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JUNE 2021

Libyan Army Special Forces To Participate In Long-Awaited Military Operation To Capture City Of Derna (Video)

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Libyan Army Special Forces To Participate In Long-Awaited Military Operation To Capture City Of Derna (Video)

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On January 4, Major General Wanis Boukhamada, a special forces commander of the Libyan Nation Army (LNA), said in an interview to the Libyan TV that the LNA’s next mission will be the battle for the city of Derna located in northeastern Libya.

Maj. Gen. Boukhamada revealed the LNA special forces will take part in the Derna battle aimed at capturing the city from the Shura Council of Mujahedeen in Derna. The general also called on Derna’s civilians to find a peaceful solution to expel the Derna Mujahedeen from the city before the start of the battle.

“The Special Forces will deploy all of its personnel and equipment in the Derna area to deal with extremists and terrorists in the city… Our people in Derna, if you have a certain way to negotiate with the terrorist group controlling the city and using civilians as human shields, and to reach an agreement with them… so they will withdraw from the city and leave it in peace… We will welcome that,” Maj. Gen. Boukhamada said.

The Shura Council of Mujahedeen in Derna is described as a terrorist group by many countries including Egypt and the UAE, the main backers of the LNA. However, the Shura Council is a close ally of the Libyan Government of National Accord, although, the council includes dozens of members following an ideology close to al-Qaeda and ISIS.

The LNA expected operation in Derna may be backed by the UAE and Egypt. The LNA Marine Special Force already conducted a reconnaissance operation off Derna’s coast on December 31.

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So again since IDK much about Lybia RN who is the ‘Good side’ , because I know there’s 3-5 governments and +other terrorist (LNA, Taureg, and so on..)


2 government. LNA led opposition and Muslim brotherhood dominated UN designated Government.
LNA comprised mostly by former army loyal to previous government and people that rejected UN designated government.


Trust me, the LNA is the one you should support and is the one already supported by western governments and Russia. So it’s clear that they must win over Libya and destroy the islamists.

Samuel Boas

I hope Saif will win the elections and drag the country back out of the shithole it is in now.


Southfront and its ZIONIST talking points. Coming here is now like watching the BBC!

The West destroyed Libya- end off. Broken Libya is like broken Iraq- a land of thug alpha mob-bosses serving all types of criminal causes. The Deep State supports these ZIONIST BARONS so long as each baron provides hoardes of young islamic terrorists to fight in the West’s terror campaigns across the planet.

But the zionists want you to believe there is order in Libya, so the BBC reports FAKE NEWS to give this impression, and so does Southfront now- after its recent zionist infiltration.

Meanwhile where’s Southfront’s coverage of jewish atrocities against non-jews across Palestine this Xmas? Where’s Southfront’s coverage of that brave wonderful young girl Ahed Tamimi. Every jewish leader states the cause of Ahed Tamimi must be ignored or demonised. So Southfront chooses to IGNORE her plight, knowing that they cannot demonise her without proving the current agenda of Southfront.

Southfront CLEAN YOUR HOUSE. You knew you would be targeted for infiltration to change the nature of your editorial position. Your enemies are infinitely well funded and never stop. So why have you allowed people to join your team that in reality serve Israel? They won’t announce who they are- obviously. But in meetings where they can influence the direction Southfront takes, they will be bl–dy obvious.

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