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JULY 2022

Lebanon’s Government Resigns In Face Of Large-Scale Protests

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Lebanon's Government Resigns In Face Of Large-Scale Protests

Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri on October 29th, 2019 as he announces he would resign the government. Click to see full-size image

On October 29th, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri announced his resignation after nearly two weeks of protests against the entire government that showed no signs of stopping. Demonstrators started gathering on the streets of Beirut, moments after it was announced that he would resign at 4 PM local time, which he did.

HINT: The Lebanese Prime Minister appears at the 7:45 mark of the video and announces the resignation.

“I have reached a dead end today,” Hariri said from Beirut, as he appealed to all Lebanese to “protect civil peace.” He addressed the country’s political parties, saying it is “our responsibility to protect Lebanon.”

The protests express widespread anger at corruption, dysfunctional government and the deterioration of basic public services. A reform package promised by Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri last week failed to satisfy the demonstrators, who want a full resignation of the cabinet and an overhaul of the country’s sectarian political system.

Regardless, the protests remained rather non-violent, with protesters even cleaning the streets after their demonstrations. No deaths were reported, and there only injures in the first several days of the protests.

Al-Hariri said he would submit the entire government’s resignation to Lebanese President Michel Aoun. It is unclear if whether the president will also resign, as the protest is not only against Hariri, but against the entire ruling elite.

The resignation goes against the Hezbollah movement, whose leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah twice said he was against such a step, citing the risk of a dangerous void.

This creates a dangerous potential for instability in the country and in the Middle East. The austerity measures that led to the protests, including a tax on WhatsApp messages were mostly rolled back, and significant reforms were promised, but they were all rejected by protesters. It is likely that the turbulence in Lebanon is just beginning, as it is unclear how debt crisis would be dealt with, among other issues.

This is the 2nd time Saad al-Hariri resigns as Prime Minister. The first resignation took place in 2017. On November 4th, 2017 in a televised statement from Saudi Arabia, Hariri tendered his resignation from office, citing Iran’s and Hezbollah’s political over-extension in the Middle East region and fears of assassination. Iran completely rejected the allegations, saying that it was a US, Israel and Saudi Arabian plan to fuel Middle East tensions.

There are livestreams showing the situation, which appears calm as of 4:30 PM local time.


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It’s your time Hezbollah!



Jens Holm

Of ots about corruption, those are not the sinners only.

If You look up its down to the local levels. Fx there is not enough electricity in big powerplants, but the many local diesel engine producers block for change in that having a good income. And that has to be added with diesel smoke in the streets.

Lena Jones

LOL! You think it’s gonna be Hezbollah’s time WITHOUT israel being dragged into its grave? Amateur!

Pave Way IV

The WhatsApp per-message tax. That is so incredibly stupid that it had to originally be an idea pushed by Israeli or Saudi intelligence. Makes sense for Israel – they could track the location of damn near every last Lebanese and refugee. Maybe they can do that now. I’m sure they have backdoors to all the Lebanese phone switches and internet exchanges. They certainly do in the US (unneeded though – FBI gives them any data they ask for).


Let’s hope Hezbollah and their allies get more power.

Jens Holm

Unfortunatly that solves none of those problems at all.

The realtions is more the oposite. So many Hesbollahs dirst supported and stil support Assads, which took over Lebanon. Then they joined Assads in Syria, which is expensive and many has died and being handicapped needing eskstra help the rest of their miserable lives.

And finally people in war and their many civile helpers sont make any usefull poduction because al that kind of rregime almost only is destruction.

So look somewhere else. Hesbollah unfortunatly solves nothing for Lebanon as they are. It ore tthe opposit. A part of the economy has been paid by the Saudis, but they wont support any Goverment having Hesbollah in it anymore.

Another big one is the many refugees made in Syria by supporting Assads. Most of th food and so on is paid by UN(The rich westerns You probatly dont like even they feed You). But those refugees – eevn many now has left – has made many small changes – like a car just cant drive 24/7 even its a good car.

