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Libyan House Of Representatives Grants Egypt Right To Military Intervention


Libyan House Of Representatives Grants Egypt Right To Military Intervention

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On July 13th, the Libyan House of Representatives (based in Tobruk) granted the Egyptian armed forces the right to intervene in the country’s ongoing conflict to protect Libyan and Egyptian national security.

The decision allows Egypt to intervene if the Egyptian armed forces see an imminent threat to the security of the two countries.

The parliament announced that it welcomes the statement made by President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi regarding military intervention in Libya, and called for concerted efforts between the two brotherly countries to ensure the defeat of invading occupiers and to preserve national security and stability in the region.

The statement added: “Confronting invaders guarantees the independence of the Libyan national decision, and protects the sovereignty and unity of Libya, as well as the wealth and resources of the Libyan people from the ambitions of the colonial invaders.”

The Libyan parliament stressed that maintaining a fair distribution of wealth and oil revenues and protecting it from armed militias is a legitimate demand made by all Libyan people.

Finally, the statement said that the decision was made because of “blatant Turkish military intervention in Libya, in cooperation with armed militias that are controlling the west of the country under a de facto authority.”

The occupation, the statement said, can only be stopped through concerted efforts between Arab countries.

Hours later, the Supreme Council of Sheikhs said that it supported the statement by the HoR.

At the end of June, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said his country was ready to help the Libyan tribes (most of which support Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA)) in the fight against foreign interference by training and arming them.

On July 11th, al-Sisi also stated that any direct Egyptian intervention in Libya now has legitimacy under international law. According to him, the “red line” for the advancement of troops is the city of Sirte, located about 900 kilometers from the border with Egypt, and the province of Jufra.

On the ground there are currently no clashes, and it is obvious that heavy diplomatic discussions are on-going before a potential push by the GNA and its Turkish support on Sirte.




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