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Leclerc MBT: Yemen Testing Ground

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Defense site Lostarmour.info released an analysis providing a look at the usage of Leclerc main battle tanks in the Yemen conflict. (SOURCESF provides its translation. Pics are taken from the original text.

Another report on the Yemeni conflict can be found here: “Saudi-led Coalition’s Deliveries Of Armoured Vehicles To Its Allies In Yemen

Leclerc MBT: Yemen Testing Ground

Dedicated to the third anniversary of the intervention…

From the beginning of the Saudi coalition intervention, after the appearance of the UAE contingent, many have been waiting for information over the employment of the Leclerc AMX-56 main battle tank (MBT) in the Yemeni war. Lost Armour publishes an article on this issue.

Historical Notes

The French were unsatisfied with the AMX-30 modification of the main battle tank. They decided to replace this modification considering its main disadvantage – weak self-protection. The French came to the creation with the German obstinacy, improving each following series. Finally, the MBT was brought up to the final release’s standard. The MBT was named in honour of French General Philippe Leclerc de Hauteclocque.

The MBT Leclerc was considered the most expensive in the world at the beginning of the 1990s and the UAE sheiks that had been used to live in luxury, focusing on the “super modern topping” and a decent price decided to invest with the French contractor. They received 388 tanks of the export modification Leclerc EAU, some of which received the additional protection AZUR for city fighting and 46 armoured recovery vehicle (ARV) Leclerc DCL.

The Leclerc tanks probably were gathering dust in the French and UAE warehouses as they were not popular among foreign customers, occasionally delighting owners during training exercises, but only once a year during target practices.

The decisive year for the French tank was 2015 when the pro-Iranian (according to the Arabian peninsula monarchies) Zaidi opposition from the Ansar Allah movement (Houthis), supported by the allies and the majority of the army, loyal to the 2011 deposed Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh Afash, threw off another local dictator Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi who overstayed at the post. Hadi, an Arab version of Yanukovych, came to power in the 2012 election, scoring 100% of votes (!). Hadi was the only candidate for this post! Arab democracy is senseless and pitiless indeed! In 2014 he had to resign, but who wants to give up power? Thus, Hadi decide to stay for another year, but his legitimacy was broken on September 21, 2014, when Houthis captured Sana’a so he fled to Aden, then to Riyadh.

The Gulf Sunni monarchies did not put up with the fact that their puppet lost its power and the Shi’ites were about to come to power.  Driven by the ideals of so-called “democracy and legitimacy” the Saudi Arabia government decided to put out the fire by forming a coalition and sending its Air Force to Yemen to attack “rebellious parts” (including civilian infrastructures) and organised a regular army support unit of hundreds of different Mine-Resistant Ambush Protected vehicles (MRAP), out-dated armoured personnel carriers (APC) and infantry fighting vehicles (IFV) for the Hadi supporters, southerners and Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) and then, they launched a ground operation, in which the greatest determination was shown by the UAE Armed Force.

Chapter 1 – Aden

It is necessary to acknowledge the command of the UAE Armed Forces – the level of secrecy of this Middle Eastern Army is maintained at the highest level. There are no precise dates of the arrival of the contingent to the port city of Aden, but the first military trade Oshkosh L-ATV (Light Combat Tactical All-Terrain Vehicle appeared among the Southerners in the first half of July and the first UAE soldiers died on July 16 and 21 in Yemen, but the MBT did not appeared before July 25.

Leclerc MBT: Yemen Testing Ground Leclerc MBT: Yemen Testing Ground

By that time, the heavy fighting in Aden had already stopped, so at best, the MBT could only participate in the mopping-up operations in the suburbs, where no one could seriously resist them. Immediately after the arrival, the coalition identified the main goal of the Golden Arrow operation, which was to capture the strategically important military air base Al Anad in the Lahij governorate, Yemen.

Leclerc MBT: Yemen Testing Ground

Chapter 2 – Al Anad

In the first days of August, a 4 thousand strong group of the UAE Armed Forces arrived in Aden (the area of the oil terminal) and headed towards the Al Anad military base, which had been under siege for two weeks.