Jens Holm

Lebanese seemes to decline and even has preferred to live in heir own garbage for more then a year. Some might think its camouflage:(


Our garbage crisis was politically motivated and confined to parts of Beirut. What is your reason? Filthy in nature I suppose.

Total Rubbish: Why Is Israel So Filthy? From Tel Aviv to the Sea of Galilee – why can’t we keep Israel clean? https://www.haaretz.com/israel-news/MAGAZINE-total-rubbish-why-is-israel-so-filthy-1.6006920


Lebanese politics is indeed complicated and it was designed to be that way. When the French departed, they left behind the 1943 National Pact diving Lebanon’s power between its primary religious groups. Regional and international powers have taken advantage of it for decades.

The current situation is a result of the US Treasury cutting the flow of US dollars in (dollarized) Lebanon. The aim was/is to destabilize Hezbollah who relies in half part on donations from Shia communities outside Lebanon (mainly in Africa). There other, decreasing, part comes from Iran. The US Treasury held on a meeting (Counter-Hizballah International Partnership – CHIP) in that regards on October 25th with thirty countries, the IMF and the World Bank. The ordeal ended up hurting the entire (normally very stable) Lebanese banking sector (it is safe to say it was/is part of the destabilization plan) which led the government to come up with a series of taxes (the silly WhatsApp one being one) to prevent the collapse of the Lebanese pound. Hence the protests.

While most of the people on the streets want genuine change (the corrupt goons have gone too far), the same most also don’t understand why/how the protests began and where it could dangerously lead. Otherwise and in the meanwhile, there is little to no money in ATMs (only in specific morning hours), fuel is becoming scarce (some say it will run out this week), there are shortages of medicine across the country, etc. Thieving politicians are wiring stolen money outside (there was no budget in the country between 2005 and 2012) and the pro-US/KSA/Israel likes of Fouad Siniora (who raped Lebanon economically with Rafik Hariri between the early 1990s until his death in 2005) fled the country.

It is clear that outsiders want another civil war in Lebanon to weaken/fragment it with Hezbollah gone. [It should be noted that contrary to popular belief, the civil war of 1975-1990 was not instigated by a conflict between Christians and Muslims (that was reactionary) but by Kissinger’s policies aimed at splitting Lebanon between Syria (to primarily make up for the Golan Heights) and Israel (who eyed the south of Lebanon)) in order to get rid of Hezbollah.] Paradoxically, the sectarian system has also kept peace in Lebanon since the civil war. With the pro-US/KSA/Israel Samir Geagea’s four minister and Hariri resigned; the situation is uncertain. Hezbollah made it clear that they’re not going anywhere.


Bonjour Omega, vous avez certainement vu les bons Meyssan :

— Le nouveau monde surgit devant nous https://www.voltairenet.org/article208007.html

— L’avenir du Levant https://www.voltairenet.org/article208131.html

— La paix ou la lutte contre le CO₂ : il faut choisir sa priorité https://www.voltairenet.org/article208093.html

D’autre part hier soir sur ARTE un “Thema” interessant, manipulant a fond les balais comme d’habitude et sans vergognes…

Turquie, nation impossible https://www.arte.tv/fr/videos/078148-000-A/turquie-nation-impossible/

Le rêve des Kurdes : Rojava https://www.arte.tv/fr/videos/093089-000-A/le-reve-des-kurdes-rojava/

Turquie : entretien avec Düzen Tekkal (1/2) https://www.arte.tv/fr/videos/093094-001-A/turquie-entretien-avec-duezen-tekkal-1-2/ https://www.arte.tv/fr/videos/093094-002-A/turquie-entretien-avec-duezen-tekkal-2-2/

Une bonne et trop rare interview Costa-Gavras – 28 Minutes https://www.arte.tv/fr/videos/093388-001-A/costa-gavras-28-minutes/

