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Libyan Nation Army Captures Two Key District In Central Derna (Map, Video)

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Libyan Nation Army Captures Two Key District In Central Derna (Map, Video)

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On June 9, the Libyan Nation Army (LNA) continued its advance in the northeastern city of Derna and captured the districts of Shiha al-Garbiyah and Shiha al-Sharqiyah after heavy clashes with the Shura Council of Mujahedeen in Derna (SCMD), according to the LNA media center.

The Libyan outlet Africa Gate News revealed that “Ayoub Yahya al-Asty Omar”, a son of the SCMD top security commander, was killed by the LNA during the ongoing clashes in Derna.

According to Libyan sources, the LNA is now evacuating the civilians from Derna and preparing to launch its final attack on the remaining positions of the SCMD in the heart of the coastal city.

The LNA launched its attack on the SCMD positions in Shiha al-Garbiyah and Shiha al-Sharqiyah on June 8. Despite that SCMD fighters managed to destroy some vehicles of the LNA, they failed to repel the attack.

The remaining positions of the SCMD in the district of al-Shabah and the area of Wast al-Balad are expected to witness heavy clashes in the upcoming hours, as the LNA appears to be determined to neutralize the SCMD leadership.

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