Leclerc MBT: Yemen Testing Ground Leclerc MBT: Yemen Testing Ground

It was at that time that a column of dozens of MBTs Leclerc (70 to 80 tanks are claimed to have taken part in the war), with additional protection from AZUR and BMP-3 flashed on international TV channels. The Houthi garrison was small  (a couple of dozens), so the Al Anad military base had fallen by August 3. The UAE forces had not suffered any losses.

Leclerc MBT: Yemen Testing Ground Leclerc MBT: Yemen Testing Ground Leclerc MBT: Yemen Testing Ground

Chapter 3 – Abyan

The events of the beginning of August can be considered as a collapse of the Houthi defenses in the south of the country. After the fall of Lahij, the UAE army and the Southern Opposition subunits began the gradual liberation of Abyan, including Zinjibar, Loudar, Shoukra and the 15th brigade’s base. The entire governorate had been captured by August 11.

The BMP-3s were the main participants of the victory parade of the UAE’s Armed Forces, one of which had been blown up by a mine while driving on the Aden-Abyan route, the three-member crew of the UAE died. They were the only UAE casualties in Abyan.

Leclerc MBT: Yemen Testing Ground Leclerc MBT: Yemen Testing Ground

In the second half of August, the Southern Opposition forces tried to take Mukeiras, Bayda governorate, but they were ambushed in the mountains of Loudar and suffered serious losses in hardware. The UAE forced did participate in this battle.

Chapter 4 – Marib

Inspired with the success in the progress in the south of Yemen, the Saudi coalition prepared a blitzkrieg plan to break though Sana’a as soon as possible through the Marib Mountains and return there the fugitive puppet. To do this, by the end of August at the Safir air base, to the east of the city of Marib, aircraft and armoured vehicles of the UAE, the KSA and Bahrain armies arrived, as well as the hero of our story.

Leclerc MBT: Yemen Testing Ground

As the operation was about to begin, the first and most serious blow to the interventionists was the strike on the base with a tactical ballistic missile Tochka with high-explosive fragmentation head, launched from the Shabwah Governorate territory. The blast killed 56 Emirati, 10 Saudi and 5 Bahraini soldiers and an unknown number of Hadi supporters. In addition to warehouses, armoured vehicles and barracks, at least one Leclerc tank and BRAM DCL came also under fire, which did suffer serious damage, but the quality and duration of the shooting did not allow discerning the equipment in other locations.

Leclerc MBT: Yemen Testing Ground

Enraged by the heavy losses, on September 13, 2015 the coalition and the Hadi army launched Operation Revenge of Marib, the primary goal of which was the capture of the Marib dam and surrounding mountains of the Sirvah territory. The main battle force was the Oshkosh L-ATV vehicle, but Emirati “believed in themselves” and launched in the battle at least a dozen of Leclerc MBTs, armed with the additional protection. What happened next can be described by the definition of “Shooting with obstacles” (in this case, the target was the technique of the Emirati and the Hadi supporters, and the obstacles were anti-tank mines scattered by the Houthis).

Leclerc MBT: Yemen Testing Ground Leclerc MBT: Yemen Testing Ground Leclerc MBT: Yemen Testing Ground Leclerc MBT: Yemen Testing Ground

As already mentioned, the mainstream media poorly covered the UAE participation, but some local militants liked to post photos in Facebook and something can always be found. For example, an article published by a French newspaper reported that one Leclerc MBT was “struck by an anti-tank guided missile (ATGM), most likely a 9M113 or its Iranian copy, in the front section, killing the driver mechanic and the tank commander was wounded in the legs.” The name of the deceased is Ghalib Amar Al-Marri (pictured, killed on September 13) and another soldier died the next day, possibly in the same place. The destroyed MBT was not caught by the camera lens, however if it did, we did not find the frames yet, but were taken by another Leclerc MBT, which had been blown up by an anti-tank mine and minimally damaged.

