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Led By Al-Julani Himself, Militants Launch Large-Scale Attack On Aleppo City, Employ Several SVBIEDs (Video)

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On February 1 afternoon, al-Qaeda-affiliated Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) and its allies launched a large-scale attack on Aleppo’s city center.

The ongoing attack is targeting the district of al-Zahraa in the northwestern part of Aleppo city. Thousands of militants are reportedly taking part in the offensive.

Led By Al-Julani Himself, Militants Launch Large-Scale Attack On Aleppo City, Employ Several SVBIEDs (Video)

Click to see full-size map. Source: (@Suriyakmaps) on Twitter.

Initially, militants attacked SAA positions with several suicide vehicle-borne improvised explosive devices (SVBIEDs). Pro-government sources said that three or even four SVBIEDs were used, while HTS claimed that only two suicide attacks were carried out.

Iba’a, HTS’ news network, released a video showing the terrorist group’s leader Abu Mohamad al-Julani meeting some of his Inghimasi [Arabic term for gunmen who are ready to fight until death] minutes before the battle. The prominent terrorist is reportedly leading the offensive in person.

Opposition sources claimed that militants penetrated the SAA’s defense in the district, capturing several key positions. However, HTS has not confirmed any of these claims, thus far.

The SAA artillery is now conducting intense strikes on al-Zahara’s outskirt. Syrian and Russian warplanes are also targeting the region, where the militants are attempting to advance.

More than 3 million civilians are living in Aleppo city. If HTS and its allies reach the city’s center, the lives of these civilians, especially government supporters as well as ethnic and religious minorities, will be in a grave threat.

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HTS is again is blowing its wad, its curtains for the Salafist.

Damien C

If they’re trying to attack Aleppo City again in strength it is because they know thye can’t hold Ildib and they nred a large civilian human shield to protect them. I hope the Syrian Army obliterates them

Jens Holm

I think its like that. But they do loose too many soldiers by that.

Someone like me would have preafared a smaller habitat. An option could be the Latakia area taking a russian base or two:) .

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

you support ISIS? you are a bit of a cunt arent you

Ricky Miller


Albert Pike

He is Nato – Danish, Tribe of Dane, he fights for Zion, thats ISIS…

…otherwise he’s nice guy.


The Danes were the ones who marched German prisoners of war through minefields – to clear them – after the end of WWII. A war crime.


Minefields on this front? Denmark surrendered with no battle, or am I wrong?


I was just being a bit scathing of all things Danish, even Danish Hasbara Trolls. The Danes do not have a good history in warfare. On the wrong side in the Napoleonic Wars, and a failed campaign against Germany so most of Denmark is now Germany!

Jens Holm

We had no choise. It was Napoleon or the Britts. Nelson was there.

Most of Denmark was not in Germany. Some will say 1/4 of Denmark today. But we are not with Norway, Iceland anymore and lost our parts of sweeden. We also have no more colonies with slaves.

We were a small but respected, poor and spread superpower for several 100 years.

Thats how the world is. Some are growing others are not here as they used to be.


A German engineer group named Minenkommando Dänemark was established by the Allies once the war was over to conduct all mine-clearing operations.https://www.feldgrau.com/WW2-German-Mine-Clearing-In-Denmark

Jens Holm

Its two different things. 1) Their invasion and 2) Building the Atalntic wall against invasuion with many mines.

We still detinate their mines and grenades. When we made the big bridge between Sweden and Denmark, we had to detonate 4 very big bomb at the bottom of the sea there.

You are not wrong. 14 days ago I told You why.

Jens Holm

Thats true. We prefared the ones putting them in took it out.

True. The movie and the soldiers in it was not funny. We also had many german civile refugees, which we did not treat as well as we should.

But we asked none of them to come. They had theor own country.

Jens Holm

Its was not like that. We did not put the mines there, so why should we be kiled by them.

Germans had killed millions and let millions more or less starve to death. They even had gassed jews, romas and menthal handicapped.

So I dont think that bad about it.


