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Libya: Advanced Chinese MANPADs Spotted In GNA Forces (PHOTOS)

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Forces loyal to the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA) have reportedly received advanced man-portable air-defense systems (MANPADs).

On June 28, Twitter user Ouais Hasairi shared photos showing GNA fighters inspecting what appears to be Chinese-made MANPADs of the QW-1 series. Experts suggested that the MANPADs was either QW-1M or more advanced QW-18.

QW-1 series MANPADs are “all-aspect” missile systems. It means they can be launched against an aerial target in a tail-chase engagement, in a head-on engagement or in a side-on engagement, from any direction.

The QW-1, QW-1M and QW-18 are all guided by infrared homing heads and have an operational range of up to 5 km and a flight ceiling of 4 km.

Twitter user Ouais Hasairi claimed that the MAPNPADs had been supplied by Turkey, which boosted its support for the GNA in the last few months. Turkish military assistance grows in response to Egyptian preparations for a possible intervention in support of the Libyan National Army.

However, GNA forces’ organisation is weak enough. Their supply of such advanced weapons, that can also engage civilian airliners,  is a dangerous move. In the years following the fall of the Ghaddafi regime, the U.S. spent large amounts of money to collect and destroy the MANPADs left by the former Libyan military. Now this dangerous weapon is back in Libya.


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Lone Ranger

Flight ceiling 4km…
While Russia proved it can do precision bombing from 10km+ altitude…
These manmpads like most Chinese tech is a copy from the Russian Igla from the 80s.
Newer ones have a flight ceiling of 6km+.


those things are more to take down helicopters that support ground troops then high altitude bombers doh.

Lone Ranger

Does Russia have helos in Lybia?
Im skeptical…
Aside from that terrorists had MANPADs is Syria and they werent effective against new Russian helos.
They lost around 2-3 in total due to MANPADs in 5 years.

Brother Ma

Maybe that is because the Russians were afraid to fly the helos ?

Lone Ranger

They weren’t afraid to fly them in Syria under much more adverse conditions…

Brother Ma

I was referring to Syria anyway but I still thought that the Russians were using planes. My thoughts were that the Russians stopped using helos due to those turkmens shooting down the helo.. i am still waiting for spetnaz to kill all those turkmens who did that, but I guess it will never happen now that Putin and Erdo are friends. Big mistake. Also the leader who shot it down is one of Erdo’s politician’s sons.
Well good. I’m happy if Russia and Egypt can fly the helos.

Lone Ranger

They never stopped flying helos in Syria.
And they pounded turkisis for weeks after that.
Most the perpetrators probably died.
Putin and Erdogan aren’t friends.
Turkey knows it has good cards and can get away with a lot since they have a big military and are a part of NATO.
On the other hand Russia knows that Turkey would never dare to provoke a full on war with Russia especially when Russia is backed by the SAA and Iran inside Syria.
Also Greece whom are also a NATO member have very good relationship with Russia and they and Turkey a mortal enemies with ongoing border conflicts.
If Turkey would risk a full scale attack, Greece would use it probably as an opportunity to get it’s lost lands back in Cyprus and other places, Turkey would find itself fighting a 3 front war, one in Syria, one in Lybia and against Greece.
And they can’t afford that neither militarily nor economically aside from that the outcome would be probably bad for them.
So every side is trying to gain as much as possible without a full on war.
Walking the razors edge…

Tommy Jensen

After Putin poured gasoline all over the ME, China exploited the situation by moving in near the oilfields providing weapons to A-Qaida and ISIS, while we were giving soda pops to the Syrian children.

When we American do something we are critizised, when dont do something we are also critizised.
Therefore we are still in the war against the Corona virus sorry terror. In order to protect innocent citizens and our Allies.

cechas vodobenikov

nobody except idiots believe your fascist lies–you created al Qaeda/ISIS and you fund them…u attempt to steal Syrian oil and fail; when u try to smuggle it to turkey, Russian planes destroy these oil tankers…u people are stupid thieves…losing all your wars–insecure cowards

Brother Ma

Sarcasm as always! Lol


Your post brought tears to my eyes. God bless America!

Lone Ranger

Why would God bless the most evil country on the planet?

Lone Ranger

Swap Putin with the CIA, Russia with the U.S. and it’s legit.

alejandro casalegno

The turkish say “Stinger”, they are not of course, TA used real Stingers is Syria against russian planes……….is 2020, NOT 1987………….

cechas vodobenikov

largely ineffective –they may disaable a kite or a tank:mmmm…..


Hey guys, you are all in a pickle now arnt u!
Chinese made manpads being supplied to adversaries of Russia!
In contrast, what did people on this site say when american weapons ended up in the hands of Al-Quieda and isis after they were supplied by Turkey via the FSA?

U all bad mouthed the USA!
Do i hear any dissension on China?
Why doesnt China speak out on this?
Turkey and China do not have good relations right now!

None of u can bad mouth China can u! hahahaha
even when their weapons end up in the hands of people who want to shoot down Russian planes!
And china says NOTHING!

Brother Ma

I say it. Turkey is at fault for giving them the manpads and China for not making sure of where they end up. We know though that ALL nations don’t give one sthtt on where those armaments end up.

Turkey ignores a UN embargo and the UN and all but France and Greco -Cyprus say nothing!


Well done brother!
You call out Hypocrisy when u see it!
Hypocrisy Thy name, Hypocrisy thy most on this biased site!


Maybe Russia prefers to see these MANPADs, bought many years ago by Ankara, stay away from Damascus and the Bosphorus. Besides, if the Egyptians will get advise from Peking, on effective countermeasures against these MANPADs, I see no substantial support of salafist terrorists.


are u serious? did u just make an ASSUMPTION to band aid all this?
That what??
Russia wants to what??
MAYBE? See them in Libya?? Instead of Syria?? or the Bosphorus??

Thats the calculation your brain made to save face for both Russia and China?

Jesus fucking christ this site is getting worse and worse!


You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!


Will be useless against high altitude jets on predesignated target runs. But very helpful against ground support jets or helicopters. Basically means that it is focused on challenging Egyptian potential involvement. Would be stupid to move in troops without air support, and these man pads are precisely against that air support. But GNA will have to keep moving to avoid high altitude bombings, as there is no high altitude SAMs nor is expected to be as Turkish built systems don’t seem to be combat ready.


If Erdogan play’s it this way, ok. Then Russia, egypt, Saoudi, France, Greece, Iraq can supply manpads to the Kurds in Turkey, Syria and Irak should have bine done long time ago. But they are to civilized compared to Turkey

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