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Libya’s Unity Government Asks Warplanes, Helicopters

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Libya's Unity Government Asks Warplanes, Helicopters

UN special envoy for Libya, Bernardino Leon AFP PHOTO / FADEL SENNA

Libya’s unity government is asking warplanes, helicopters and other weaponry to oppose ISIS in the country. Deputy Prime Minister of the unity government, Musa al-Kony made this statement on May 17.

The unity government is attempting to get the support for selectively lifting the U.N. arms embargo in place for Libya.  The government argues that as the country’s internationally recognized government has to be exempt from weapons shipments restrictions. According to al-Kony, warplanes are a top priority for the government.

On May 17, some U.N. Security Council member states, including the US, said they would back a resolution allowing for arms shipments to the unity government. Global powers are concerned with the ISIS’ expansion in Libya.

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Hisham Saber

Israel, Washington (NATO) Saudi Arabia, Qatar and Turkey have a vested interest in keeping Libya unstable. It’s part of their design to destabilize the region. An unstable Libya means problems for Algeria and Egypt, to name a few countries. Also, as Libya remains unstable, it will pose no competition for Qatar, Saudi Arabia in Oil and Gas sales to Europe now and in the future; given the plans of Qatar and Saudi Arabia running Oil and Gas pipelines through Iraq, Syria and Turkey to the E.U. ; with a diversionary pipelines planned for both Israel and Jordan. All this will also bypass Russia and Iran to the vast E.U. market. For Turkey, it’s ‘Do or Die’ , as their manufacturing base and industries are outperformed by China; leaving the Turkey to become desperate, hence Erdogan’s rash, destructive behavior. Same goes for the nefarious Arab Gulf states. With Russia ready to supply China will all it’s oil and gas and Russia and Iran the same thing for the E.U. ; one can see how the pieces of the puzzle fit . We live in increasingly interesting times indeed. Long live the Russian-Iranian-China and allies alliance.

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