Leclerc MBT: Yemen Testing Ground Leclerc MBT: Yemen Testing Ground

It is most likely that, after September 14-15, all UAE tanks were withdrawn to the rear, as reported by Sky News. Hadi supporters got through to the dam only on September 29, having lost dozens of Oshkosh L-ATV vehicles, but the commemorative picture with all the participants of the coalition was taken (with their flags, of course without any Yemeni flags).

Leclerc MBT: Yemen Testing Ground

Chapter 5 – Terrorist Attacks in Aden

On October 6, 2015 suicide bombers from the local branch of the Caliphate carried out a series of expositions in Aden. The al-Qasr hotel, former temporary residence of the political elite of the Hadi government, and two command centres of the UAE Armed Forces were attacked.

Leclerc MBT: Yemen Testing Ground

The photo of one command centre was posted on the Internet, where one of Leclerc MBT had been located. It is not clear whether the MBT arrived during the attack or after. That day the UAE army lost four soldiers.

Leclerc MBT: Yemen Testing Ground

Chapter 6 – Battle with AQAP

In June 2016, the UAE declared the withdrawal of the main part of its contingent from Yemen, but did not give up antiterrorist operations and in August 2016, several Leclerc MBTs participated in the mopping-up operation of Abyan governorate from Al-Qaeda. The media reported that the terrorists could not provide any serious resistance.

Leclerc MBT: Yemen Testing Ground

A little earlier, in February, at least one Leclerc MBT was noticed in the Kirsh area, Lahidj governorate, one of the fronts of confrontation between the southerners and the Houthis.

Leclerc MBT: Yemen Testing Ground

Chapter 7 – Al Mokha

Realising that the naval blockade of Yemen does not work that well, as believed, and mountains of weapons and ballistic missiles continue to reach the Houthis, the coalition (mostly the UAE) decided to definitely cut off the northern part of Yemen from the sea. In early January Operation Golden Spear was launched whose aim was to capture all inhabited points in the western coast of Yemen, from Zubab in Taiz to Midi in the Hajj, historically named Tihamah.

Initially, four Leclerc MBTs EAU and one ARV took part in this operation, moving in one of the rear columns. They did not arrive in time for the battles for the small village of Zubab, but by January 21 the UAE battle tanks of the Armed Forces were already near the port Al Mokha, where two main battle tanks # 303 and # 302 were showing off in front of the Arab journalists’ cameras.

Leclerc MBT: Yemen Testing Ground Leclerc MBT: Yemen Testing Ground

Two days later, the MBTs were in battle, where one (board number 302) was damaged by ATGM fire, most likely in the lower glacis plate.  In the photo, one of southerners is holding a spare track, and an oil puddle is observed under the battle tank, presumably diesel fuel from the tank behind the front armour. The crew was very lucky, as the missile did not get into the front of the tank. Also, the moment of strike was filmed.

Leclerc MBT: Yemen Testing Ground Leclerc MBT: Yemen Testing Ground Leclerc MBT: Yemen Testing Ground Leclerc MBT: Yemen Testing Ground

A few days later, in the suburbs of Mochi, the southerners got a 9K115-2 Metis-M anti-tank missile system as a trophy, which most likely knocked out the Emirati tank.

Leclerc MBT: Yemen Testing Ground

By August 2017, the group of troops on the West coast continued to increase and a few Leclerc MBTs arrived.

Chapter 8 – Al Hudaydah

After Saleh’s death in the brief internecine war with the Houthis in Sana’a, the Emirati and southerners continued to move along the West coast of Yemen as part of Operation Golden Spear and captured Al Khukha and Hais.

In December 2017, on the road between Mokha and Khukha, convoys of UAE’s troops were noticed. These convoys consisted of Leclerc MBT AMX-56, African mine-protected self-propelled howitzer G6 Rhino, American turreted self-propelled howitzer M109, multi-purpose mine-resistant ambush protected infantry mobility vehicle RG-31 Agrab, armoured personnel carrier (AMV) Patria, multi-functional vehicle platform WiSENT 2, Oshkosh M-ATV and armoured vehicle BAE Caiman.

Taking into account the experience of using MBTs in Mokha, only battle tanks with extra protection were used, some were armoured with the CLARA ERA defensive system, produced by the German company Dynamit Nobel Defence (DND). In 2016, more than 200 units, each worth more than 500 thousand euros, were supplied to the UAE.

