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Libyan Army advances Towards Tripoli From Two Directions

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The Libyan National Army (LNA) advanced late on December 12 towards the city center of the country’s capital, Tripoli, from two directions.

A few hours earlier, the army’s Commander-in-Chief Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar announced the launch of a “decisive battle” to capture Tripoli from the Government of National Accord (GNA).

According to the LNA’s media office, army units imposed control of the Police Officers Academy in the area of Saladin south of Tripoli. The army also advanced southwest of the capital, securing the road between the areas of al-Sa’diyah and al-Tugar.

Libyan Army advances Towards Tripoli From Two Directions

Click to see full-size map. Source: (@Suriyakmaps) on Twitter.

Furthermore, a spokesman for the LNA, Gen. Ahmed al-Mismari, claimed that the Libyan Air Force (LNA) had imposed air control over the Libyan capital.

“Our forces conducted special operations against targets of GNA battalions in Tripoli,” Gen. al-Mismari told al-Arabiya TV.

Forces loyal to the GNA denied that the LNA advanced south of Tripoli. A spokesman for GNA forces said that fresh reinforcements are being deployed south of the capital.

The LNA’s attack on Tripoli appears to be motivated by the recent maritime agreement between the GNA and Turkey. Egypt, a key backer of the army, was not pleased with the agreement.

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chris chuba

I’m confused, who is supporting whom in this madhouse? Turkey and the UN supports the GNA in Tripoli, I got that. Russia is supporting the LNA but where does the U.S. stand.

We are speaking out of both sides of our mouth. The guy running the LNA was a former CIA contact and the U.S. was gving him some verbal support a while back but now it looks like we are pro-GNA becausewe are always anti-Russia. It is very confusing. Also there are interests in Egypt and the Persian Gulf countries.


I assume the US supports the GNA. Haftar is not on the US side anymore.

Leon De Elias

Those cia mfers always supporting the terrorists and minorities,which serves US interests or Israel’s..I hope soon its going to bite them in the arse everywhere..


They’ll pay for it anyway. Everything they do will backfire in the future.


Not sure. The big forces are all vying for Haftar. Haftar, e.g. For example, in the Fezzan desert, leased a vast area to the Israelis, approximally 3/4 years ago. Probably on behalf of the US and NATO. I wonder rather what(tf) are they up to?


If this is true, Haftar is not the good guy too, but I prefer the LNA over the GNA, because the GNA doesn’t have a proper army, unlike the LNA, only various militias who’ve clashed each other several times in the past, because of a lack of money. This says it all.


You got it, “I’ve looked at life from both sides now”. Hedging the bets. GNA is Muslim Brotherhood gangs, that’s why Turkey and Qatar back them.

The good news is Salif Gaddafi recently announced his support for Haftar. And Egypt is likely to throw a little extra support Haftar’s way as they certainly had enough problems with Morsi and his MB crew.


chris chuba

Then I’m at least inclined towards LNA, I’ll take a Gaddafi over anyone backed by the U.S. At best we are dumb as bricks; at worst malicious.


Man, what a day this is! First there are reports that the Jihadis amass their forces (I know this is not the good news), but this means that a major SAA offensive in Aleppo will start very soon and now LNA finally launched their offensive on Tripolis! I’m sure that when Tripolis is liberated, the rest of the GNA defenses will start collapsing!

Leon De Elias

I guess there’s some hidden coordination in this..As Erdo mfer gan,is announcing shipping terrorists from Idleb to Tripoli..


Seriously I hope Erdo gets overthrown and publicly beaten for what he has done to the Libyan and Syrian people.


He deserves the fate that Gaddafi got, but didn’t deserve


I miss Gaddafi. Libya was a stable and powerful country, but then the NATO came with its Jihadis.


i think they (GNA rats) should start taking swimming lessons immediately. they will be very useful in the near future.

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