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Less Weapons For Terrorist Regime In Ukraine

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Less Weapons For Terrorist Regime In Ukraine

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Less Weapons For Terrorist Regime In Ukraine
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Less Weapons For Terrorist Regime In Ukraine

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While the Ukrainian military continues its terrorist attacks against civilians, violating international conventions, the so-called political West which supports the war crimes of the Kiev regime have been divided as some states remembered their own interests.

The Armed forces of Ukraine continue strikes at the Kakhovskaya Hydroelectric Power Plant in the Kherson region. In total, about 40 missiles from the US-made HIMARS MLRS were reportedly recorded on August 22. Most of them were intercepted. Due to regular attacks by Ukrainian forces, three of the six turbines of the plant were stopped. The facility operates in pre-emergency mode.

Violations of the power generation and water discharge systems may disrupt the cooling of the reactors of the Zaporozhye Nuclear Power Plant and lead to a catastrophe.

Shelling of the civilian population of the DPR and LPR continues, including from weapons supplied by European countries and the US. Ukrainians are killing people in the cities they consider to be Ukrainian and which they are allegedly trying to liberate from Russian invaders.

Over the past day, the DPR reported 40 firing cases from Ukraine. 2 civilians were killed in Gorlovka. 4 more civilians were wounded.

On the morning of August 23, Ukrainian Nazis continued to mine peaceful settlements in the DPR with PFM-1 mines. Using the Hurricane MLRS, Ukrainians scattered mines on the streets of the village of Olginka.

Kiev has been actively using such mines since 2014, violating several international conventions. Ukraine violates its obligations under the Ottawa Convention, according to which it was supposed to destroy stocks of PFM-1 and a number of other anti-personnel mines but Kiev has not yet done so. The use of the PFM-1 mines without a self-destruct violates Protocol II of the Geneva Convention. The remote placement of mines in a settlement with civilian population can be considered as the use of indiscriminate weapons. This directly violates the terms of the IV Geneva Convention on the Protection of Civilians.

Meanwhile, some European partners can no longer support the insatiable demands of the Kiev regime.

The German Bundeswehr claimed that it can no longer supply weapons and military equipment to Ukraine from its own reserves. This was said by the German Defense Ministry in a response to a joint statement by three deputies who called for increasing supplies even to the detriment of the German army. The Bundeswehr will try to find another way out.

The EU and NATO fear a possible collapse of consensus on the issue of support for Ukraine due to the energy crisis, rising food prices and the prospects of an economic recession, CNN reported, citing European officials and representatives of the alliance.

According to a European diplomat, the EU is in a difficult situation, at the same time it still has to stick to its promise to cut off Russia from any income from gas and other sources.

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mike l hutchings

the UK-NAZI and their US masters recognize no law….

Loco Coca

If Ukraine is a UK, USA and EU puppet clown terrorist state now even assassinating women and children under their western masters and oligarchy then all they have to do is cut the snakes heads. No mercy.







Dugin’s thoughts on sacrificing Family:

1) in his April 2020 article, Alexandr Dugin clearly wrote (image 1-2), that parts of the elite should be groomed with one purpose – to be killed (sacrificed) amid challenging times, so the society could magically buy back the lost support of the Gods.

2) On esoteric web-page “Arctogaea” Alexandr Dugin literally had a huge article about the ancient mystical tradition to sacrifice children, including a case of a father sacrificing his daughter’s life: : arcto.ru/article/1655 (image 3)

By Dugin’s own Logic, there is no need to be sad about his own’s daughter’s death. But of course, Rhetoric is much different from Reality. – @nazbolsexposed

Some facts about Dugin that ruins poltards believes. 1 Dugin was a close friend of russian nazbol leader Eduard Limonov, who once outright said that Dugin was fucking his young male apprentices back in 80-s. OP picture is them together.

Limonov, btw is a known faggot himself, he lived in USA for a long time and wrote an autobiographic novels called “It’s Me, Eddie” and “Diary of a loser” (google about it or check Wikipedia) in which he described his degenerative life in USA, filled with drugs, alcohol, and prostitutes, about his attraction to young girls aged 5 to 13, his unlimited sex escapades with multiple women and men, including how he blowed a homeless black negro in NY.

2 They also were attached to satanism. Here is the video from 80’s concert called “in the memory of Aleister Crowley” in which both Limonov and Dugin participated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X26mgR3wQx0 [Open]

3 It’s also a known fact that Dugin praised Andrei Chikatilo, soviet serial killer, who raped and slaughtered children.Dugin said that Chikatilo was a rebel against system and deserves respect (google it).

4 Also, its a known fact that Dugin and his friend Geydar Dzhemal joined In 1988 the ultranationalist group Pamyat (‘Memory’), which would later give rise to Russian fascism, but he left it soon, due too his disagreement with anti-Semitic rithoric of the group.

If you want to dig more there are russian sources to start



BTW the main propagandist for Ukraine Alexi Arestovitch is from the same circles, he was inspired by them. They all connected.

Last edited 9 months ago by Hans

retired nazi janitor in kansas–poko molo tiresome pathetic inferior


How hilarious are these European idjuts who aim to cut Russians profiting from its oil and gas export activities, the same Russian gas that their industries breathe to sustain functionality. Madness is an understatement because Russian gas buyers are queueing at Moscow doorstep whereby EU will freeze in winter weather with soon bankrupt economy considered as suicide for refusing to accept gas running through a new gas pipeline of NS2. Well we’re about to see the disintegration of EU very soon and perhaps the collapse of NATO trapped in the deep of the pit they dug themselves.

Stephen Obi Emekekwue

“VERY-TRUE!”, And Good-Riddance Too!.When it Happen’s As it Must!!.

tommy holm-sawyer

my ukie hero now retreating in Nikolaev—why Russia make us tranny amerikan humiliated….we mean bitter malevolent like torture little children but me marry senile nazi dane racist lgbt

Loco Coca

If Ukraine is a UK, USA and EU puppet clown terrorist state now even assassinating women and children under their western masters and oligarchy then all they have to do is cut the snakes heads. No mercy.


But Ukraine supposedly is losing Hundreds of fighters everyday ??? How is it that Russia cant hit the weapons supplies

Ed Theman

I just don’t get why Europe would want to supply Ukraine with weapons when they know Ukraine has no chance, it will get many Ukraine people killed, it will continue to wreck the European economy which relies on Russian gas.

Europe is like, “lets supply Ukraine with weapons so we can pay many times more money for gas, have our gas shut off, and our economy wrecked, because somehow we are obligated to help Ukraine”.

mrs tommy frzian-sawyer

poko molo did nice counter offensive in my anus last night—he calls it the the double ukie

rammmed in anus sawyer husband

lgbt amerikans irrelevant—their ukie colony only counter-offensive is 2 penis in my rectum


How’s that cutting off the income from gas? Doesn’t seem too hard to sell and Russia seems to be “not suffering at all”.

Lancelot LinQ

Off topic – what is the music at the end of each video?


nazi predictions have failed—Russia grinds down ukies while life in Russia improving—divorced from the lgbt anglo cesspool EU begs for gas dying economies dead cultures—opposite of Russia …increased optimism solidarity…thriving economy—poko mono-sawyer Hans Joe moron now in therapy kansas lgbt clinic

Jean Paul France

European leaders are all college-raised kids, postmodernists, feminazis, lgtbiq+, Anglophiles, admirers of the US, and the Jews. That is why catastrophe awaits Europe.


So there is a land mine you can shoot from artillery? 🤔🤔🤔 🤔🤔🤔.

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