Leclerc MBT: Yemen Testing Ground

Tanks with AZUR were also used.

Leclerc MBT: Yemen Testing Ground

After December, no official information has been received over the Leclerc MBT employment in Al Hudaydah, however, on February 19, the Houthis posted a video with an alleged Leclerc MBT smoldering as its profile does not look like any other type of armoured vehicle used in the conflict. The location of picture is to the north of the Yakhtul village, which is halfway between Al Mokha and Al Chukhai, where the UAE Armed Forces are presumably located.

Leclerc MBT: Yemen Testing Ground

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Saudis are playing with their toys bought in USA. With the huge amount of money Saudis have, they should create technology instead of buying USA technology.


Saudis are Zionist Israel they don’t want to bring technology to Saudia. They just want quick solution.

Trut Tella

They aren’t capable of doing so. Hell, they’re barely capable of finding the right people to pay to create technology.

Tom Tom

haha, Saudi’s creating technology. Funny.


The real historical Biblical “promised land” was in North Yemen and Western Saudi Arabia (Hijaz). The Saudis have methodically destroyed all the archaelogical remains that they could find – just in case the Zionists change their story.


Michał Hunicz

Leclerc is a good tank if it is in right hands. Leopard 2A6’s performance in Turkish Army during the Euphrates Shield operation was a disaster. Do you think that Congolese soldiers would use T-14 Armatas effectively?


Leclerc in current package is obsolete all with heavy armor that don’t offers sufficient protection against ATGM. Perhaps installed with APS. The Russian were right though that the turret should be all autonomous. That way the crew can focus in maneuvering and protection of their unit.


Israeli migrants, US, UK, KSA are the big security threats to the all countries in the Middle East as well as to Russia and China. They have held Palestinians, Yemenis, Libyans, Syrians and Afghanis hostage and on daily bases butchering children and their parents there in these countries and stealing their assets….


SA M1s were defeated in Yemen by older soviet ATGM I am sure the side armour of Leclerc will not fare much better.

John Whitehot

“Leclerc is a good tank if it is in right hands”

that is valid for most tanks.

El Diablo

Unitary cost of a tank (or other veichles) is also a question of demands. Biggest demands: lower price. For this French tanks and jets have bigger unitary costs than others. USA/Nato or European projects (only Frenchs do quite all themselves) have a biggest demands so a lower price.

Hide Behind

It is nice of the Saudi and UAE to be paying for US and European R&D military equipment trials. It gives their citizens good paying jobs, while enriching national coffers and creating even more multi millionaire Bond, Corporate, and stockmarket shareholders. Of course the backpackers of those politicos who participate is kept quiet allowing them to talk about democracy while they hide behind kleptocracy. The world , at least the portions rich in resources, is overpopulated, and the elimination of some by bullets, bombs and cholera, is a good way to thin the numbers down. Collateral damage, oh that is of UAE doing, not the suppliers fault of who or why they are used against.


Well they will finds their war coming into their country eventually just like KSA.


So, this writer claims that Yanukovich (1) “outstayed” his term? (2) was not elected legitimately? and (3) the Banderites were right to overthrow him? Very nice

Dr. Pro Liv

http://lostarmour.info/# is Ukrainian site so what is there to expect


I noticed the same thing. I immediately looked to see who wrote this article. It smelled like Zerohedge, but i knew it wasn’t as they don’t know shit about military. Amazing how propaganda gets inserted in articles, isn’t it?

Tom Tom

Zerohedge is an economics website that sometimes has different people write opinions on military matters.


????? Duh.

Icarus Tanović

What kind of bs article is this? Loosing time only.


the wording of this article smells like saudi propagandist


i wish the saudis destroy the houthi iranian proxies.


fat chance. The Saudis are lucky to be able to wipe their own ass…oh, that’s right they can’t, they have to hire it done.


… the saudis are the most incompetent, useless bunch of losers, they can barely beat their wives properly let alone hardened men with guns…. what kind of dumb ziorat filth are you…. oh let me guess…. the merikan kind.