NICE as in: Nazi Institute for Criminal Eejits

Jens Holm

I think te word “cunt” should be upgraded and all women too. Even You came from one and if You did and think You are gold, cunts should be séen as important and expensive to be made, keep and in use.


1) I think I support and try to protect the many, which dont see fighting is an option. 2) I try to reflect on the bad and good reasons for people do fight. 3) I propose mine and other soultions for what can changed to avoid fightngs.

Here I fx see that Baathists Co Hafez and Bashirt has made no important and needed cnages/reforms for many decades even they has had the power for it incl. guns.

By those unfullfilled needs and no improvements in living standards the different kinds of Jihadists and SDF-kurds are given good reason for not including in the rest of Syria(even almost all Kurds have/had).

Thats why the uprises became possible. Those were not some few “cunts” but many many and a very good helper for enemies of Assads.

And again: Assads has had bad relations to so many countries in the Region pretending to be a king in poor clothe fx in GDP, people leaving and like that.

A good example is that just before the fightigs began 50% of the men not even had a job. I dont know how much more it was for women. How can a country and a population feel fine about that.

But most people are ready to take any paid job and by that are first class material as paid soldiers and of course against the ones giving no possibilities to have a job.

Thats not even a Syrian or a ME thing. You can see it in USA and the isolated corners of Denmark too. Thats where many of the employed soldiers come from, because there hardly are any local job.

Its easy to understand, but I hope You do. Jobs, local influence and including make less extremists whatever their names and politics are.

It makes people repsonsible for the state they are able to gain for it by progrees and being paid for it by hour. Its about trust. Some Bad Artists like Assads are bad humans not send from heaven unless heaven want to punish the Syrians. The same goes for the Jihadist which before that only were allowed to read the bad pages in the religion not even chosen by themselves – Mami and Daddy says ot all start with a special operation.

Now go and look into where You came from. You started with nothing, was made for fun, and therefore will be nothing again.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

do fuck off


Taking a Russian base or two – enough with the laughs Jens

Liberal guy

Perhaps this scum is hoping to much for his hts brothers


Why isn’t Jens there fighting to protect his buddies? We’d all love to see him fragged.

Luke Hemmming

Because he is an alcoholic and always too drunk to even be able to aim straight. Imagine the friendly fire casualty rate if Jens was issued a gun and deployed into a war zone.


But that’d be a good thing, right?

Luke Hemmming

Yeah your right…LOL

John Wallace

Supply him with an RPD and a bottle of his favorite tipple and deploy him with HTS..

John Wallace

Or he could pull the pin on a white smoke and we could watch him dance to Donna Summers ‘ Hot Stuff ” That would be hilarious.

John Wallace

At least Vitex understood. Didn’t think many would . I was waiting for Jens to say that he didn’t like Donna Summers and that would have had me rolling on the floor.

Jens Holm

I divide things in different “books”.

I am not for danish soldiers are out fighting as they are, but if the goverment decide that, I am for they gave the best equipment we have or can buy.

I am not neutral in political matters but I do try ro see the reasons for, what decided and what will have succes, fiasco or in the middle.

I do look a lot on logistics. Godd logistics and enough supply wins wars, but its also very important in all civile matters from bringing letters to people can go to the hospital and treated as needed.

That includes energy sources. Danes today in periods of crises do have windturbines and today can cover the electricity part 200 days a year. Water distribution is same thing.

I look at wargame scenaries and by that is a good guesser for, what will happen in parts of the wars in Iraq, Syria, ME but try to improve as well.

So I do explain more then I am a fanatic supporter and often give links and tell if the oppinions are mine, my goverment, Nato, EU etc.

So I dont defend buddies with closed eyes. The same goes for the rest.

I many times has written 2 things 1) A wall around ME thank You and west of Istanbull is fiine and as a new ine: Jikk bad Leaders before You start letting them kill civilians and soldiers.

All shuld do that all over the world.


“Taking a Russian base or two” – that was a good one. I would enjoy to hear reports about such a trial :)))) Guess it would made my day.

