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Liberals’ Fraudulent ‘Environmentalism’

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Liberals’ Fraudulent ‘Environmentalism’

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Written by Eric Zuesse

The progressive investigative journalist, Julia Rock, at The Daily Poster, opined on November 15th, “The most effective tool that governments have to limit carbon emissions is to make it more difficult to finance fossil fuel development.” That’s a viewpoint which I had documented to be true — and explained how it could easily be implemented — in my July 25th article, “The Only Way to Stop Global Warming”. But when I had submitted that article to The Daily Poster, they failed to publish it. When Julia Rock merely buried in her November 15th article the line, “The most effective tool that governments have to limit carbon emissions is to make it more difficult to finance fossil fuel development” (and failed there to provide any development of the idea), that was acceptable for a mainstream ‘news’-medium to publish, but the core fact, that the ONLY way to stop global warming (if it still CAN be stopped) is to ban the purchases of stocks and bonds in fossil-fuel-extraction companies, is, itself banned in the ‘news’-media.

All of the ‘environmental movement’ participates in this ban. Thus, the most crucial fact of all about global warming is a secret: that the ONLY way to stop global warming — if it still CAN be stopped — is to outlaw purchases of stocks and bonds in fossil-fuels-extraction companies (as I documented there).

The public are confused about global warming because the crucial FACT is censored-out; the ‘news’-media are prohibited by the billionaires who control all of our major media, the public are confused so as to misunderstand what CAUSES society to continue its buildup to our producing a dead planet (like Mars). Consumers aren’t to blame for it (but billionaires say they should ‘buy green’ — as if consumers are the cause of the problem, or have any effective control over it); the billionaires who profit from it are to blame for it, and they not only own controlling interests in firms such as ExxonMobil, but they ALSO own and control all of the mainstream ‘news’-media.

It’s all explained in my July 25th news-article, “The Only Way to Stop Global Warming”. And that is the reason why no mainstream medium published it, though it had been submitted to over 200 of them.

On the one side are the liberals, who are fooled by the liberal billionaires; and on the other side are the conservatives, who are fooled by the conservative billionaires. And this is how we have extremely effective censorship of the core truths, a censorship by all of the billionaires — who profit from this.

The ONLY people who stand to gain by the government’s NOT outlawing the purchase of stocks and bonds in fossil-fuels-extraction firms are the people who own those stocks and bonds; and, overwhelmingly, they are the billionaires and centi-millionaires. Everyone else — and all future generations — suffer from this. But that “everyone else — and all future generations” have no power, because we really live in a dictatorship, by the billionaires.

And this also explains why COP26 was doomed even before it began, and why the Paris Climate Agreement is pure PR — a fraud. None of these core facts is publishable in ANY mainstream ‘news’-medium, because they’re all owned and controlled by the beneficiaries of the existing corrupt economy.

The censors (the editors, media-management) represent the regime (the billionaires) — NOT the public.

Investigative historian Eric Zuesse is the author of  They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of  CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity.


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Earth is fine, climate is good – green agenda communists take a hike.

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