Real Anti-Racist Action

As friends in the US have told me. Yemen is basically a big training ground for MI6/SAS, Mossad, IAF, US military and Saudi Arabia to practice knocking out Iran later and possibly Pakistan. It is to push the Saudis into betting implementing task with US and UK and Israeli special forces and air forces leading the main Saudi Armies. The Zionist are pimping neighbors Saudi and Iran against one another just as Zionist pimped Russians against Germans before. Same shit tactic different day, but always Goyims going extinct to advance the Jewish Master Race.

Dr. Pro Liv

France AMX-LECLERC paying for this article or…….what else could be possibly reason for all this?

Promitheas Apollonious

Is this a paid article?


seems like a david vs goliath comparison where goliath didn’t fare so well. other than that, interesting fotos.


I’m doing some upgrades for ET/ED contact security work. Whether it gets to the testing and deployment stage, time will tell:





This is a comparison of civilian semi auto rapid fire vs military full auto:



There’s a legal review process going on in the US right now pertaining to slide stocks brought about by Trump’s efforts to extinguish this facet of US gun rights. I was one of 1,000 plus Americans who participated. I filed a lengthy comment in support of retaining this right. Which judging from other comments provided, is in a substantial majority.



I’ll put the slide stock in storage for the time being with other equipment for my gun trust: https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/781e6276e432ef9c781fb38f444e986d914f9e035ac727b3a42ae2288169cf53.jpg

Igor Dano

Nazi ukrainian propaganda.


Saudi, Emirati, Yemeni (Hadi) – none of them have experience in tank warfare prior to Yemen conflict, so you expect them to do pretty badly. Even with foreign advisors (who don’t have any skin in the game) the results should be disappointing. Yemen is not so much a testing ground for any MBT but a drive-around with an armoured cannon in a hostile environment. Blasting around with a cannon does not amount to effective use of motorised armour. After many years of war, Syrian army is using their tanks pretty well.

John Whitehot

notwithstanding the usage the notoriously inefficient gulf state militaries made of the this tank, imho it has to be considered the best all-around MBT in the west.

It has several advantages over the Abrams, the Challenger-2 and the Leo-2:

The auto-loader in particular, gives this tank the edge, as it allows for a series of improvement in size (smaller and lower shape than the humongous western mbts) and weight.

More protection is allowed for the above reason.

It’s power pack makes it more agile than the M1 and Leo-2 (the challenger is further down on the list), although the first batches were allegedly plagued with teething problems.

The fire control system is in line with the other western mbts, and although the commander sight lacks the powerful magnification found on the Abrams, the speed of the engagement cycle isn’t inferior at all (and again, the auto-loader gives more tactical flexibility).

iirc, the main gun is the longest (possibly barring the leo-2a6) of all the types, and even without depleted uranium rounds it attains basically the same results of the US and German counterparts (again the challenger is disadvantaged by having a rifled gun).

battle management is state of the art, with all the modern bells and whistles (datalinks, integration etc).

if one vs one comparations make any sense, it would be interesting to see how this tank would perform against the Japanese Type-10, another “4.5” generation design based on western requirements.


I just bought a 250cc enduro motorcycle for ET/ED contact work. For getting back into remote mountain wilderness areas with gear for contact ops, including security equipment with antiaircraft capability.



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This is similar terrain to where I had the close encounter with the unidentified creature/creatures last summer. Some of the trails that I’ve been on in this area where it’s legal to ride motor bikes are cut into steep hillsides bordering on cliffs. Where if you went over the edge, the bike would fall for dozens or hundreds of feet before it stopped. So a high level of skill and caution is required through those areas.



This is a probe shot in an area similar to where I had the close encounter with the unidentified creature/creatures. It’s also similar to the probe that I had a close encounter with in Indian Springs, NV south of Area 51 7 years ago during a contact op with the Tall Whites. That appeared about 75 to 100 feet from me about chest high off of the ground about 36 inches in diameter that was brass colored and proceeded to circle me for about 180 degrees before disappearing. It happened quickly and caught me by surprise.