Liberal guy

Yes Russian base and the whole saa and iraqi army u fool


ISIS cannot attack the Russians, their and your master, the Jewish Naziyahu friend of Putin, would kill them.


But they have more than 2 million civilians in Idlib for that matter

Damien C

Yeah but they are their supporters spread out all over Ildib which is vastly greater in size to one city. Plus Aleppo is full of people that are against the head-choppers and make better hostages


According to some sources, they brought many of their reserve troops from the rear area. This is a good opportunity to finish off many terrorists and their commanders. Hopefully SAA and its allies can withstand this banzai attack. And after that launched a powerful counterattack.

Gary Sellars

Agreed, cuz thats how Maarat Numan and the M5 fell when it did. Wahhabi dog soldiers not knowing their limitations and then overreaching…


On the plus side, this has drawn the rats out into the open, where they can be slain. On the downside, I’ve said it for years, the SAA needed to push this vermin back to create a safety buffer zone for Aleppo. For years they’ve let the frontline sit right next to the city, giving the vermin front row seats at potentially attacking the city. And now it happened.

Ah well, even if the SAA is caught with its pants down, Al Nusra has tried this before many times and failed. Before the SAA let them slink back into Idlib because they had bigger fish to fry elsewhere, now they have nowhere else to go. The SAA has its full attention on Idlib. No more safety to be had, other then fleeing into Turkey. Which I reckon the vermin would have done already if Turkey hadn’t closed its borders to them. It wants them to fight in Idlib, not withdraw into Turkey. Erdogan will give them weapons, but he wants to stay and fight in Idlib. Fight and win, which is highly unlikely, or fight and die. Either way is good with him.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

Hope Russian AF Intel gathering Tu-214R are working overtime, all they need is 1 electromagnetic emission from jolani himself, and the SU-34’s will pay him a nice visit :)

Liberal guy

I hope his ass along with many wahhabi pigs ass is burnt very very soon by air and ground strikes


Like I said he’s probably in Haifa :)

Jacob Wohl's Nose

UPDATE – all 3 svbied destroyed by SAA. group of 30+ terrorists have been besieged in multiple large buildings and are surrounded by SAA, who are now clearing out the buildings one by one. remaining terrorists retreated and were targeted by RuAF. Terrorist nests outside of Zahraa are being pulverized by Grad as we type :)


Do you think Semen, Larry and Jacob will attack the SAA to help the rats?

Liberal guy

Many forigener scums all so death in their latest attack led by the big coward jolani pig himself

Luke Hemmming

Well that was over pretty damn quickly hahaha. I guess the motivation and drive has dwindled somewhat as they see their idiotic cannon fodder ‘brothers’ dying by the dozens in idlib.

Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

wish the video was at least subtitled


Yeah, that would be helpful to say the least.

Pave Way IV

Outflank and encircle the ‘thousands of militants’. Stupid jihadis can’t think more than a few steps ahead.

Snackbari #1 “LOOK, brother! Our head-chopper tanks have arrived from the rear for reinforcement to help us crush the Aleppo infidels. Victory will be ours!” Snackbari #2 “Uh… those aren’t our tanks…”





Yes, Julani seems awfully quiet in the video. It appears he has something troubling his mind… Troubles at home? What could it be: the children’s grads are slipping? His nagging mother in law on a visit? Did his canary die of old age? Somebody should get him a decent mental coach.

Luke Hemmming

Maybe he made the video at his mum’s house late at night and this was the third time she had told him off for making too much noise and been too rowdy shouting “allah’s snackbars are the best!!”


Senses the end is near? Let’s hope so.


He knows he is sending these soft boys to their deaths, I did not see a single fighter worth his salt in there.


Being willing to die on the battlefield is just poor tactics, eh

Pave Way IV

But who are WE to criticize head-chopper tactics? I heartily encourage the jihadis to continue doing so. It may turn out different for them this time. Who knows? In the mean time, the Snackbaris attacking Aleppo should probably grab their ankles and prepare for their 125mm smoothbore enema. Those bastards will finally understand how that poor f’king goat felt all along. Snackbar! That’s gonna leave a mark!


