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Libyan National Army Captures Key Positions Along Derna’s Coast (Videos)

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On June 6, the Libyan Nation Army (LNA) continued its advance in the northeastern city of Derna and captured the district of Shaibat Ghazi, the Raffi’a al-Ansari street, the Fanar street, the security force headquarter, the Ambkh housing complex, the Jabal factory and the al-Harish hospital along the coast of the city, according to the LNA’s media wing.

The Libya’s TV channel reported that 75% of Derna city is now under the control of the LNA and claimed that the LNA managed to capture the port of Derna. However, these claims are yet to be confirmed.

Libyan sources said that the LNA killed dozens of fighters of the Shura Council of Mujahedeen in Derna (SCMD) during the last few days. Officers of the LNA also revealed that hundreds of SCMD fighters have surrounded to the LNA so far.

The LNA launched its main ground offensive on the SCMD in Derna on June 3 and entered the districts of Khadija, Lamis, Saiha and Bab Tobruk in the western part of the city. Back then, the LNA also managed to capture key positions in the southeastern part of Derna.

The remaining fighters of the SCMD are besieged in the districts of Wasat al-Balad, Shiha al-Garbiyah, Shiha al-Sharqiyah and in al-Shabah mosque in the center of Derna. Observers believe that the LNA will capture these remaining positions within weeks, as the SCMD’s defense appears to be collapsing rapidly.

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Brother Ma

LNA ? Why don’t we just say American puppets ? Yet i am happy they are killing takfiri jihadi scum. More power to you.


I think you’re a little confused about who all the different factions in Libya are. The American puppets are the takfiri scum who are holed up in the western part of the country. They are the GNA and their allied militias who control Tripoli and some of the surrounding territory. Currently, they are not involved in the clashes in Derna between the LNA and SCMD.

Brother Ma

As far as i know all alphabets in Libya are anti- ghaddafi. The LNA may be less pro-american than most and i believe has some friendship with Russia. If i am wrong please correct me .

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