I was still recovering from a beam weapon shooting that left the left side of my face permanently scarred the year before and didn’t think to get my Blackberry out to take a picture of it before it disappeared. Because I was concerned that I’d get attacked. Though it may not have been malevolent. I was unarmed at the time, so I didn’t have an opportunity to go for a gun. I don’t know if instinctively I would have reached for a gun if I had been armed. Even if I had been armed, I’m not sure if I would have drawn a weapon absent clear malice on the part of the probe. Maybe it was just for communication purposes.


I’ve had conversations with forest service personnel who’ve told me that they wouldn’t go into some high activity areas after dark if it wasn’t necessary. I no longer travel into the wilderness with a vehicle or on foot unarmed.

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There are also dual beam illuminators that have a white light mode in addition to infrared mode. So that you can record at night using either stealth infrared mode so that your position isn’t revealed, assuming that whatever you’re filming can’t see infrared light. Or in a visible spectrum of light such as white, yellow, etc..

If I’d had some heavier weapons and the night vision camcorder with me on the small plateau at the top of the 3,000 foot head wall leading to the 800 foot high V shaped mountaintop dry lake bed basin entrance during the close encounter with the unidentified creature/creatures last summer at 2:00 in the morning. I wouldn’t have immediately retreated back down the head wall. And instead would have used the camcorder in night vision mode to begin scanning operations to see if I could locate the source of what sounded like non indigenous creatures yelling. To obtain both audio and possibly visual data on the source of the sound.

The shotgun mic is capable of recording sound with a much higher volume of data retrieval than the stock built in camcorder mic. The wide angle lens also performs that function. And is useful when you’re recording images in motion. So that you can keep them in the field of view.


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Some of the sounds on this video are an almost exact match, or are an exact match, of what I heard at the top of the 3,000 foot head wall on the small plateau entrance to the mountaintop dry lake bed basin last summer:



After locating the bigfoot sounds last night on the internet, I now think that the creature/creatures that I encountered last summer were probably bigfoots. My view is that these creatures are managed by some ETs/EDs as part of their interaction with us for various reasons. In my case I would say that it’s at least in part for suppression and or management of my ET/ED contact work.

I don’t want conflict with them if it can be avoided. But I also don’t want them prohibiting my contact work. My assumption is that they’re tracked by their owners and removed at death or prior to capture to prevent further examination of what they are and where they come from.


This is the 9mm that I had loaded in my left hand rain jacket pocket with a round in the chamber, and the compact 200 lumen flashlight and spare magazine that I had in my right hand jacket pocket the night of the close encounter. This security equipment may have deterred a more negative encounter from having occurred. I now no longer go into the wilderness with just a handgun, and now always bring at least a folding long gun in a strong pistol caliber as well. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/fa8890dd4e04b9cab6320c6ae16dbba15dffe3939eb7819428d4ca112a9bd024.jpg


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Bigfoots have become a security issue in my ET/ED contact work. From what I’ve read and experienced, they have an ET/ED nexus. They may have much greater physical strength than we do, and better hearing and day and night vision.

Because I wasn’t harmed in my close encounter with them. I’d be less likely to disengage in a follow up enccounter when I have better security equipment with me. I’m willing to peacefully coexist with them in the remote wilderness as long as they don’t interfer with my contact work or getting my elderly parents on a ship to receive better medical care.


This was shot a couple of weeks before the Patterson Grimlin Bigfoot film in the same area. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wRfWOnRSA8g


This is an analysis of the Patterson-Grimlin Bigfoot film. Roger Patterson was pursuing the creature on foot over rough terrain. And the original film reflects that. These creatures are potentially very dangerous, but it’s rare for them to inflict violence on a human. So I’ll interact with them with that in mind as circumstances require.



These tanks will not be deployed to the front line. The French will have their feelings hurt if their tanks r annihilated by Houthi ATGM’s.

Tom Tam

It is nice to ride motorcycle, sun is shinning, there is no cloud on the sky and you are protected from strong wind thanks to high touring windscreen !!!


woow, amazing tanks! :)

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