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Lebanon Hit By Another Crisis: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain Expel Lebanese Ambassadors

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Lebanon Hit By Another Crisis: Saudi Arabia, Bahrain Expel Lebanese Ambassadors

Lebanese Information Minister George Kordahi

On October 29th, Saudi Arabia recalled its ambassador from Lebanon and gave the Lebanese ambassador 48 hours to leave the Kingdom.

The Kingdom ordered the immediate ban to all Lebanese imports, Saudi Arabia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement on Friday. Saudi citizens were also banned from traveling to Lebanon.

The same day, the Kingdom of Bahrain followed the Saudi example and ordered the Lebanese ambassador to leave the country within two days.

The diplomatic conflict followed the footage that emerged earlier this week and showed a Lebanese minister criticizing the Saudi Arabia-led coalition’s war in Yemen.

During his interview that he did in early August, a month before joining the government, Lebanese Information Minister George Kordahi claimed that the Houthis (as Ansar Allah are known) are “defending themselves … against an external aggression”, calling to end the “futile” long-running war.

The Kordahi’s claims angered Riyadh, which was supported by other countries in the Riyadh-led military coalition. Alongside Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Bahrain summoned their ambassadors over the past three days.

In its turn, the six-nation Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) also condemned Kordahi’s statements.

According to the Lebanese channel MTV, the GCC  member-states may soon announce economic and political sanctions against Beirut.

At a press conference in Beirut this week, Kordahi noted that his statements were made before he became a minister. The minister said his comments were a personal opinion, and stressed out that he was not blackmailed by any entity.

Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati “regretted” the Saudi moves. the officials claimed that Kordahi’s comments do not reflect the Lebanese government’s position.

“It is true that we disassociate from conflicts, but we don’t disassociate ourselves from any position that is in solidarity with Saudi Arabia or the Gulf countries,” Mikati said.

Following the Riyadh’s diplomatic moves, on October 30, Lebanese Prime Minister has asked for the resignation of Information Minister Georg Kordahi.

The diplomatic scandal  hit Lebanon amid the ongoing political crisis, which had sharply escalated since mid-October.

The formation of a new government in September raised hopes for an end to the political crisis, that should be followed by stabilization of the country’s economy, and then a gradual improvement in the situation. However, recent developments in Lebanon have revealed that the deep split between the various political forces remains and prevents the local authorities to develop a nationwide course to overcome the crisis. The Hezbollah’s attempts to dominate the politics of the country have provoked fierce resistance from forces associated with the West and the monarchies of the Persian Gulf.

The diplomatic crisis with Saudi Arabia is yet another obstacle for the stabilization in Lebanon, as well as a factor of influence on a possible normalization of diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran.


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Peppe il Sicario

Screw that degenerate pedofile Semitic simian trash, them, their ancestors and their never to be born offspring!!! Their yahoodi colors are showing!!!


This is all Saad Hariri fault, he’s letting all this happen and encouraging it. Hariri and Geagea are both Zionist who deserve to die. Hariri allowed Israel, America and Saudi Arabia to block military aid to the Lebanese army(not Hezbollah) from Russia. This was going to include tanks, variety of weapons and I also believe aircrafts. They also blocked China from helping us rebuild our infrastructure, because America is complaining and saying China debt traps countries and will do it to us, which 100% false. Iran said they’re ready to build us power plant once Lebanese government gives them permission, which they won’t because Hariri is busy sucking the Jew bin salman in Saudi dick while Lebanon is dying.


hariri is a saudi born, triple passport holder. A born degenerate traitor.

Basement Dweller Slayer

Lebanese Forces are not bad. lol Hariri is just neoliberal.


You are a failed state due to Hezbollah, you are already finished even without Israel’s intervention.


that is coming from the parasites who cant even deal with little gaza anymore please better be careful that you dont scare yourselves to death you cowards are just laughable

Last edited 28 days ago by farbat

Wow, Saudi zionists are now trying to forbid Lebanese politicians from having their own opinion on things???
Saudi Arabia is a terrorist state. Imagine not being content on destroying the freedom of speech in your country but then also trying to kill it in Lebanon as well. Saudis, Erdoganists, Israelis, Amers, you don’t know which are more evil of the bunch, they’re all the same shit.

