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JUNE 2021

Libyan National Army Announces That It Has Full Control Over Benghazi Again (Photos)

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Libyan National Army Announces That It Has Full Control Over Benghazi Again (Photos)

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On December 28, the Libyan National Army (LNA) announced that its soldiers secured the entire city of Benghazi in eastern Libya, after capturing the Khreibish district, that had been the last position of the terrorists inside the city.

“We declare in this moment the liberation of Benghazi from terrorists,” General Wanis Bukhamada, head of the LNA’s special forces told Reuters.

Libyan National Army Announces That It Has Full Control Over Benghazi Again (Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

Libyan National Army Announces That It Has Full Control Over Benghazi Again (Photos)

Click to see the full-size image

Hundreds of fighters from several terrorists groups including ISIS, al-Qaeda and the Shura Council of Benghazi Revolutionaries that’s directly linked to the Libyan Government of National Accord (LGNA) had fought against the LNA in Benghazi city since 2014.

The LNA announced back on July 6, that it secured Benghazi city after capturing the Sabri area in the downtown of the city. However, clashes continued in Benghazi and more terrorist cells were able to sneak into the eastern city in the recent months.

After securing Benghazi, the LNA backed by Egypt and the UAE may launch a military operation against the Shura Council of Mujahedeen in the city of Derna east of Benghazi. Just like the Shura Council of Benghazi Revolutionaries, Derna’s group is also directly linked to the LGNA that’s dominated by the Muslim Brotherhood party.

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So who is really the best side in Libya? (I mean in general as in better for Libya and the people)

Samuel Boas

The son of brother leader Al-Gadaffi is the best chance that Libya now has. Saif Al-Islam.

Gregory Louis

Is he in Exile in another country? Does he have other siblings and relatives too?


The side not supported by the US/EU/Israel etc is always the best side in every conflict lol


Yeah, Libyan national army, ug….., and they want us to believe that, witch to chose, huh, one pack of happy head chopping scums (probably uh….. moderate), beat another group of happy head chopping scums (probably uh…… more moderate), but parts funded by an run, from the west, with an hideous rotten traitor (certainly uh…… even more moderate) that the West is backing, along with the Russians.
Yeah, Egypt, the ISISraeli bitch, along with Russia, supporting an western/Russian highly polished sick bastard, but hey, He is our rotten bastard, its just bizzenizze, yup, nothing personal.
I can smell the stench up here.

Yeah, wanna puke, read what the Russians say, and the west, to me, there is NO difference, and Libya will loose anyway, I dont even know why I bother, let the morons kill each others, the only thing this creeps are capable to do and Libya, along with Yemen, have done one thing, despite all the hype about fighting terror, shown how massive the hypocrisy really is, nobody cares other than making/taking what they can to solidify their controls of the lands.



Gaddafi’s son , who does he support , surely not the Muslim Brotherhood .
He could bring that country back together .

Don Machiavelli

He was released from jail because those who overthrown his father knew that only Gadaffi can return security in Libya. Hopefully the west will pay for their sins especially for destruction of Great Man Made river.

Don Machiavelli

Libyan army will never get control over any part of Libya anymore.

Only Gadaffi’s army had control you are not sovereign anymore.


Ah Libya look what she became chaos of the chaos’es ! The plan of the US and zionists was to turn Syria and Possibly Iraq to such a failed state as Libya. Libya needs help tho


Tony Blair destroyed Libya. But notice how he did so. He drew Gaddafi close, personally promising him the love and support of the West. To fool him perfectly, Blair had MI6 kidnap opponents of Gaddafi from across the world and deliver them to Libya.

In return, the fool Gaddafi gave up his military programs that scared the USA. Then Tony Blair used the cross-religious organisation he founded to infiltrate and recruit traitors across libyan society. When he had prepared enough, Blair began the war on Libya that destroyed that nation.

Unlike Putin, Merkel or Clinton, the Brit Blair is actually more powerful and influential without an apparent governmental title. His loyal followers run the three main political parties in the UK on his behalf. All social engineering projects in the UK are blairite.

Now Libya is a ruined wreck- the real victims being the ordinary Libyans that sites like Southfront ignore. Various armed gangs of thugs, led by evil alpha males, run Libya for various sides. To suggest that Libyan thugs sorta on ‘our’ side are better than the other thugs is pretty obscene. In truth the entire nation is a mess that decades will be needed to fix. The country is lawless- the rule of the gang is the only law.

But all players flood libya with arms, recruit and train mercenaries, and then ship out these armed trained goons to cause trouble in others parts of the world. Are we supposed to cheer this state of affairs, Southfront?

War is evil. In VERY limited circumstances, war is a necessary evil- like when the people of East Ukraine were forced to take on the neo-nazi hordes. But males who love war are a cancer in the body of the Human Race.

Putin and Russia allowed the West to destroy Libya- by supporting the West’s war aims with Russia’s votes at the UN. For the foreseeable future Libyan mercenaries will be turning up at every demonic bloody conflict in the region- and there is no good way to spin this.

All we can try to do is prevent the Deep State doing the same thing to other nations. And this requires, for a start, for Putin to end any support of UN resolutions proposed by the West. ALL resolutions from the West must be vetoed- ALL of them. Clue- this will never happen- Putin votes for almost every pro-war resolution proposed by the West.

jhon malakiat

moslim brotherhood along with wahabi has destroyed egypt, libya, and syria. wherever there is war in moeslim country, then there is finger print moslim brotherhood.

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