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Libyan House Of Representatives Officially Asks For Assistance From Egyptian Army Against Turkey And GNA

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Libyan House Of Representatives Officially Asks For Assistance From Egyptian Army Against Turkey And GNA

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On June 24th, Turkish Parliament speaker Mustafa Shantoub said that if French President Emmanuel Macron was interested in peace in Libya, France should stop supporting Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar.

Ankara also said that it was France who was playing a “dangerous game” in Libya, and not Turkey.

The Russian Foreign Ministry issued a statement saying that the allegations of Russian mercenaries in Libya were from dubious sources and that they should be investigated thoroughly.

Meanwhile, Aguila Saleh Issa, the president of the Libyan House of Representatives, based in Tobruk said that the “Libyan people” are officially asking Egypt to intervene with military forces if the need for this arises.

According to Saleh, this would be a legitimate intervention if the Turkish-backed militants, and the Government of National Accord’s (GNA) forces crossed “the red line.”

This red line means a breakthrough by the GNA in Sirte, for which a fight is brewing, but is still calm.

Finally, Saleh said that Turkey had brought more than 15,000 mercenaries to Tripoli.

Hours earlier, on the evening of June 23rd, Egyptian foreign minister Sameh Shoukry said that Egypt aimed to start a ceasefire in Libya and initiate a peace process.

He did, however, also say that Egypt opposes any terrorists and their supports and would not allow Libya to fall in the hands of militants.

Egypt, hosting a meeting of the Arab League, proposed a draft resolution on rejecting and preventing any foreign interference in Libya, which is entirely aimed against Turkey.

There were reports that shelling by the GNA had begun on LNA positions in Sirte, but those were denied.

It would appear that the anti-aircraft missile system of the LNA was being tested around Sirte.


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The Wahhabi of the KSA and the Muslim Brotherhood are both Salafist Sunni, ‘original’ or ‘pure’ or so they claim. Turkey and its Muslim Brotherhood must not win in Libya.
Greece, Cyprus and France best back Egypt or the Turks will take Europe.


Not back Egypt but back the LNA, also fuck France.

Lone Ranger

Did they finally wake up?
They took their time for sure…
Should be interesting, Turkish and Egyptian army has about the same. strenght.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Egyptian and Wagner Airborne into Zliten, French/Italian marines amphibious landing at Alera’aar and LNA/Egyptian Armored Corp mechanized assault left-hook from south east towards Misrata city.


You have no idea – Italy fully support GNA Quisling Regime and Turkey – Italy has base in MISRATA ! Egypt will never dare confront NATO Turkey – if they were serious they would have deployed months ago – no way Egypt can move an Armored CORPS !! into Libya 1 000 km to Sirt front.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Simply a hypothetical, I wouldn’t get too hot under the collar about it…

You could always exchange Italian for Greek if you want to.

Don’t do impossible btw.

Concrete Mike

Go home turkey, you are being used by america to destroy europe, you are being set up like germany was eons ago.


erdogan should stay in libya and gear up and out haftar and secure the economic zones all the way from libya up to turkey (and thereby stopping the jewish plan to bring the gas the jews have stolen from the palestinians to the european market). another opener would be to take the rest of cyprus and invoke the same principles the ever evil jews in palestine are invoking when planning to take over the jordan valley. if it’s acceptable to the world in one place it should be acceptable in other places as well. india/pakistan in kashmir, india/china etc.


comment image


Egypt should be clever and should not act as a puppet of the imperialist powers. Otherwise the Turkish navy and air forces will teach them a good lesson.


comment image


Come on Egypt, take no prisoners.
Not one turkISIS cockroach left alive!



Turkisis chickens enter Greek FIR and always run back to Anatolia every time !



Hmmm nooo Egypt will not enter with full force in Libya, not all countries are like Russia, on request to come and help militarily. Egypt will deny this.

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