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Lebanon And Israel Commence Negotiations Over Disputed Maritime Boundary

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Lebanon And Israel Commence Negotiations Over Disputed Maritime Boundary

The UN facility at Naqoura hosted the first meeting

Delegations from Beirut and Tel Aviv have commenced the opening round of indirect negotiations on the demarcation of the disputed maritime border between the two countries and related issues. After brief discussions, the delegations agreed to meet again on 28 October.

The two sides met briefly for negotiations at the headquarters of the UN peacekeeping force in the southern Lebanese city of Naqoura on Wednesday.

The negotiations are being hosted by the UN and mediated by the US.

The four-member Lebanese team is headed by Deputy Chief of Staff of the Lebanese Army for Operations Brigadier General Pilot Bassam Yassin, while the six-member Israeli delegation is led by the director general of the energy ministry.

According to a statement by the Lebanese army, Beirut’s delegation expressed hope during the session that the dispute with Israel would be settled within a “reasonable time.”

The talks mark a “first step in the thousand-mile march towards the demarcation” of Lebanon’s maritime frontier, he said. “Based on the higher interests of our country, we are looking to achieve a pace of negotiations that would allow us to conclude this dossier within reasonable time.”

Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri had previously announced a framework agreement for the conduct of negotiations with Israel to resolve the maritime and land borders, related to the temporary border demarcation of the April 1996 ceasefire understanding with Israel and UN Security Council Resolution 1701.

Berri further argued that an agreement on the maritime boundary would help Lebanon economically.

Earlier on Wednesday, Lebanon’s Hezbollah and Amal movements expressed their opposition to the composition of their country’s delegation.

Hezbollah and Amal released a joint statement, calling for an immediate change to the members of Lebanon’s delegation as it includes two civilians.

The statement argues that the inclusion of civilians in the Lebanese delegation contravenes the framework agreement, which stipulates that only military officers will attend meetings on the demarcation of the border between Lebanon and Israel.

Hezbollah and Amal “announce their explicit rejection of what happened and consider that it deviates from the framework agreement, harms Lebanon’s stance and supreme interests, transgresses all the nation’s strengths, deals a major blow to its role, resistance and Arab position, and represents a surrender to the Israeli logic which aims at reaching any form of normalization.”

Lebanese officials have reiterated that the limited border talks are completely separate from and do not signify a step towards “normalization” or “reconciliation” with Israel. LINK

The disputed area in the Mediterranean Sea covers approximately 860 square kilometres, and is thought to be rich in oil and gas.

Lebanon fought two wars against Israel in 2000 and 2006. The battleground contribution by the Hezbollah resistance movement proved to be a decisive factor, forcing the invading Israeli military forces to retreat on both occasions.

Lebanon and Israel have been in a state of war since 1967 when Israel invaded and occupied a border area the Lebanese refer to as Shebaa Farms.

The day before the negotiations were due to commence, Lebanon’s official National News Agency carried a statement issued by the Army which reported an incursion on Monday by an Israeli warship into the maritime area claimed by Lebanon, adjacent to the Ras al-Naqoura region in southern Lebanon.

According to the Army, the incident involved an Israeli navy vessel which entered several hundred metres into Lebanese territorial waters on Monday, before targeting a Lebanese fishing boat.

The Army said it was investigating the issue along with UNIFIL, the United Nations peacekeeping force that has been deployed in Lebanon since the end of the 2006 war. LINK

The initiation of negotiations has prompted mixed reactions in Lebanon, which is at a clear disadvantage given the social, economic and political turmoil that has overtaken the country and the devastation caused by the massive explosion at Beirut’s main port in August.

Also on Wednesday, President Michel Aoun once again postponed the pending parliamentary consultations to name a new prime minister. The consultations, which were due to commence on Thursday, are now scheduled for October 22.

A statement issued by the Presidency said Aoun took the decision “at the request of some parliamentary blocs, after difficulties emerged.” LINK

It is however far from certain that anything will be resolved during the additional week.

Another factor that seems to be pushing the accelerated effort to reach an agreement is the pending elections in the US.

