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JUNE 2021

Lebanese President: Assad Is Political Leader Of Syria, Only Choice Is To Work With Him

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Lebanese President: Assad Is Political Leader Of Syria, Only Choice Is To Work With Him

Lebanon’s President, Michel Aoun during the interview with TV5

Lebanon’s President, Michel Aoun said during an interview with the French TV5 channel that Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad is the sole political leader of Syria and added that Lebanon should work with al-Assad’s government.

“Bashar Assad is currently the president of his country … We must engage with the existing government, we have no other choice,” the Lebanese news outlet Daily Star quoted Aoun as saying during the interview with TV5.

When he was asked about Hezbollah’s role in Syria, Aoun said that the Lebanese force intervened in Syria only after the country had become a battleground for a regional war. The Lebanese president also stressed that Hezbollah will withdraw from Syria “soon” as the war is nearing its end.

Although that Lebanese’s President stressed in the interview that the Syrian-Lebanese relations are now “limited,” his statement represents a major shift in the Lebanese Presidency’s position on Syria. Former Lebanese President Michel Suleiman had taken a more neutral stand on Syria during his term and strengthened the Lebanese relations with the main enemies of al-Assad, including the US, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Recently, many Lebanese politicians, including figures who oppose al-Assad, have called for cooperation with the Damascus government to solve many common issues like the refugee crisis. According to Aoun, there is now more than one million Syrian refugees in Lebanon, that has the population of only about 4 million citizens.

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Angelo Cinarelli

God bless Lebanese President. I love Lebanon, I lived in Lebanon 3 years. Nice people and good food.

That Guy

Good food most importantly ;).


Now every country would like to cooperate with president Assad because he is the current president of Syria and this is a big slap on the faces of Trump and on Trump’s fellows. Thanks to All mighty God and thanks to Putin, Ruhani, Nasrullah and all their allies. Thanks to all martyres that sacrificed themselves for rescuing Syria from the butcher Trump and their allies.


SAA and their allies should be ready for suspected attack on Syria from Trump and their allies.


The right resolution Article 51 of the UN charter resolution – 3324 from 29th November 1978 and the General Assembly resolution 3246 from 29th November 1974 reaffirm the legitimacy of the people struggle for the liberation from colonial and foreign domination and alien subjugation by all available means including arm struggle why this is for all body under the sun and not for the Palestinians and Kashmiris. Much like resolution 194 every refugee under the sun is allowed to return home but not Palestinians and Kashmiris.

If Trump, EU and Indian regimes do not respect the UN resolutions, then shut the UN offices, these are useless. Note: Israeli migrants and Indians both are occupation forces and have taken lands from Palestinians and Kashmiris, both nations struggle struggle for liberation since 1900 and 1948 from colonial and foreign forces of EU Israel and India.

John D.

Unfortunately, it’s only words, even if wellment. The Russians had negotiatons on using Lebanese ports for their navy. It’s about time they deployed. They could make sure the Israelis won‘t violate Lebanese airspace to attack Syria. The question is, would Russia actually protect Lebanese airspace. I‘m pretty sure the Lebanese are not happy with Israel completely controlling their airspace.

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