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MARCH 2021

Libyan National Army Reaches Tripoli’s Outskirt (Map)


The Libyan Nation Army (LNA) reached the outskirt of the country’s capital, Tripoli, on April 6 after imposing control of the towns of al-Zahra, al-Sa’adiyah and Ayn Zarah, according to the UAE-based Sky News Arabia TV.

Libyan National Army Reaches Tripoli’s Outskirt (Map)

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LNA units are currently stationed 10km south of Tripoli’s city center. The army launched Operation Flood of Dignity two days ago to liberate the city from the Libyan Government of National Accord (LGNA) and its militants.

A day earlier, the LNA captured the Tripoli International Airport following fierce clashes with pro-LGNA forces. In order to stop the army’s attack, the LGNA air force begin conducting airstrikes on LNA gatherings.

Pro-LNA sources said that one of the airstrikes killed four civilians in the town of al-Aziziyah. In response to this crime, the LNA imposed a no-fly zone over the western part of the country and threatened the LGNA with a strict response if the airstrikes continue.

“Our response will be very harsh on these terrorists in order to insure the protection of civilians,” a short press released by the LNA media office reads.

The LNA will not likely storm the city center of Tripoli  before securing its new positions in its outskirt. This could take few days, if not weeks.

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