— Irréductibles chrétiens turcs de Mardin

Dans le sud-est de la Turquie, le massif montagneux du Tur Abdin abrite la cité de Mardin, ses bâtisses ocres, ses mosquées… et ses clochers. Dès le IVe siècle, les premiers chrétiens s’y installent. Au fil des siècles, ils apprennent à cohabiter avec les musulmans, devenus majoritaires, préservant une liturgie et une langue uniques. https://www.arte.tv/fr/videos/083949-171-A/invitation-au-voyage/

Vous souhaite une bonne journée


Bonjour Omega,

Un article qui peut representer un rappel interessant pour cet hiver …

Les sous-doués passent l’hiver (cours de rattrapage pour ceux qui sont TOUJOURS malades)

Chère lectrice, cher lecteur,

Ça va mal, au gouvernement !

D’après le journal Le Parisien, nos ministres sont « épuisés », « lessivés », « au bout du rouleau ».1 Trop de pression, de travail, de réunions, de déplacements, etc.

Franchement il y a de quoi s’inquiéter pour leur immunité, cet hiver. Dans quel état va-t-on ramasser tout ce beau linge au mois de février ???

Surtout qu’on apprend dans ce même article que certains parmi eux, ont choisi des techniques de prévention un peu…étonnantes.

Ainsi, pour se donner de l’énergie, Madame Buzyn, ministre de la Santé, carbure aux bonbons sucrés, notamment au réglisse paraît-il…Elle en aurait toujours dans son sac, et un pot entier sur son bureau.

Et personne dans son entourage n’ose lui dire que l’homéopathie aussi, ce sont des petites granules sucrées… (Influenzinum 9 CH en prévention, ou Thymuline 9 CH pour renforcer vos défenses immunitaires, Madame Buzyn, vous m’en direz des nouvelles…)

Heureusement, Monsieur Blanquer, de l’Education Nationale, boit quant à lui du thé vert (antioxydant), et Monsieur Darmanin, du budget, court régulièrement pour « rester frais ».

C’est très bien, mais excusez-moi de vous le dire, on est quand même loin des fondamentaux !

Je me permets donc un petit rappel du strict minimum pour passer l’hiver sans trop de casse (utile même si on n’est pas ministre) :

Tout le monde le sait mais qui le fait ? 80 % des Français ont ENCORE une insuffisance en vitamine D2 !!!

La vitamine D permet la fabrication d’antibiotiques naturels appelés AMP (peptides antimicrobiens).

Elle est également indispensable pour que les globules blancs se multiplient et se différencient de façon efficace.

De nombreuses études montrent que la supplémentation en vitamine D (2000 UI/j) améliore notre système immunitaire et réduit les infections hivernales.

L’effet est le même chez les enfants. Une étude sur des écoliers japonais (non vaccinés contre la grippe) recevant soit 1200 UI/j de vitamine D, soit 200 UI/j durant les mois d’hiver a montré une réduction de 64% de l’incidence de la grippe dans le groupe ayant bénéficié de la supplémentation.3

Moins connu : vivez-vous dans un environnement ASSEZ humide ?

Pour essayer de comprendre pourquoi l’épidémie de grippe frappait à un moment particulier plutôt qu’à un autre, les chercheurs se sont intéressés à un autre facteur : l’humidité de l’air.4

Ils ont constaté, dans leurs modèles statistiques, que les 10 à 20 jours qui précédaient l’apparition de la maladie, étaient marqués par une forte chute de l’humidité de l’air.

« Ces conditions de faible humidité seraient propices à la survie et à la propagation massive du virus5 ».

La raison ?

« Les particules d’eau seraient plus fines quand l’humidité baisse, ce qui permettrait au virus de rester vivant en suspension pendant plus longtemps »5.

Il est également possible de créer chez soi un air plus sain à l’aide d’un humidificateur d’air qui empêchera le développement du virus.

Parmi les autres incontournables :

La vitamine C, bien sûr !

