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Libyan Civilian Accuses GNA Interior Minister Of Ripping His Eye Out With Spoon

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A Libyan civilian, who was held in a prison run by the Turkish-backed Government of National Accord (GNA), has accused the GNA’s Minister of Interior Fathi Bashagha of torturing him and ripping his eye.

In a message to the UN, Recep Megrahi said that he was tortured in the Mitiga prison when he was being held there in the summer of 2019.

Megrahi said one day he and other prisoners were brought to meet Bashagha who was visiting the prison. During the meeting, Bashagha allegedly ripped out his eye with a spoon for no clear reason.

“Throughout that time my hands were tied with handcuffs, and without asking me any question Fathi Pashaga approached me, forced me to kneel on my knees and then held my head, at that time I saw him holding a spoon and moving it towards my face, in the next moment I felt sharp pain then I lost consciousness, when I woke up in the dungeon I found out that my eye was popped, and the prisoners who were with me at the time of the incident confirmed that Fathi Pashaga ripped out my eye with the spoon he was holding, the needed medical treatment was not provided to me,” Megrahi said in the video message, which was released on June 1.

The man said he didn’t complain to Libyan authorities as he feared retaliation. He also called on the UN to investigate the incident.

Megrahi’s claims have not been verified by any independent source so far. The GNA and the Ministry of Interior are yet to comment on the matter.

Bashagha, a former military pilot, was a member of the Misrata Military Council. This was a body overseeing the work of the city’s militias during the Libyan Revolution. In 2018, he became the GNA’s Minister of Interior.

According to Libyan sources, Bashagha enjoys very close relations with Turkey. According to reports, he is actively supporting the Turkish military intervention to support the GNA.


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Lone Ranger

CIA trained, no question about it.
They did this shit way back in Nam.
And worse…



Lone Ranger
James Adams

There Turkish trained and you know it. be smart not silly

Lone Ranger

Turkisis is cia trained ad well.


Νo surprise here. TurkIsis barbarism is well known.
From the same Neanderthals that brought you Armenian genocide, Greek-Pontic genocide, Kurdish, Assyrian and Bulgarian genocide…


Go to work, young Greek!


Ante gamisou re karagiozo – malaka neoellina kolozwo !


You are so happy to know where I come from. But, tell me, have you found where American Eagle is from? Did I teel you I even know his name? He has a Youtube channel too.


I know exactly where American Eagle is from, he is from ”To Mouni tis manas sou tis poutanas”.

And his youtube channel is called ”Poso malakas eisai”.

Tsimpa ena arkhidi tora karagiozomalaka tourkospore!


I did not expect such a smart response. You are so smart!


I know I am.
Shut the fuck up now and glipse mou ton poutso!


[Imgur]comment image)


Those Apes usually hack heads of off,you could say he is lucky.

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