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Libya Year Zero, A New Transitional Government Under The Aegis Of The States

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Libya Year Zero, A New Transitional Government Under The Aegis Of The States

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Written by Piero Messina

Libya is in year zero. The term of office of the president of the national unity government Abdulhamid Dbeibah has expired since December last year. Like an expired yogurt Dbeibah, but it does not give up the reins of power, rather it relaunches by signing strategic agreements with Turkey, on national defense and oil extraction. Agreements that have sent the other Libyan “head of government” into a rage: Fathi Bashaga.

The Dbaibah maneuvers must sound like a mockery for the former interior minister of the time of Al Serraj. Bashaga, in Tripoli, represented the direct link between Ankara and Libya. For over six months, on a mandate from the Tobruk HoR, Bashaga has been trying to install his government. But every effort is useless: three times he also tried to attack Tripoli. But the clashes were unsuccessful. Libya, in reality, on an institutional, political and military level, has literally crumbled.

The role of Italian diplomacy has completely disappeared from the North African quadrant. Even the French are floundering on sight.

Bashaga does not give up and claims he can soon present a government plan: “which focuses on what could bring stability, peace and prosperity for Libya and its honorable people and ensure the holding of free and fair simultaneous presidential and legislative elections. “.

The role of General Haftar, leader of the Libyan National Army (LNA) should not be underestimated. Haftar aspires to become the country’s next president. The general started a tour in the south-east of the country, from Cyrenaica down to Fezzan: the area with the highest hydrocarbons in Libya. Haftar launched his campaign, urging the population to start a popular revolution against the “corrupt political class”.

Once again, therefore, there is talk of elections. We know how it turned out in the recent past. The flop of the scheduled elections last year had forced the United Nations to change part of its diplomatic staff. But the substantial difference this time is the presence on the ground of US and British diplomacy. Richard Norland, special envoy of the United States, explained how it is necessary to restart the electoral road map without hesitation. Washington would like to focus on new names, politicians not compromised with a past of mutual clashes and blackmail. The goal of Anglo-American diplomacy is to eliminate the two existing governments, aiming to reach an agreement with Al Manfi (president of the Libyan state, but substantially disappeared from the political spectrum in recent months).

At that point it will be necessary to form a provisional government, with a duration established by the international community, which will lead the country to the much desired elections. For this transitional government, at the top of Norland’s list are the names of Muhamed Al Muntasir (politician from Misrata) and Ahmed Maiteeq, former head of the interim government and former member of al-Sarraj’s presidential council. At their side there could be Aqila Al-Abbar, a university professor with experience in the States. Al Abbar’s name had previously been listed as a possible Foreign Minister for the Dbeibah government.

Great Britain, the historical key player of the Libyan sand, has also moved its pawns. Showing the muscles. At the end of September, the amphibious assault ship Hms Albion was stopped at the port of Tripoli. For analysts it was a sign of support for Prime Minister Abdulhamid Dabaiba’s government of national unity. The Albion is the first British Royal Navy ship to dock in the port of the Libyan capital in eight years.

With the center of Europe on fire, Libya risks becoming, just like in 2011, the scene of yet another proxy war, where clashes between local leaders are nothing more than a scale reproduction of the clash for global domination.


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Libya was the richest Country in Africa before a bunch of morons in Libya helped the American Reich to destroy their own Country,all the gold was stolen by the Reich,now its a Mad Max theme park.

Assad Defeated Zionists

Lybia should have never given up its nuclear program. Hopefully Iran has taken notice and will soon have its own nukes. It is the only way to stand up to the psionists and their slaves, who have no regard for international norms and do not respect international agreements.

The Objective

No pro-Christian dictatorship will ever be imposed on Libyans again, Insha Allah. In fact, Libya is an opportunity to overthrow El-Sisi and expand Turkey’s influence. Russia is doing everything to stop the spread of Turkish influence in the Muslim world. Let’s see if they succeed.

The game plan in Libya is simple for everyone of you Ruskies who have a drop of brain left: 1). Train as many GNA soldiers as possible 2). Arm the GNA government to the teeth 3). Deploy the Turkish military around Libya (in Niger, Somalia, Libyan coast, and maybe Algeria) 4). Ignite a real military clash that destroys the Wagner group and LNA (this may force Sisi to invade Libya)

I always hope that Sisi will invade Libya so that he’ll be taught a lesson. He acts so arrogantly as if his military is invincible. Turkey will not fight El-Sisi directly in Libya unless the Egyptian force strike the first blow. The GNA will be enough of a challenge to trigger another revolution in Egypt.

Last edited 5 months ago by The Objective
The Objective

When they realized that any war in Libya now will likely destroy the Sisi regime, these murderers are talking peace and Election. Have you given up on your struggle to uproot Islamists (Muslims who want Shariah)? Arm Assad with Russian Pantsirs, Tanks, and Chinese drones to take over Tripoli. Why did you stop? Well, this war is coming anyway. Let’s wait for the elections in Turkey to pass. If Erdogan wins again, Sisi will spend the next four years in a long nightmare.

The Objective

Libya is a noose closing in around Sisi’s neck. I doubt a day passes without him thinking about the Libyan threat to his tyranny. He’s hiding behind Russia. When the time comes, Russia cannot protect Sisi’s regime. The Ukraine war could be the biggest gift to the Muslim world this century. Perhaps that’s why Biden is so bitter about it. It weakens Russia against Turkey and decreases the chances of a direct clash between the two. Russia’s number one priority is now Ukraine. Putin isn’t very motivated like before to counter Turkey in Libya.

The Objective

Delete my comments you cowards, because they cut right through your propaganda like razor-sharp blades.

Paul Citro

What is the writer saying here? What is the gist of this article?

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