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JUNE 2021

Libyan parliaments to sign arrangement on December 16th

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Both ruling parliaments in Libya have agreed to sign a National unity arrangement on December 16th.

Libyan parliaments to sign arrangement on December 16th

An Islamist fighter from the Fajr Libya (Libyan Dawn) coalition flashes the V sign for victory at the entrance of Tripoli international airport on August 24, 2014, after capturing it from Zintan force, allies of rogue general Khalifa Haftar, following many days of clashes. (Photo: AFP-Mohammed Turkia)

Martin Kobler, UN envoy for Libya, announced that the members of both rival Parliaments in the North African nation have agreed to sign a UN-backed deal that comprises the formation of a National unity government on December 16th.

The arrangement was reached after two days of talks between Libya’s rival factions in Tunis, Tunisian capital.

According to Kobler declarations, both groups agreed that unity in Libya will be reached only by means a political agreement and remaining problems must be solved by the new government.

UN proposed a nine-member presidential council to rule Libya, it encompasses: a prime minister, five deputy prime ministers and three senior ministers.

Libya has been drifting in instability since 2011 when Muammar Gaddafi was overthrown and armed groups and regional factions as well engaged in a conflict that hasn’t ceased till these days.

Libya Dawn controls the capital city, Tripoli in an alliance with powerful armed forces based in Misrata and the reinstated old parliament known as General National Congress, on the other hand there is an internationally recognized government led by Abdullah al-Thinni based in the Eastern city of Bayda with its elected House of Representatives in Tobruk.

Besides political instability, Libya is currently struggling against the expansion of the terrorist threat of the Islamic State in the areas under its control, mainly in the Northern city of Sirte.

Written by Lisbeth Mechter

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