ally in ME and protect them from Nato.

Essential ally


“Stone age mullahs”? Funny you restrict that to Iranians and not the zionist and saud filth.


Russia knows it is important to have good relations with Muslims….they always have been a Part of Russia…and Neighbours…you don’t need trouble along your Borders..in case you didn’t know…

Bird of Prey

Russia definitely knows how to deal with muslims. Look what happened to Chechnya when they tried their jihad.


Those were AngloZioNazi Mercenaries… Like ISIS… the UkroNazis… Russia struck’m hard…Like you should With those Mercenaries

Bird of Prey

lol…you need to stop drinking. They were 100% islamic jihadists.


I don’t drink… Wahhabis you mean?

Ariel Cohen

A very simplistic ZioNazi type comment. Of course Russia needs Iran, just as Iran needs Russia. Only an idiot would say they don’t need a large nation like Iran because of the “stone-age” mullahs that currently comprise the government of that nation. Btw, Iran is a very sophisticated country, culturally, mentally, politically and militarily. The ZioNazis have confessed it themselves, that the reason the are so wary of Iran is because they (Iranians) are almost as sophisticated as the ZioNazis themselves . .


See my post above … mean to reply to you.

Not true … Israel is in panic about Iranian forces with Hezbollah they feared so much .

The last thing Israel will do is to go to war with Iran or even Hezbollah…. The next war will not only entire Lebanon with Hez , and From Syria with Syrian, Hez and Iranian forces assuming Russians as expected steps aside. Hamas too will attack ….

Modern war fare , air force is useless if one knows how …


jewish satanic walking talking pricks


Zionists aren’t Jews, they’re fascist antisemite bastards.

Lena Jones

Sommmmebody’s nervous on Shekel Heights. Pass the adult kosher diapers.


No this is not true that Israel is attempting to spark all out war with Iran. If you study all their actions it is sooooo obvious Israel is having nightmares of the Iranians and they cannot do anything about it.

There are lots of boasting about attacking Iranian targets all over Syria is all big bull. They cannot do even a simple dent to to Iranian fighting capabilities EVEN IF they finished all their bombs in Israel . That is a fact .

So Israel is either trying to get US to do the job which US knows very well they cannot do nothing too . So they are trying to get the Russians to stop Iranian . But fact is Russia cannot order the Iranians too.

Assad is able to convince Iranian /Hez allies not to participate so that their job of taking the South would be easy .

Once that is done… the rest is history .. There is nothing Israel can do to stop Iranian/Hez forces right at their border.

No Israel is dead fearful of the Iranian and Hez … and this time there is no way Israel can win in a war … Israeli air force cannot do much damage to small Gaza not to talk about Syria .. so much bigger and stronger.

You can call me Al

But in my mind, it is that fear that will make them spark the wars off – maybe they are not even involved; but the war (S) is coming.

PS If you lived where I do near the German border and listened to the increase the last couple of weeks of military aircraft going Eastwards, you too would believe it.

You can call me Al

Chop their noses off.


These Israeli migrants have made Palestine perfect slaughter house. Each day killing dozens of small Palestinian children by live bullets. Their rubber bullets are also rubber coated steel bullets.

In each US, UK, France, SA and Israeli air strikes hundred Palestinians and Yemenis are dying but no cry on international MSM or no benefit or success of UNSC meeting.


The US presence in Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen and Libya have no future.

Similarly the recognition Jerusalem as the EU migrants capital and then moving US embassy to Jerusalem has no future because US regime knows that soon Israel will be dismantled and all Israeli migrants will be deported back to EU states. Bad luck for US and Israel.


Israel in panic over losing their ‘dear’ ISIS & Al-Nusra terrorists in Syria – Assad.


One time US, UK and France were the only weapons suppliers and main competitors in the whole world but now Russia, China, Pakistan, Turkey and Iran etc are major weapons dealers. The new competitors weapons are cheaper and better in quality and in durability.

They produce all types of ammunitions, howitzers, tanks, MLRS and rockets, UAV drones, cruise and ballistic missiles, fighter jets and some 1000 other military hardware. They also produce ships and submarines and sell to other friendly countries.

Hard Hawk

The defective DNA understand in their stupidity that Iranians are not unarmed children and civilians, or they have so much gone into their single cell moronic ways that confuse Iran with gaza?


The future of Israeli state is now uncertain.

Israeli migrants know that if Iran, Hezbollah and Russia are in Syria then their all happy days went, then they cannot hold Palestinian nation hostage and cannot slaughter Palestinian children anymore. Therefore, Israeli migrants are now in panic. One day Netanyahu and Lieberman fly to Trump and next day to Mascow.


They can go right on mistreating the Palestinians for years to come. The world doesn’t care about the Palestinians, it has made that abundantly clear for 60 years now. Iran, Hezbollah, and Russia aren’t going to fight Israel on behalf of the Palestinians. They’ll only fight Israel as a matter of self defense if Israel attacks them first or tries to take more territory than it currently has. Then they’ll fight. But they won’t fight in defense of the Palestinians. They don’t care about them. They only pretend to.


You know the country Pakistan. How many fighter jets they have shot down without losing any pilot or jet. Israel have sent hundreds of spies to Pakistan but never returned alive. This is just about one country Pakistan I have told you. Now think about Egypt, Turkey, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Iran etc. Just search in websites then you will find that anytime soon Israel will be dismantled and all migrants of Israel will be deported. Just remember my these words. When I say something then that happened.


They must be piling on the frequent flier miles! But yes, maybe they finally realize days of invincibility are over.


If most of Asian and African countries come together then they can make this world a paradise. Then they can live free without any bondage and slavery.


I think Moscow would support a Iranian withdraw if it meant the Israelis would desist in Syria, but of course Iran would never agree to that. If the Israelis give Assad something he wants, Iran could easily be sacked and forced out of Syria.


On 1st January, 2019 the Palestinian hostages rescue operation will begin in Palestine.

Bobby Twoshoes

No non-Syrian forces in Southern Syria? Fair enough If that means the Golan Heights are liberated. But isn’t it really up to the government and people of Syria who does what in their country?


he used to be russian…..


Fuck off Lebensraum you nazi bastard.


I repeat, any Israel-Russia meeting or talk smell bullshit ! It looks like Israel goes to Russia to give some orders how to behave (mainly with respect to Iran, Hezbolah and many times Syria itself). Is Israel palning to bomb Syria again (pretending she is attacking Iran and Hezbolah) ?, and Israel go to tell Russia..”don’t do anything, just make your usual condenation declaration.”

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