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Libyan Army Claims It Killed 15 Turkish Service Members Near Tripoli

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The Libyan National Army (LNA) killed 15 Turkish service members in a series of strikes on the Mitiga International Airport east of the Libyan capital, Tripoli, Brig. Khalid al-Mahjoub director of the army’s Moral Guidance Department claimed on February 28.

Libyan sources confirmed that the Mitiga International Airport, which is known to be hosting Turkish troops, was hit with at least 60 munitions in the morning. Last month, Turkey deployed several radar and air-defense systems in the airport to support the Government of National Accord (GNA).

Libyan Army Claims It Killed 15 Turkish Service Members Near Tripoli

Mitiga International Airport east, Via Google Earth.

Speaking to the RT TV, Brig. Al-Mahjoub said that two radar systems set by Turkish forces in the airport were destroyed in the strikes.

“We targeted [Turkish forces] them in Mitiga, the number of [Turkish] causalities rose to 15,” the LNA commander said.

The Turkish Ministry of National Defense has not commented on the LNA’s claims, so far. Earlier this month, Ankara announced the death of three of its service members, including an officer, in a similar strike by the LNA on the Tripoli Port.

The LNA’s claims of new Turkish casualties in Libya came after the killing of 33 Turkish service members in northwest Syria by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

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The killing of turkoid invaders needs to become more popular across the world. (-:


russia / syria / greece / cyprus / egypt / libya / italy / iraq / iran all theses countries that surround turkey have bad relations with erdogan … add to that the eu and the us aka nato that didn’t give a sh*t about dead turkish soldiers yesterday…erdogan now blackmailing nato with refugees and fighting against nato interests in libya …he is left alone by everybody …i don’t think he is gonna make it pass this month it’s either a brainstroke or a bullet in the head….his situation now reminds me a little bit about saddam situation when everybody left him and the us came for his neck…really difficult times for erdogan …what do you guys think he’ll do in the near futur ?

Peter Jennings

Erdogan is supporting the existing gov’t in Libya. That happens to be nato and the yesmen they have put in charge. The LNA want to retake their homeland for Libyan’s and restore the quality of life they once enjoyed under Quadaffi.


lna … their boss ia former cia agent, finished officer school in west-point. so, yankee shit!


All that betray their own countries in collusion with USNato will regret seeing how their own country get plundered by these hypocrites.

Peter Jennings

Soon there won’t be a way out of Libya for Turkish troops or the GNA. The airport is vital for US and nato thugs who need to wield the carrot and stick. It’s time for the GNA to pack up and go back to the US whilst they can. Libya will soon be closed to US/nato/turkish marauders.


Erdogan will blame Syrian Army. Lol

Liberal guy

The ottoman empire’s 2.0 janissary are performing very badly


Erdogan is fiddling while Turkey burns. His adventurism is being punished wherever it occurs. Turkish soldiers and their families will turn on him sooner or later


They’re piling up in Syria and Libya.


Erdog is opening two war fronts concurrently while raking tension with Greece, Egypt, and Russia to try steal Libya’s offshore oil & territory. He really hallucinating he is Sultan of Ottoman.

Everyone in ME should join hand to put down the mad man first.

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