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Libyan Army Shells Airport Hosting Turkish Troops Near Tripoli


On April 26, the Libyan National Army (LNA) shelled the Mitiga International Airport, according to forces loyal to the Government of National Accord (GNA).

The airport, which is located east of the country’s capital, Tripoli, is known to be hosting Turkish troops that support GNA operations.

“Haftar’s [LNA Commander in Chief] terrorist militia continue to repeatedly shell the airport and the residential neighborhoods around it with Grad rockets,” the GNA’s operations room, Volcano of Anger, said in a statment.

The Libyan Cloud News Agency released a video showing thick smoke rising from the airport after the LNA’s shelling. No human losses were reported.

Earlier this year, the Turkish military deployed air-defense systems in the Mitiga International Airport. Turkish combat drones are also known to be operating from the airport.

Several months ago, Turkey stepped up its support for GNA forces. Thousands of Turkish-backed Syrian militants were deployed there, which allowed GNA forces to conduct more offensive operations. As a result, the LNA sustained notable losses, mainly on the frontlines east and southeast of Tripoli.




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