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Lebanese Military Arrests Prominent Egyptian Terrorist


The Lebanese military has arrested Egyptian citizen Fadi Ibrahim Ahmad Ali, a prominent commander of the ISIS-affiliated Fatah al-Islam terrorist group.

In an official statement released on September 4, the army said that Fadi, who is known by his nom de guerre Abu Khattab, had returned to Lebanon in order to establish a terrorist cell working under the command of ISIS.

“This cell had planned to target the Lebanese military’s centers, service members as well as some religious and tourist places in a number of Lebanese areas,” the statement reads.

Abu Khattab participated in several attacks against the Lebanese military in the northern province of Tripoli before leaving in 2017. A year later, he returned to Ain al-Hilweh refugee camp in southern Lebanon, where he resumed his terrorist activities.

Lebanese Military Arrests Prominent Egyptian Terrorist

Fadi Ibrahim Ahmad Ali, “Abu Khattab,” as seen in a rare video from 2017

The army didn’t provide any information regarding the circumstances surrounding the arrest of Abu Khattab. However, it confirmed that other members of the terrorist’s cell were also arrested.

Since the outbreak of the Syrian war, terrorist activities have been on the raise in Lebanon. ISIS and the so-called Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) are among the top threats to the country.

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  • bla

    another Israeli sponsored terrorist caught , should be tortured to death