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Lebanon: Caught Between Two Systems

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Submitted by Matthew Ehret

The August 4 explosions in the Port of Beirut have garnered an increasing mountain of speculations in recent days, and unfortunately, these speculative voices have increasingly turned into noise and, the forest is getting lost in the trees. Now that the entire government has resigned in the face of the controlled deployment of chaotic protests across Beirut in the wake of this attack, it is obvious that powerful agendas are at play and have targeted this small yet strategic nation during a historic period of change and potential.

Although these explosions were undoubtedly caused by foreign intelligence operations, it is increasingly anomalous that neither Israeli Defense Forces nor Hezbollah claimed responsibility for them which means that other factors occurring behind the scenes are undoubtedly at play. What are those higher forces? How do we come to understand them?

Is it possible that the explosions which rocked Lebanon were planned by those western social engineers never forgave Aoun or Hezbollah for sabotaging their 2005 Cedar Revolution? Is it possible that these explosions are connected to the vast array of explosions and fires which have spread across the Arab world in the UAE and Iran in recent weeks? How is all of this connected to the dramatic rise of China’s New Silk Road which has spread hope and development across the war-torn middle east and Africa for the first time in decades?

In this interview delivered to Rogue News, the Canadian Patriot Review’s Matthew Ehret discusses not only how the collapsing neoliberal order has driven western policy in the Middle East but how that same collapse process has driven an obsessive drive to destroy the Multipolar potential represented by the China-Russia alliance and the economic/security pacts being finalized with Iran.

Matthew Ehret is the Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Patriot Review , a BRI Expert on Tactical talk, and has authored 3 volumes of ‘Untold History of Canada’ book series. In 2019 he co-founded the Montreal-based Rising Tide Foundation. He can be reached at matt.ehret@tutamail.com


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Lebanon needs to be free from the Iranian octopus, and their puppet Hezbollah that do whatever they tell them to do. If they want a true peace with us and have normal lives and no more wars, then they must kick out Hezbollah before they drag them into a war they won’t recover from. I pray for them they make the right choice.


Hezbollah exists today Because you invaded SL. Iran is divided. One side is pro West. Other is not. Either way, removing Hezbollah and Iran Will not solve the region and world’s problem.

The problem is the bankers The Euro-US controlled IMF, World Bank, etc. They are the problem. Remove them and we will all have peace.

Ask yourself why. With one visit. Pompeo made Israel drop China.

[So much for everyone. Claiming that Israel runs the US.]


Money runs this world, unfortunately it’s the regular people who suffer the most.

Traiano Welcome

Please stop pretending you give a shit about regular people. You just claimed in another post you’re a psychopath. Psychopaths have no capacity for empathy, you reptile.


Well when I see terrorists they get the worst out of me I don’t deny it, but regular civilians in Beirut just want to have better lives. It’s the Shias in SL that keep supporting Hezbollah which need to be dealt with.

Traiano Welcome

You don’t fool anyone.

You. Are. A Liar.

For a whole year I’ve read you voicing your psychopathic intentions towards Palestinian and Iranian children, women, old people. Now it’s the Lebanese Shiites (all of them, women, children and old people).

You are a psychopath, and psychopaths are not selective in their lack of empathy.


Okay man, even guys like me can show some empathy to non-combatants. Does that mean I love them? no, I very much want to teach the shais in SL a long lesson they will never forget, but other areas in Lebanon like the Sunnis or the Christians are not my enemy and I seek them no harm. Palis the same thing – to kill all the Hams rats but give freedom and a state to the West Bank moderate Palis. Follow my comments better, so you won’t get misconfused.

Traiano Welcome

Here’s the kind of empathy you arseholes are capable of:



We destroy homes of terrorists that killed Israelis as a punishment, I see nothing wrong with that.


This is heartbreaking.

Traiano Welcome

A psychologist would see your response as that of a normal human being. Compare that with the typical psychopath’s response below by Iron_Idiot. His is typical of the reptilian skin-walkers that comprise the zionist race.


It’s a sordid reality. Where reason doesn’t exist. It’s the result of lies, propaganda, endless dosage of fear, etc. They have been de-humanized.


No doubt.

Potato Man

“Since 1985, the United States has provided nearly US$3 billion in grants annually to Israel, with Israel being the largest annual recipient of American aid from 1976 to 2004 and the largest cumulative recipient of aid ($142.3 billion, not inflation-adjusted) since World War II.” <—- That is only US, not the UK or Germany aids. On top of that it doesn't include other "aids" to Israel.

Beritus, no one claim some zion run the US buddy, what they mean how much they can loot US…rightly so tbh. Because it is the zion state that sell it self for money, no other country suck US BS like Israel and US uses Israel, and Zion state can't do anything wouldn't out US now. Just some days ago Bibi said Trump is busy with other things and that's why they can't go with annexation plans. Now the zion saying they drop the annexation plans for time being….hmmm why I think I heard this before… That is right it is BS. The Zion state is so far gone to be call a country anymore…China don't really want to deal with them as they are US puppets.

This guy here stupid tho A.K.A (Plastic Zion) , Hezbollah can't be remove now and only way is to remove them is a civil war again and the zion state knows that and US, they want a civil war again in Lebanon.

P.S (Plastic Zion) did you also join the protests? I remember you saying you don't like Bibi dick that fuk your mother. Stop fuking acting monkey "Peace" said the US slave. LMFAO


Maybe no on claims so. But I read and hear it a lot. I think people are mostly led to be confused. The way I see it.. the European Zionists who created Israel. Also have an important role in stirring the USA since 1913. The US and Israel is both in their hands.


Yes, of course. I am always talking about those who rule. Not the average people who have no say. But I don’t think anyone in Israel runs the USA. My view is the the European Zionist financiers who created Israel. Also run the USA since 1913 when they created their Fed. The US and Israel work hand in hand as a result of that. Remember that JFK wanted to break free from those financiers.

Traiano Welcome

“Lebanon needs to be free from the Iranian octopus”

The entire M.E needs to be free of the Israeli tapeworm infesting it’s guts. One day you will be pooped out when the Hezbollah medicine takes effect.

Tommy Jensen

Excellent analysis. Pressure creates anti-pressure. Generally we see how obstruction only make the opponent stronger and more independent. Hezbollah got stronger, the OBOR idea get stronger, Russia got much stronger and the colonial forces got weaker. The old Empire tools dont work anymore. Because God’s creation by love and truth is the strongest force of them all.

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