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“Let’s be very clear. The military is involved”: Retired US Army General On Regime Change Attempt In Venezuela


"Let's be very clear. The military is involved": Retired US Army General On Regime Change Attempt In Venezuela

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On March 5th, US-Proclaimed Venezuelan President Juan Guaido announced that he would hold talks with representatives from the public sector in an attempt to stage strikes and pressure the Maduro government. According to his twitter, public workers themselves asked for this.

“Tomorrow will @AsambleaVE begin meetings with all public sector workers. We are going towards a staggered stoppage in the public administration, proposed by the workers themselves. In every Ministry, institute or State company you have to say enough.”

“Our public workers want to be able to live off their work and have a patron who respects their labor rights. Political persecution will be over. We will propose @AsambleaVE a law of guarantees to protect those who are on the side of the Constitution.”

He also tweeted quotes from various presidents of unions in Venezuela of teachers, metro workers and other public employees, all of them calling for an end to the “usurpation” and “injustice.”

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, speaking for the first time since Guaido’s return, said he would not allow “anything or anyone to disrupt the peace.” He called for “anti-imperialist” demonstrations across the country on Saturday, coinciding with marches called by Guaido.

“The crazed minority continues in their bitterness. We are going to defeat them, be absolutely sure,” he said during a ceremony to commemorate the sixth anniversary of the death of his predecessor Hugo Chavez.

Separately, Maduro awarded soldiers of the Venezuelan army with medals for their “loyalty and extraordinary work” in the events of February 23rd when the attempt to get US humanitarian aid into the country from Colombia and Brazil was blocked.

The President of Bolivia, Evo Morales Ayma also said that “America’s interventionist deception” appears to be failing.

Meanwhile, US Special Representative for Venezuela Elliot Abrams gave a press conference on the crisis.

He said that it was hard to see a role for Maduro in future democratic elections. He said the Trump administration was considering secondary sanctions against non-U.S. citizens and entities tied to the Maduro government.

“If he wanted to build a democratic Venezuela, he had the opportunity to do so, but he did not,” Abrams said.

US National Security Adviser John Bolton also spoke to Fox Business’ Lou Dobbs. In his interview Bolton also confirmed that the Trump administration was looking at new sanctions against the Maduro government.

 “I’ve just come from a meeting of the National Security Council Principals committee We’re looking at new sanctions, new measures to tighten our grip on Maduro’s financial wherewithal to deny his regime the money that they need to stay in power,” Bolton said.

“I think Guaidó’s return was very significant. There was no effort by the military to arrest him, I think in large part because Maduro and his gang feel that if they tried to arrest him the military might’ve disobeyed the order and that really would’ve been a crisis for Maduro,” he said.” “Popular support for Guaidó remains intense. The effect of our economic sanctions is still digging.”

According to retired US Army General Robert Scales the US military is already operating in the region of Venezuela.

“Let’s be very clear. The military is involved. We have had a Special Forces group in Colombia for almost 60 years fighting against the terrorist groups in Colombia” Major Gen. Scales said. “But they are purely on the periphery. They are helping facilitate the delivery of aid. They are training the Colombian army. They are keeping watch electronically over the border with Venezuela.”

He also warned the Maduro government against undertaking action against Guaido.

“If Mr. Guaidó goes to prison, or God forbid they mess with him or his family, that country, particularly the citizens of Caracas, will explode,” Scales said. “I think Maduro knows that he can’t push his much farther.”

This comes amid the US announcing a tightening of the embargo on Cuba due to its support of the Maduro government.

The State Department’s announcement states that the companies included on the Cuba Restricted List are those “directly responsible for the repression of the Cuban people.”

However, Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said Cuba “strongly rejects” the move as an escalation of U.S. aggression toward the Caribbean nation.

“The State Department decision is a hostile and irresponsible action intended to tighten blockade and suffocate Cuban economy,” he said in a tweet.




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  • Thunder

    lies just a fckn psy op they r doing what i did to that punk then he fled the next day won’t work white man i know ur m.o in global issues fckn liars careful southfront they are using u for lying propaganda and no mine wasn’t a lie like this report that was given to southfront was

  • Tommy Jensen

    We have already discrete US Special Forces all over Venezuela who have been fighting terror since 9/11. Therefore Maduro cant do a s..t. other than give his people freedom.