Hilal Khashan, a political science professor at the American University of Beirut, has argued that a Lebanese-Israeli agreement on maritime border demarcation is the “best option for Lebanon so that it could start work in Block 9.”

But he questioned the timing, saying it was likely scheduled by the Trump administration ahead of presidential elections so it can chalk up a “new foreign policy accomplishment.” LINK


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Fog of War

” The negotiations are being hosted by the UN and mediated by the US. ”

Should I laugh or cry ? Good bye Lebanon ancient home of the Phoneticians.

Jens Holm

It woud be nice, if You could propose something better.

True Hotel Phoenesia still stands. I was there 2 nights many years ago.

Fog of War

” True Hotel Phoenesia still stands. I was there 2 nights many years ago.

You are a special kind of moron arent you. First, who the hell cares what I propose ? Second, why even mention a hotel in reference to the Phoenicians ? Are you retarded ?

Potato Man

Before this the Zion attacked a fisherman BTW, ofc Zion would do such thing as they are known as Satan Children. A deal with Satanic people is not a smart move, look at Palestinian, yeah that was a good fuking deal wasn’t…didn’t anyone learned anything from that. Zion known for being greedy from beginning to WWII to now they caused problems and nothing more. Nothing comes good out of this people…tell me one thing they have done for “humans”, beside making weapons and selling it to shitheads to kill civilians. P.S Also beside fuking the mother of US. (Good those fuker have more Zion in power then fuking born Americans – those Zion can run US as they want which is failing after 75 years LMFAO).

Israel targets Lebanese fishermen on eve of maritime border talks https://www.presstv.com/Detail/2020/10/13/636315/Lebanon-Israel-military-open-fire-fishermen-border-talks

According to the Army, the incident had seen an Israeli military boat advancing as far as 333 meters (0.20 miles) into the Lebanese territorial waters on Monday, before targeting the fishermen. The Army said it was investigating the issue alongside UNIFIL, the United Nations-mandated force that has been deployed in Lebanon since the end of Israel’s 2006 war on the country.

Potato Man

BTW Oct – 18 is coming…Hezbollah would be happy to buy and shot down Zion jets if they Zion dear to enter Lebanon again

“As of Sunday, we’ll be able to sell our weapons to whoever we’d like, and buy arms from anybody we’d want,” he said, adding that Iran struggled for four years for the termination of the embargo.

Jens Holm

If my behind a.s.o.

Many sell weapon to almost any they can…So what. 99% of the weapons in Caucasus is Russian ones. Blame them. Maybee bow and arrow would be better and they do have rocks to throw https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/03eea58f24bbb7d7845d6e41fee6e0a156679e5e53c87ec62bc8441cfbd9695e.jpg

Potato Man

I don’t care what is up in Caucasus bud, both of them are morons. If they okay to kill each others….fuk if I care. I was talking about Iran selling more opening to other countries such as Lebanon. A country that doesn’t have good ADS.

“99% of the weapons in Caucasus is Russian ones. Blame them.” 99% Azer BS again, for years Azer have been buy Zion made drone and weapons…I know you don’t google this shit bitch, it would take you 1min to look it up. You sound a moron now, why are you like this? Fake news bitch.

BTW that is cute Jen, which country is the world’s top supplier of weapons? US

The United States bolstered its status as the world’s biggest arms supplier, transferring more than a third of all weapons sold during the past five years.

Jens Holm

Is it healthy to eat mashed potatoes?

They are low in fat, high in potassium and only have 150 calories per potato/serving. These are not empty calories either. There’s actual great vitamins and nutrients in those calories. So, nutrition and calorie-wise, potatoes are great to add to your diet.14. nov. 2018.

According datanic wikipedia

Potato Man

“Is it healthy to eat mashed potatoes?” Pigs like you can eat anything like your…..NVM Jen, yeah mashed potato is good, don’t eat too much tho :)

Free man

Is it healthy to eat mashed potato men?

Potato Man

RT: West Bank settler homes approved by Israel for first time since UAE & Bahrain peace deals. ohhh who would have guess dealing with Zion means nothing their words means nothing.

