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Libya: New Photos Of Alleged Russian PMCs, Warplanes And Air-Defense Systems Released By U.S. AFRICOM

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On July 24, the U.S. Africa Command (AFRICOM) shared images claiming to show Russian forces and equipment in different parts of Libya.

One of the photos shows two Russian-made Pantsir-S1 air-defense systems, two Soviet-made Su-24 warplanes and a Russian L-76 military cargo plane in al-Khadim Air Base in western Libya. The base is known to be hosting forces of the UAE, a key ally of the U.S.

The other image supposedly shows dozens of Russian private military contractors near the coastal Libyan city of Sirte. The AFRICOM didn’t reveal how it was able to identify the nationality of the personnel on the image.

“The type and volume of equipment demonstrates an intent toward sustained offensive combat action capabilities, not humanitarian relief, and indicates the Russian Ministry of Defense is supporting these operations,” said U.S. Marine Corps Maj. Gen. Bradford Gering, AFRICOM director of operations.

The AFRICOM has been leading a media campaign accusing Russia of intervening in Libya to support the Libyan National Army over the past few months.

Last May, the AFRICOM claimed that Russia had deployed 14 Mig-29s and Su-24s warplanes in Libya. The warplanes were supposedly flown from Russia to Syria, then to al-Khadim and al-Jufrah air bases in Libya.

These accusations against Russia may be an attempt to drive attention away from the U.S. own allies. The UAE and Egypt are supporting the LNA, while Turkey is supporting the Government of National Accord. The AFRICOM never mentioned the role that these countries are playing in Libya.


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rightiswrong rightiswrong

American little bitches shouting “look at the Russians”, while the USA strides around the world killing and destroying.

Goebbels would be so proud of his proteges.


While Goebbels was an evil SOB, he was a genius of propaganda. The US not so much.
Sadly Russian “soft power” ability to counter that is even weaker, even according to most Russian analysts.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

Russia has managed to get the Western population behind her views of imperial aggression, so Russian soft power is doing very well.

Who listened to the Soviets back in the 7080s?
Only crackpots.


Well, most Russian analysts disagree. The handling of the infowar obviously is a constant chain of failures.
In the eyes of the majority of the public in western and most other countries, Russia looks guilty for Skripal, for MH17, bombing Hospitals in Syria, invading Ukraine, stealing Krim, and even bombing own citizens in the apartment bombings of the 2000s.
The western narrative has worked in all those instances to build up the picture of Russia as a pariah and aggressor state.
Only because you and me and a minority in most countries dont blindly believe those narratives should not blind you or me that we are a minority, and that the majority, including the people in power, believe in the western narrative.
And in some weeks time, when the next western narrative is being introduced, be sure it will also be belived in all major media, politics and by the majority of citizens.
Cheerleading and believing otherwise does not serve anybody, espcially not Russia.
And the fact that a few western countries have a majority that does not see Russia as agressor has nothing do to with Russian soft power skills, but with a long standing politcal tradition of oppositon to NATO and imperialistic policies.
Those people certainly in their majority dont have their minds changed by what the Russian foreign ministry, some ambassador, or RT says.
We may be millions, but we are a drop in an ocean of billions. The hubris of believing otherwise is only that, hubris. And that is never helpful.

rightiswrong rightiswrong

The people are sick to death of accusation after accusation of Russian this, Russian that. Just as with the end days of the USSR when no one believed a word that came from the Communists, no one believes a Western politician or media.

The hubris of the NWO, is what is aiding the Russian response to the greatest effect. Russia, nor any other nation, can keep on rejecting accusation after accusation, when evidence is always from un named sources, third parties etc. The average Joe Soap has long ago cottoned on to fantastic claims, without a shred of evidence. It’s not just the Russians that have to deal with that, the elites keep playing it day after day against all their opponents, foreign and domestic. Repeating old scams every generation is one thing, everyday is a fucking joke.

The Russians can hardly do more, when the Western MSM keep repeating the same tales, but the general public do not fall for that. Being reared as anti Russian since birth does of course slant the view of Russia, but anyone with common sense realises that by maturity.
The issue is with the owners of the MSM, who just will not listen to reason for anyone, despite the ludicrous position they hold.

Lone Ranger

Aside from the jets I only see pixels.
Crystal keyhole spy sats had a 30cm resolution in 1988.
These pics are vastly inferior 30years later.
Even if true, the U.S. is the last country to lecture Russia, after they destroyed the whole middle east, created al-cia-da and isis, won’t even mention Blackwater and it’s iterations…
Russia is cleaning up after the U.S.


Libya had SU-24 so they might as well be Libyan.
The Pantsir-S might be the long MAN chassis that was bought by UAE.
In 2017 there was news that Egypt wanted to buy 50 GAZ TIGR, i don’t know if they did or if any has been delivered.
But the quality of the images are very bad so it’s hard to see anything.

johnny rotten

To believe what Americunt say is crazy, even just talking about it is a waste of time, they do not deserve respect, they have signed and betrayed hundreds of treaties, their right punishment would be the cutting of hands and tongue.


So what SF? Everyone knows Russia is active in Lybia for years.
This public “shaming” of the US only works because of you Russians playing their game.
Just admit what is obvious. Stability of Lybia is important to Russia as is for Europe, and this means denying GNA Jihadi + Muslim brothers the power in Lybia. The eastern Lybian parliament is the only legitemite gov in Lybia anyway, and they support LNA and your deployment.
acting like you are not there does make you look weak, and like liars when there is no need for it. The US would not stop their propaganda against you anyway even if you would totally pull out.
Even contrary, the more active and bold you are, the more they will respect you. And without being bold there is no chance anyway to change the Lybian mess away from becoming a Turkish colony and safe haven of muslim brothers and Jihadis.
Just ignore the US propaganda, double down and do what you have to. This appeasement has not worked in Syria, and it wont in Lybia..

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Amazing how the Americans can produce satellite imagery of Libya when it suits them, but not Ukraine.



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