  • John

    So, …… let me get this in order, Mr. Guaidó needs to meet with various leaders in the country, to get them to mobilize strikes and civil disobedience? Hmmmm, I would of thought by now all of that was like dry tinder, waiting for the spark of his return to get that kicked off. Yeah, he is full of bs. What this is telling me is that Guaidó is not organized inside of Venezuela, his communications with anybody who would support him is trashy, in terms of quantity and quality and ………. he has nowhere near the political muscle to pull it off as of yet.

    With the economic pressure supposedly in place, it should already be falling apart like a house of cards. Yet his return, was met with almost a yawn, considering what is at stake for the country. Everyday that the Maduro government stays intact, is one days further march for the constitution ignorer. I give it two weeks and Mr. Guaidó is pretty panicky. My take folks, let’s see how March 20th rolls.

  • hvaiallverden

    Huh, Russia/UssA, good cop and bad cop, both are scums, and again, look to Syria, Libya and Yemen, incl NK and so on, what is Putin the 134 Dim. Chess player against an man whom is acustumed to be an f…. assh…. like Trump, and if I tell you its all staged, I know you will not belive a word of it, ti witch I to be honest dont care a bit about, but this angle is rear, I didnt even belive it would ever popp up, namely Russia/Putin and ISISrael, there is an reason for the Russian shitheads dont do anything when it comes to the scum of this earth, the Joohos, and now, you go to jail if you question the offiale “history” about Sovjet.
    Why is Russia only butt sheek spreading when it comes to the Joohos, time and time again, outside and inside Russia, and now, openly attacking your land, and what do you do, nothing.
    Tell me, whom was behind ISISrael, Russians, do you know that.
    When you know THAT you will also know why I say, and I mean it, 10 years from now, and Russia is gone, and I mean gone as we know it to day.

    The thing is, sheeps, I wrote about it years ago, warned you years ago, and I even forgot that my self until reasently, why is American going down the drain, whom made usury the main cause of the economic crash, an course set in 1913 ( I bet most of you fell of already, do you know anything of worth at all) , why is it that you are engaged and was, in wars upon wars, for centurys.
    You still dont get it do you wankees, you are the price, you are the beasts head they will hang on the wall above their fireplace, you are the one paying their existence, you are the one dying for their shekles, everywhere.
    Remeber the words of Bibi, the Lithuanian sewage rat, when we have used you up and blown you dry, you will just slide back to the jungle, sucked dry and runn down, because they have used you and now is kicking in the last stage, the civil war, witch you will loose.
    I warned you, because their plan, is and have been all along, reducing an nation running on surpluss to an 3 world dungeon like Norway/Sweden is this days, by the same people, the same tools and poltics corrupted, to replace you with Russia and/or China, its crystal clear this days, and yet the moronic wankees drool something about Muslims.

    This, was the plan all along, just ask Putin, the ISISrael comon hole aka bitch, Russia is much worse than what you can think of, and after years of just watching, the lastest Russian sucking up ISISraelis have confirmed it all.
    My recomandation is simple, Putin is an Trojan Horse, and is the main corse of the downfall, when He dies, Russia will colapse, and the Joohos will take over, the present is just smoke and mirrors, Venezuela is an side show, because so far, even Russia is playing along, (good/bad cop) with them all, this latest “help” is an death trap, like the wankees one, the difference are minmale if any, Russian oligarcs are not an iota better than anyone anywhere else, to think Russians have an morale height above others is so stupid its mind numbing.
    Russians like to talk, and if you dont have anything to offer, you will just get that, talk. like the lastest developemnts in Syria, Russia is already back stabbing and sucking any ISISrael dick that they can find.
    Dont ever again drool something about Putin been an briliant strateg, He is not, just another Russian shithead, witch is the eqvivalence of an wankee drooler, and thinks we are equally stupid.
    Why I dont mention the Chines, is because they are the same, corrupted to their bone marrow, and have no credibility what so ever.
    EU, hehe, what EU, an Turkish whorehouse have integrety, EU have non.

    So, Sovjet joohos was the arcitect behind ISISrael, Putin was elected to make shure that continues.
    Thats why I know we lost it, we all did.
    To me, this days is dark, the beginning of an century of humanity been driven into, an slave planet, run by the Tribes men.
    May the lord have mercy upon us all, we are indeed doomed.


    • seawolf

      exactly you need peace in your mind.