That put a smile on my face.

Aleks Chernyy

Interesting strategy, thinking being that if they place enough pressure on Aleppo, the SAA will need to divert forced from their offensive to deal with the turk backed terrorists.

Generally speaking, in a losing battle, attacking is a lot more costly than defending. They will loose 3 for 1 saa soldier. While defending and bleeding the saa would probably substantially decrease their loses, while inflicting costs on the SAA.

If the Aleppo attack somehow succeeded. Aleppo would provide a substantial improvement in the jihadist position, but they would be unlikely to be able to hold onto it.

Even assuming 2k jihadists are involved in the operation, they are going to be hit but air power, and well dug in syrian troops, with iranian militias, and russian support. I do not think this venture is likely to succeed.

On a positive note, this is likely to decrease the time of the idlib conflict. When the FSA goes on these types of operations, their lines collapse shortly after. This happened near Ma’rat numan. Typically, their attack with several company strength, they lose about a third of their fighters, then retreat, with their lines collapsing behind them.

MeMad Max

They wont make it in aleppo…


Red tape around their heads and convincing speech to make them feel like heros. Looks like their last stand is following. Houties sound more convincing.


Looks like these HTS fools are looking to get martyred. They have no hope of making any gains in Aleppo, so this is either a suicide attack or a desperate diversion.

Liberal guy

Why according to Jens their are rarely tiger forces left in syria all the rest are in graves so this fool thinks hts can still win

Liberal guy

Oh so the big brother of the scums finally showed up it shows what panic situation the wahhabi scums are in hahahahaha


Yes, the most valuable fighters have left for Libya and the scum is left behind for one last suicide mission. They all look soft and untrained boys. My prediction, they will get nowhere, except to the beyond.

Marvin Joel Zavala López

A frontal charge??? Good luck with that!!!

Liberal guy

Panic attack by the pigs


NSA trash have even tried to launch a diversionary attack west of Al Bab! So yes, they are getting desperate. :)

Liberal guy

Jens scums says that their are hardly any tigers forces left in syria most are in their graves hahahahaha


Perhaps he forgot they where renamed the 25th corps? Tigers are still advancing against the Jihadist trash. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/2d710672b7557a9673c3aaeaf356dd439480e47eb5d0a2fb8ce56d9e0f2c457d.jpg

Liberal guy

He is insane pro Israeli supporter who does not admit defeat any how like his zion masters and master Dajjal scum

Liberal guy

Why didn’t jolani pig spoke in the video hahahahaha brain washed school children with jolani pig as principal the scum giving lecture as teacher and the guy standing near the wall as a peon no script for jolani pig


…leading the attack (from his couch in Haifa)…

Luke Hemmming

So the attack has failed? Well this has dashed Julani’s hopes of becoming a motivational speaker doing the university circuits around the globe.

cechas vodobenikov

attacking civilians—they emulate their amerikan funders and trainers

James Kira

bragging about taking the countryside while losing the city is hypocrisy, and the hypocrites know it.

May the hypocrites lose and may the Truthful win whoever they are.


I think Al-Julani keeps quiet because his Arabic isn’t that good. Notice how one cat’s face is pixeled out. What’s his case? Is he Mista’arvim or CIA or something?


Obama’s boys…now Pompeo’s boys… in action.

Hopefully, no head-stones, just a mass grave, awaits them all.


Sounds a bit like a last hurrah. Many have nowhere to go from here. Into the Mountains? Back to Turkey? Neither are real options & probable would have a hard time trying to make their way to somewhere safe. So what is the final option? Fight & die.


Didnt Jolani get half his head blown off in a RuAF airstrike a year ago? He looks to be in a vegetative state being brought around for lectures as eye candy hehe

James Kira

Imam Ali(as) led battles just like Joulani is doing, so good on him.

Joulani is more Shi’Atu Ali(as) than kharmany slimey asshead putin and fatrullah combined, based on this Criteria Alone.

asshead can barely walk into a market on his own.

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