Elle favorise la fabrication de lymphocytes T (soldats d’élite contre un grand nombre d’agents pathogènes). 500mg de vitamine C naturelle le matin et le midi après le repas (donc un gramme au total).

Boire régulièrement

Un des avantages de l’hiver est qu’il libère « l’esprit tisane » et sa créativité sans limite : pour ne citer que quelques classiques : thym, romarin, citron chaud avec du miel, cannelle et gingembre …Plus originale, la Rhodiola Rosea agit comme puissant antifatigue.

Une étude japonaise de 2009 sur le thé vert a montré une forte réduction du nombre de grippes dans un groupe d’adultes prenant des compléments alimentaires de thé vert par rapport à un groupe placebo6.

Pensez aussi aux trésors de la ruche(voir ma lettre détaillée ici), et notamment à la propolis. En prévention, faire une cure de propolis de 1 ou 2 mois, à raison de 800 mg par jour.

Ajoutons que plusieurs études ont montré qu’avec la supplémentation en zinc, les symptômes sont réduits en cas d‘infection(Prendre 15 mg/jour)7 ;

Petit rappel avant de partir en « mission immunitaire »

Renforcer son immunité, c’est voir l’infection comme une fragilité du terrain plutôt que comme une agression extériorisée qu’il faudrait écraser (comme le font par exemple les antibiotiques).

Il faut donc initier une démarche active, « multi-directionnelle », où la prise en compte du lien corps-esprit est une donnée essentielle pour construire un terrain robuste.

Et ça commence, comme bien souvent, avec…l’intestin, acteur essentiel de notre système immunitaire.

Un seul exemple : 80% des gammaglobulines qui iront défendre nos bronches naissent dans l’intestin, dans une zone particulière de la muqueuse intestinale qu’on appelle les « plaques de Peyer ».

Un nombre important d’études montre l’efficacité des probiotiques pour le système immunitaire, via leur effet favorable sur la flore intestinale. Une étude clinique a notamment démontré qu’un supplément de probiotiques réduisait de 2 jours la durée de la grippe (et du rhume).

Les résultats de plusieurs essais cliniques indiquent ainsi que les bactéries lactiques stimulent la production de divers anticorps dans l’organisme humain8 9 10. Par exemple, des suppléments de Lactobacillus GG ont procuré une protection significative, contre les infections du système respiratoire .

D’excellents probiotiques sont les aliments fermentés : choucroute crue, kimchi koréen (choux et autres légumes fermentés avec du piment), miso (pâte salée faite à partir de soja fermenté), kefir (boisson pétillante faite à partir de lait ou de jus de fruit fermenté), le kvas (boisson pétillante faite à partir de pain fermenté dans de l’eau sucrée et de la levure).

Côté plantes, LA star de l’immunité, c’est l’échinacée, qui reçoit même les félicitations de l’Agence Européenne du Médicament :

« Son efficacité est confirmée par les études cliniques pour l’utilisation à court terme et le traitement des infections aigües du système respiratoire supérieur chez l’adulte et l’adolescent »1213.

Une étude de 2015 « randomisée en double aveugle », a comparé l’efficacité d’un extrait d’échinacée en boisson chaude à celle d’un médicament antiviral, l’oseltamivir (Tamiflu). En phase précoce, la plante est aussi efficace que le médicament.

L’échinacée agit dès les premiers symptômes (courbatures, piccotements dans la gorge etc.) Prendre une cuillère à café d’extrait liquide toutes les 2 à 3 heures, en se limitant à 5 prises par jour jusqu’à ce que les symptômes commencent à disparaitre.

Vous avez aussi l’astragale, dont plusieurs études ont confirmé son puissant effet immunostimulant14. On observe, par exemple, une activation des lymphocytes et des macrophages – soldats de l’immunité – et une augmentation de la puissance d’action des natural killers.

Le mieux est qu’il suffit d’une seule prise pour remarquer une amélioration de certaines réactions immunitaires durant les sept jours qui suivent15! En prévention, prendre 2 à 4 ml d’extrait liquide 3 fois dans une journée.

