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Libyan National Army Prepares For Military Operation To Capture Derna

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Libyan National Army Prepares For Military Operation To Capture Derna

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The Omar al-Mokhatar operation room of the Libyan National Army (LNA) has declared that it’s restricted a certain area on the shores of the city of Derna. The LNA’s artillery shelled the southern part of the city wounding at least 3 militants. The LNA’s Air Force also carried out airstrikes on some militant positions.

The city of Derna is the last militant stronghold in the eastern part of Libya. The city used to be under control of ISIS until April 22, 2016. Then, the city was captured by the Shura Council of Mujahideen in Derna – a coalition of radical militant groups [some of them are linked to al-Qaeda].

Last month, the LNA declared that it had liberated the city of Benghazi after a 4-year long battle with militant groups  there.

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Mahmoud Larfi

Hope they cleanse every cancerous pocket of Qatari/Turkish backed Muslim Brotherhood proxies.
Go LNA ! We want that filth no more in North Africa.

Don Machiavelli

There is no Libya anymore. LNA is artificial colonial instrument. Its bankers teritorry right now.


Wise words :-/


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You can call me Al
Don Machiavelli

I like the writings on the site, too bad it’s filled with all sorts of conspiracy theories so it’s credibility is pretty low. But i agree on bankers… It’s evident in the fact that Syria was sanctioned in such way that even medicine could not enter the country – in respect to this picture from the article you linked to :
comment image

We can eat shit now, especially if Syria, Hezbollah, Iran resistance is beaten.


I translate ‘conspiracy theory’ as information the CIA and deep state don’t want us to know about.

Don Machiavelli

With so many garbage theories around its pretty hard to sucesfully promote good ones. I am sure that majority of those ‘conspiracies’ were made up by CIA in order to distract from others. Freemasons for example, its the scam made up by bankers.

Don Machiavelli

Thanks for info tho, i haven’t read about Andrew Jackson hmm it seems that time before 1850 is interesting too…


Fortunately, there is little wealth the banksters can squeeze from Libya. If the Davosman keeps coming up with losses like this, the pyric victory we have been looking for could be just around the corner. If only we can keep the US, China and Russia out of a confrontation……

Don Machiavelli

There is i agree especially in the slavery.

Pave Way IV

Interesting comment from an interview one of the guys that made it out of the Benghazi US Embassy/CIA compound attack: Qaddafi’s militia is the one that showed up, took out the mortar team and evacuated/rescued them.

The US deep state put out the hit on Ambassador Stevens because he objected to the Libyan arms ratlines to Turkish and Jordanian Muslim Brotherhood/ISIS training centers (thanks, CENTCOM). Saudi/UAE’s al Qaeda militias in Benghazi were only too happy to do the job since they hated MB. The attack went on for hours because Obama/Clinton/Petraeus needed confirmation that the Ambassador was dead and couldn’t get it – their head-chopper assassins were too confused to say either way.

Kris “Tanto” Paronto – FEST Held Back in Benghazi Assault

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