Basement Dweller Slayer

Erdogan is not really supportive of Saudis though.


Kuwait also expelled Lebanon’s ambassador.
All this for something he said a month before he became minister.
They’ll never leave Lebanon alone to heal, Whiny brats! Unless they are made to.

PS: I noticed something interesting. Everytime I reply to these scammers/spammers, their posts and mine all get deleted. Apparently the guy upstairs is watching over them. Maybe together we can sweep the board off of them just by replying to them? I’m going to try again here.

Last edited 28 days ago by Garga

i did this aswell but actually who cares about them


YAY! It worked!!
There’s a new one, but the original (cascading 4 of them) are all deleted.

Last edited 28 days ago by Garga
JC Denton

Herewith I award you the anti-scammer medal 🥈
I think the same sometimes works with Jens, once I argued with him and the whole comment chain was deleted and everyone in it IP banned. Roll with the pig and you’ll get dirty…
I have to use a slow ass VPN to post something but our lord and saviour SF just can’t delete the bots. Jens also somehow got back…

btw on the “HELP SOUTHFRONT TO STAY AFLOAT!” article I posted some remarks alluding to the bot issue… and they marked my comments with “Awaiting for approval”
Never saw that before.

This won’t happen when you advocate for genocide, but it happens when you mess with SF.

Last edited 28 days ago by JC Denton
Basement Dweller Slayer

I have heard that Iran has good relations with Kuwait, Qatar and Oman but bad relations with UAE and Bahrain. Are these clashes religious or ethnic? Because I have read that Shah also wanted to invade UAE and Bahrain. The conflict with the Saudis is religious only.


Yes, our relation is good with Oman and better relations with Kuwait and Qatar compared to UAE and KSA and awful relations with the Fat Bastard of Bahrain.

The clashes aren’t religious at all. Bottom line, if there’s no heavy pressure on Iran, it will become a world power within one-two decades, overshadowing all other countries.
Shah didn’t want to invade anywhere, just sent a force to help Sultan Qabus of Oman. Both UAE and Bahrain were part of Iran which got separated due to various reasons, the most important one being the weakness of the country for a period of time. Bahrain officially separated in 1974 with a sham referendum, The majority of Bahrainis long to return to Iran, so do many people in the lands which were part of the country and now aren’t.
With a strong Iran a few things will happen like a domino: Almost all of our neighbours will lose the advantage they gained due to efforts to isolate Iran, because Iran has a natural advantage to become the hub for transportation, commerce and production. Also large portions of the newly formed countries in Caucasus, central and western Asia will try to rejoin Iran again.
These are the reasons for the conflict. It never was about religion or ethnicity and never will be. Religion (like Wahhabism and Bahaism) is just a tool in the arsenal of the Empire to control and manipulate population better.
There are about 10 million Iranian Sunnis, they are in the government and armed forces. Here when you want to do something nobody asks about your religion. Our young gave their lives to defend Iraqi and Syrian people, many of which were Sunnis and Christians. No, it’s about power.

Just for a minute try to forget all the nonsense the “expert” say about the religious nature of conflict, like Iran is the leader of Shi’a world and Saudi is the leader of Sunni world (they aren’t even Sunnis!!) and try to see things as they are.

Basement Dweller Slayer

Why does Iran support Assad while they are arming islamists all over the world?


Who is “they”? If you mean Saudis and Emiratis, they don’t arm “Islamists”, there’s no such thing. What they do is creating terror groups with money and fuel them by Wahhabi ideology for better control.

Syria is Iran’s ally. They helped us, we help them and by helping them we also helped ourselves.

Icarus Tanović

Yes, dear Garga they aren’t even MUSLIMS. Do you think, that if something happens to Iran that those that you said are in good relations with Iran will help and intervene?
Don’t kid your self for a moment. You know very too well, also Ibrahim Raisi pointed them whether they’re in the heart of Europe or in the middle east who will jump in fire for Iran and stay there fight till the armageddon.

Last edited 26 days ago by Icarus Tanović

this just shows how degenerated the gcc has become

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