L’andrographis peut s’utiliser en alternance. C’est une plante immunostimulante et antimicrobienne. Un extrait d’Andrographis inhibe la croissance de plusieurs bactéries comme Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, ou Proteus vulgaris.

Vous avez aussi le maitake, surnommé « roi des champignons » en Asie, qui du fait de sa concentration en béta-glucanes, est un des champignons les plus puissants sur le plan de l’immunostimulation (prendre 1 g de Maïtaké séché deux à trois fois par jour).

Ou encore la griffe de chat, plante d’Amérique du Sud qui renforce le système immunitaire en stimulant les macrophages et combat les infections (4 à 6 gélules par jour, 5 jours sur 7).

Selon une étude publiée dans BMC Immunology, l’extrait d’huile d’eucalyptus contribuerait à la réponse immunitaire innée16.

En cas de grippe, appliquer 6 gouttes d’huile essentielle d’Eucalyptus globulus directement sur le thorax en friction, jusqu’à 4 fois par jour.

Comprendre en 5 lignes pourquoi l’exercice physique est indispensable pour renforcer son immunité

En cas d’attaque par un virus ou une bactérie, où notre système immunitaire va-t-il trouver la force de se défendre ?

Dans le tissu musculaire !

Les muscles représentent 75 % de toutes les protéines du corps humain ! 1718

Voilà pourquoi une perte de masse musculaire de seulement 10 % affaiblit fortement le système immunitaire, qui devient moins résistant lorsqu’il est attaqué par un ennemi.

Autre conséquence : la perte trop significative de masse musculaire pousse l’organisme dans un état d’inflammation chronique, incapable de disposer de toute l’énergie nécessaire pour faire face aux agressions « normales » du quotidien. D’où l’impératif de « refaire du muscle » grâce à l’exercice physique.

Ah, une dernière chose.

Nous n’avons pas abordé la question du bon sommeil, essentiel évidemment.

Pas facile quand on est ministre de faire des nuits de huit heures, c’est sûr.

Mais c’est pour ça qu’on leur a inventé la séance de questions au gouvernement : pour qu’ils puissent piquer un somme tranquille, au chaud sur les bancs de l’Assemblée Nationale.

Bon hiver !

Gabriel Combris

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It’s odd to think the countries triggering these color revolutions have such a tight grip on their populations that they seen immune to the same though most deserving.

Like the president of the US does not kill his own people. Opioids, vaccines, Glysophate. Of course he could order that the police should refrain from shooting down innocent people every fucking chance they get, but how would they get any experience or meet their quotas ?

Jens Holm

No offence, but It would be nice, if You rewrote it. I dint nderstand much of it – yet:)


It’s odd to think the countries triggering these color revolutions have such a tight grip on their populations

Those countries provide a bare minimum of survival means (a job and a pay check to pay never ending debts) and plenty of “bread and circus” (sports, stadiums, senseless TV shows, etc).


It’s odd to think the countries triggering these color revolutions have such a tight grip on their populations

Good point.

Those countries provide a bare minimum of survival means (a job and a paycheck to pay never ending debts) and plenty of “bread and circus” (sports, stadiums, senseless TV shows, etc).


I have a theory on why us in the west are so passive our water is heavily flouridated I mean look around the world there’s riots everywhere except usa Australia Britain etc we should be lynching our politicians but sadly not a whimper from us


Very true. The UK Lives and Breathes trivia in the corporate media.

klove and light

satanic Zionist plan……..NATO troops invading in syria…….weaken hezbollah from the inside…….in syria it was a Operation fully implemented and soon they will earn their rewards with a direct Military confrontation between turkish armed Forces(NATO Forces) and SAA……….something that all enemies of syria Always were Looking for….well Putin made it happen through his trecahrous Agreements……in lebanon it is a totally different ballgame….hezbbollah will not allow outside Forces directly intervening in lebanon..and in lebanon they are the only true Fighting force…….yes this Episode is a pain in the ass for the resistance in lebanon but in no way near the Problems in syria

Jens Holm

Apart from Turks, there are no Nato troops in Syria. The majority of the ones, which for very good reasons dont like Assads, are muslims and many, many even are arabs.

