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Lebanese Man Allegedly Linked To Hezbollah Assassinated In Iran’s Tehran

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Lebanese Man Allegedly Linked To Hezbollah Assassinated In Iran’s Tehran

Tehran, Iran. Via Business Traveler

The Public Relations of Tehran Province announced on August 8 that two Lebanese nationals were assassinated in the Iranian capital.

The assassination reportedly took place in the neighborhood of Bostan in Pasdaran Avenue in the northern part of Tehran city.

Two assailants riding a motorcycle shot the victims in their car, a Renault L90, late on August 7. The victims were shot dead with four bullets. A fifth bullet missed, hitting a nearby vehicle without injuring anyone.

“The assailants opened fire and escaped, the police are tracking them now,” Public Relations of Tehran Province said in a statement.

The victims were identified as Habib Dawood and his daughter Mariam. Fars News said Dawood was a teacher in the Department of History of Tehran University. According to the UAE-based al-Arabiya TV, Dawood was a member of Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

Dawood and his daughter were allegedly a few meters away from a house owned by Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis when they were attacked. Al-Muhandis is a former Deputy-Commander of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units who was killed in a U.S. drone strike on the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, earlier this year.

Hezbollah usually acknowledges any attack on its members in Lebanon or abroad. If Dawood was a member of the Lebanese group, Israel will be the main suspect. The Israeli intelligence is infamous for carrying out such assassinations.


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Pot’s being stirred alright. Global Zioterrorists have stacked pieces, like in narcostates Colombia and Brazil, the Ziowahhabi and Kurd invader-occupied part of Syria or in the South China sea. The tensions breathe life into Wall Street’s network of Ziocorporate overclass war profiteer bloodsuckers.

Jens Holm

Brazil is a good cigar too.

Blue In Green

Shocking to say the least….

Iran’s counter-intelligence seems to be pretty bad and these drastic lapses in internal security are a direct result of it.

Zionism = EVIL

Protecting old men and women from cowardly terrorists is hard for any country. However, Iran should go on war footing and beef up security as the CIA and Mossad cowardly cunts are desperate and will commit more isolated crimes against Iranians. This old man had nothing to do with Hezbollah which is located 3,000 kms away and not in quiet North Tehran.


This was hideous criminal assassination of an elderly man and his daughter and the ruthless killers behind it should be found and executed!

Jens Holm

According the most hostile muslims the Jews in Middle East are estimated to about 57 milions and very clever.

Many Leaders of the different Countries are not even beee keepers in secret. They also makes light to their 7 armed candelabres and makes the muslims like them by the honey.

The Jews recruited them at a Sweet Consert telling that even men swinging their skirts was pefect in ballroom blitz.



I did not realize you where an rock n roller Jens. Always had you figured out as an Abba fan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xFrGuyw1V8s

Black Waters

M-O-S-S-A-D all over it.

Zionism = EVIL

CIA and Mossad cunts have failed miserably in Iran and now killing isolated civilians is the only option. This man was an old history teacher at Tehran University going shopping with his daughter and was murdered. Pretty low and scummy cowardice to kill a middle aged woman and her old father. Just shows the desperation and mentality of the Americunt and Zionist gutter dwellers.


Dead rats.


nah the rats of this world is the jews illegally occupying palestine plus a great number of jewish rats embedded/entrenched in societies around the world – and rats you poison till they’re all gone although the real rats, the four legged mammals, are harder to deal with.


a.) A middle aged woman was slain/murdered by gunfire – ie, assassination-terrorism b.) Hezbollah were birthed as Lebanese political and military faction against Israeli military occupation of Southern Lebanon – ie, Israeli regional belligerence created its own nemesis


Paedophile prophet Muhammad was poisoned:)


the jews in palestine responsible for this atrocity – suggest a tit for tat response, a well known scientist of jewish origin gunned down on the streets of say london or paris or athens or or or. lots of disposable jews around the world.

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