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Libyan National Army Makes Important Gains In Southern Libya, Takes Control Of Sabha Citadel (Video, Map)

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Libyan National Army Makes Important Gains In Southern Libya, Takes Control Of Sabha Citadel (Video, Map)

The Libyan National Army (LNA) has tightened their grip on several strategic targets that fall under the control of “criminal groups,” notably Sabha International Airport, the city’s historic citadel and the Mountain Hotel in the southern part of Libya.

Since the start of operation, LNA forces, loyal to Marshal Khalifa Haftar have already established control of Sabha Airport and the city’s citadel as well as a number of nearby points. The Tariq bin Ziad battalion, 106th Brigade and Buhliqa’s 128th and 21st battalions as well as several other pro-LNA factions are participating in the operation.

The southern part of Sabha had been for a long time the rear base of Chadian opposition armed groups. Now, it seems the LNA is set to put an end to this presence.

LNA spokesman Brigadier General Ahmed al-Mismari said that LNA units advanced in “several areas in the south”. He said that the goal of the operation is “to ensure security of residents in the southwest and protect them from terrorists,” whether ISIS, al-Qaeda or criminal gangs.

The ongoing LNA operation in Libya’s south marks the further expansion of Haftar’s influence across Libya. The LNA already controls a large part of the country’s north and west. In the even of the success in the south, it will establish a direct control of about a half of the country.

Libyan National Army Makes Important Gains In Southern Libya, Takes Control Of Sabha Citadel (Video, Map)

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You can call me Al

For us, the LNA are the good guys, right ?.

PS Sorry, I can not keep up with the groups acronyms in the ME and North Africa.


Yes, I think they are the good ones, but they are also the party, which started the second Libyan war, by taking control of large parts of libya, which allowed many terrorist groups to exploit the situation and expand themselves, but nonetheless they seem to be the only group fighting those small terrorist groups.

You can call me Al



Haftar is supported by Egypt and Russia and to some degree the US (officially), but Al Qaeda and ISIS groups in the far west, probably get their money. Just to keep things muddy, France supports the official government. That’s only my take, its not ‘gospel’.

You can call me Al

Thanks, that is sort of what I thought, but never went as far as you with the thinking. Much appreciated, cheers.


The LNA was created by the USA after they murdered Gaddafi.

You can call me Al

So the bad guys. I thought that Russia supported the LNA !.


I can’t tell, and at this point in time I don’t care, as long as the flow of emigrants gets stopped and order restored even Satan himself may rule in Libya. Everything is better then the current chaos. Unfortunately whoever is winning seems to be doing so at a snail’s pace.

You can call me Al

A wise response to which I totally agree and an understanding that I shall follow. Thanks.

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