You are blinded eyes in dirty socks below and too far from Your brain onlt, if You have any…


cia/mossad managed to put a regime change plan in play – too early to say if it’s a success or not. depends on. but it’s been in the pipeline since lebanon turned down the request from pompeo on behalf of the squatters to búild a gas pipeline across lebanon’s seabed. and when the answer was no, unrest immediately happened in the golan area, caused by israel, and then a couple of weeks later demonstrations which now has resulted in the present gov resigning. chance or by design, the latter obvious.

Jens Holm

Verner von Brownie as usual accuse us for big parts of the are kept stupid by its own populations. If thats true its obvious none of those countries should be countries but have direct governess from the outside having no local disturning elements.

AM Hants

How many regime change scripts are running at the moment? So easy, just purchase protesters and hey ho, you bring down a Government. Then move onto the next. Now questions asked and fully supported by the press.

Jens Holm

I can see there are good very visble patterns in groups. Lebanon, Syria and Iraq are same thing, which is bad Giverness by bad bealdered systems infected by overwhelming corruption.

The only make very low productivity for most living there even a lot can be changed to the better by learning. Learning seemes to be a no go. prts of it is even easy. You dont have to invent it, because its alreday invented fx inWest and also fx China and India. SoYou could decide to copy in the good parts and let the bad parts remain, where they are.

The same goes for groups of western countries. Improvements fo exist. A good example is Sanders/Obama which has found solutions for USA outside the country for several thongs in an american version. Those solvations has a hard time too.

Lonesome Cowboy Burt

Hiya! Must be some disturbance in the matrix, something has the PTB flummoxed or startled, what with so many hot spots, protests erupting over the past month or so?

Insomnia working it’s magic on me tn..I’m near Chicago, hearing the serene sound of snow or freezing rain falling outside the walls. Should help me get to sleep. Just started a new job yesterday and I start at 7am..need to be up in less than 4 hours, getting free beef sandwiches tomorrow, once a month the company buys everyone lunch (only like 15 employees). Any snow by you yet, if it snows by you? Can be wonderful apart from having to commute in it, of course. I’m a former FedEx driver (7 yrs) don’t know how I did it!

AM Hants

Hi good luck with the insomnia and new job. Enjoy those beef sandwiches. Where I live, there is no snow at the moment, and normally when it arrives, it bypasses the area. Funnily enough a 10 minute drive away you will get plenty of snow. Take care and look after yourself.


Much as I loathe KSA-puppet Hariri, Lebanon will descend into chaos if the government collapses … and this suits the anglozionists & gulf puppets just fine. I am amazed that any populations, especially in the MENA, are still allowing their legitimate protests to be hijacked by exceptionally colourful forces.

Jens Holm

We dont have Your version for Lebanon and do have journalists there.

The protesters mainly are young and cross any religios and etnic borders for change for fx corruption and making jobs.

Unfortunatly corruption ios all over and in fx Hesbollah as well.

It oly maks symbolic changes to Hariri as the only reason for Your missery. Its true the top shoud be the obes being able to change things, but the oneselecting them and keeping them and themselves are the real sinners.

As usual You seemes to have learned there is a Nobel price for not anvanced excuses tellig others did it. Thats kind of correct, because You for many years – If You are a Lebanese – has done almost nothing to change anything.

Descreibing those demonstarters as “colorfull and hostile to Your agenda” does it. When You see no more then that and even blame others, You are a mainproblem for those many, which mainly is correct.

Instead You should join them.

Tudor Miron

Saudi puppet is out of the game. Good.

Jens Holm

Thats one of the reasons. The income by them for doing nothing is not there as well.


Jens had a busy night.

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