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Lebanon’s Hezbollah Mourns Fighter Reportedly Killed In Iraq

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Lebanon’s Hezbollah mourned on May 5 one of his fighters, Mohamad Hassan Mahdi, from the town of Ali Al Nahri in the Beqaa Governorate.

In an official statement, Hezbollah said Mahdi, who was known by his nom de guerre “Ashraf,” was killed while “carrying out his Jihad duty.” The group provided no further details on how Mahdi was killed or where.

However, janoubia, a Lebanese blog, revealed that Mahdi was embedded in the ranks of the Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) in Iraq. He was allegedly killed in one of ISIS’ recent attacks on the PMU.

Lebanon’s Hezbollah Mourns Fighter Reportedly Killed In Iraq

Mohamad Hassan Mahdi, aka “Ashraf”

ISIS launched a series of coordinated, large-scale attacks on government forces in different parts of Iraq over the last few days. Dozens of Iraqi service members were killed or injured.

Hezbollah has been operating in Iraq for several years now. Recently, the U.S. offered a reward of up to $10 million for information on Muhammad Kawtharani, the group’s top official in Iraq.

Hassan Nasrallah, Hezbollah’s Secretary-General, acknowledged the presence of his group in Iraq in several speeches. Hezbollah fighters there are advising and training fighters of the PMU to counter ISIS.


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Codenamed 'Gordon'



ISISrael cheers to Daesh’s actions in Iraq, maybe those $10 million the US Zioterrorists are offering is what they recently gave ISIS to keep them attacking the Syrian and Iraqi liberation forces.


Unfortunately, the Iraqi army is compromised ever since the 2003 US-led Zioterrorist invasion, and with the US, ISIS will always have a advantage for this kind of operations.


Rest in shit.

Zionism = EVIL

The Jew PUNK cunt has all his accounts upvoting for him. After I made a fool of Jake 123 that appears to have been closed. Now the freeman and Zion talk to each other out of desperation, Really hilarious and pathetic.


RIP brave soldier….
RIP ISIS slayer
RIP Zionist resistor
RIP Hero of Humanity

Zionism = EVIL

One day the whole world will pay homage to Iran and Hezbollah for keeping the world free of Zio-Wahhabi Americunt terrorism.

Free man

Yes sure, the world imposes sanctions on you.
The world doesn’t like terrorists.

Free man

What does a Lebanese militia man do in Iraq? (rhetorical question).
Why should a young Lebanese guy die in Iraq to promote the interests of the mullahs regime there?

good american

Perhaps they share a common interest.

Free man

The questions are :
Are the interests of the mullahs regime and Hezbollah is also the interest of Iraq ?
Is it good for Iraq that foreign militias are fighting in its territory?

Zionism = EVIL

Dumb Jew cunt ROFLMAO.


I noticed that almost all the Hezbollah “fighters” are chubby, some of them are outright obese, how do they manage to get into the vest and fight?
Had Salim Kuntar and Imad Murghnia not been so fat they may have been able to escape their doom

cechas vodobenikov

it should be observed that amerikans and Israelis r cowards—they never engage in actual battles—they can only bomb civilians…this is why they r so despised …feminized males obviously

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