Libyan National Army Sets Full Control Over Benghazi City


Libyan National Army Sets Full Control Over Benghazi City

The Libyan National Army (LNA) announced on Wednesday that it has taken full control of the Sabri area in the downtown of Benghazi city. The LNA also announced to have fully secured the Souk al-Hout area and the Old Benghazi area in the center of the city.

The Sabri area had been the last stronghold of militias hostile to the LNA led by Khalifa Haftar who is supported by the UAE and Egypt.

In May 2016, General Khalifa Haftar, Leader of the LNA, launched the Operation Karama against some militias and terrorist groups, including ISIS, and some supported by Qatar and Turkey. Since then, Benghazi City, the second most important city in the east of the country, has become a battleground.

It’s believed that the military operation launched by the LNA in Benghazi is the result of great support from both Egypt and the UAE specifically and with a green light from Saudi Arabia. The aim is to damage Qatar’s interests in Libya. Doha is the biggest supporter of Islamic forces hostile to Khalifa Haftar.



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  • Samuel Boas

    All are terrorists. They betrayed brother leader Al-Gaddafi.

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  • Judge_Death

    I say the same ALL ARE TERRORISTS…enemies of the libyan people…servants of one or others

  • M9 LEAFY

    russia has support the LNA