Jens Holm

I kind of dont care anymore.

UN has paid since 1949, so a solution could be made. I see none of that. I hardly remember but last chance was Arafat didnt get Jerusalem.

Nothing was learned from 1967 and a new dispute was in 1973. By that Israel NEVER will leave Golan.

At least USA pays for Israel. Sp I kind of accapt the million of arabs, which we buy oil and gas from.

The rest is – I DONT CARE. Kill each other – and Israeliens for that matter too. The most important banks are, where danes are fishing like Dogger bank, Voking bank and like that.

So shut up wastig my time and accept facts – Netanyau and Co too.

Potato Man

Jen put your 2cents up your ass bitch, who the fuk care about what you think bud??? People like you who band over and accept are the lowest shit in the world. (I hate stupid people who would just accept shi9 just cause.)

You are becoming a fuking normall American, “I kind of dont care anymore.” then fuk off Jen. If you don’t care about ME/war/etc what are you doing here bud, you write shit almost in every post. You shut up and stop wasting my time. You are the one dropping your 2cents, you don’t have to I know what stupid shit you gonna say. Go band over so Wahhabi and Zion rape, I don’t care.

Jens Holm

I actually care a lot for my own people. They should not be killed ny any in ME.

You hardly know what You are fighting for or against. The Kurds are the only ones in Your many fighting zones, which actually has any plans and programs for the future are the Kurds – And none even dare to try to understand, what those plans are even they are very normal for develloping very poor people by own hands and brains.

You not even let them decide for, where they live. You not even let them decide with the SDF – group.

And a few more things are, You are totally misguided about Your own history about vital things, so You actually fight each other by constructed nationalistic crap created just after WW1 and even later(Turkey 1823, Syria 1946. Palestine illusion 1948 or something.

So I tell all of You, because I know much more then almost any here on thes sites. Youeven inisist keeping Yourself stupid by not reading about how it was before those constructions by You many bad leaders whatever their titles are or where.

And what is it – again again fx finally mainparts of Caucasus are free from Turkey, Iran and Russia and what do the little ones do the now fight again and Armenia as well as Azarbydian both will make revenge at each other again.

You even put zionist, Americans and Nato in this´and in drones and weapons too – Even 99% of the weapons are Russian ones at both sides.

In estimates I know what happend in dead, wounded and expellings last time. But You do Your best to support even more shit there.

The only syirans in peace are the 550.000 dead ones. When is enough enough. You should redefine what honor and respect isand learn from others. But You insist in no learning.

So I say: So be it, but not here.

But You have supporters here where I live. They love Yu kill each other, so You dont come here. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bafb5cb5b2f690f74d7aafb7192667c80f49b747bf84e1a78604c5105e1e3e21.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/bf43f45f887724c09a6cc001ddbaa6001027fcdb2d10ba8d9a9c51bcc01a20b6.gif

Jens Holm

Its upside down to me. Both know there most likely is nothing. It would make sense some driller gave a try first:)


Peace talks are the best option, but Hezbollah will find a way to ruin it. Any attack against IDF forces will make them and Lebanon pay.

Khazarian II (merchant)

We must sign that maritime boundary agreement with Israel too. Otherwise Gayreece will steal from both of us ( which they already steal Israel’s Aphrodite gas area).

Jessica Brown

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I agree!

Free man

Direct talks between Lebanon and Israel are a good start.

Traiano Welcome

Absolutely 0 will come of this. The worst thing the zionazi israelis fear is an agreed border which they cannot violate at will.

Nothing will be agreed. This is all Kabuki Theater for Netanyahoo.


the 840 sqkm is of secondary importance – what is more important is the right for the jews to use lebanese seabed on which to construct a pipeline for the gas the jews are in the process of stealing (true jewish fashion) from the palestinians. moreover, the jews pipeline dream is now made even more important when the uae/saudi gas can and should be added to the jews’ pipeline dream making it a prime aim of the washington dc morons, or in other words, kushner’s plan for the jews in palestine (they need to be buried at 6 feet promptly)

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