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Lebanese Intelligence Detained US Citizen Who Illegally Crossed Separating France From Israeli Side (Photos)

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The Lebanese military intelligence has arrested a U.S. citizen who is suspected of entering Lebanon from Israel through a hole in the separation fence.

“After continuous search operations an army intelligence patrol was able to find the American citizen ‘Colin Emery’ hiding in one of the alleys in the city of Tyre … He was arrested over suspicions of entering on 15/01/2019 from the Occupied Palestinian Territories [Israel] to Lebanon territory,” the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) said in an official statement on January 17.

Last week, the Israeli media reported that a man wearing an Israeli military uniform and holding a box full of Hebrew documents entered the southern Lebanese village of Ayta ash Shab through a hole in the separation line. Tyre, where Emery was found, is located some 20 kilometers from Aita al-Shaab.

Lebanese sources said that Emery was arrested while he was trying to buy clothes from a shop in Tyre. Apparently, the man’s trousers were shredded while he was crossing the barbed wire on the separation line.

While some Lebanese activists believe that Emery was engaged in some sort of sabotage operations of Israeli or American intelligence, others believe that the man was simply looking for an adventure. The LAF will likely reveal more details on this incident in the upcoming few days.

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SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

It will probably turn out he is just fucking stupid.


Like you, poser?


Right, he was one of those tunnel diggers and he took an unauthorized coffee break.

Tommy Jensen

When you are on LSD, everywhere is just fine.

Who Me??

Hey, it’s all about no borders, no walls. I have rights, I’ll show them.


So… why would he do that instead of taking a commercial flight? Why would he be casually shopping if he did? And since they caught him in Tyre is the tattered pants really the only thing that made them think he did? And are they saying he crawled under the fence and walked all the way to Tyre? Again, commercial flights are available.
This is clearly part of the abuse of authority that is ubiquitous in this part of the world. This is why the US military issues travel warning to soldiers not to travel alone and preferably not in uniform in Muslim areas, even in close allied states like Qatar.


It’s not just Muslims, the first time I went to Subic they found a marine in some garbage bins.

Who Me??

That’s not a military haircut he’s wearing. Quite likely, a whacked out no-borders liberal claiming his American freedom rights wherever he wants, or he’s messed up in the head, or both.


He’s probably just a random tourist that some local polical decided to nake an example of.

John McCaul

Is proofreading an unknown concept at Southfront? “Separating France”

instead of separating fence. This is getting ridiculous.


French troops patrol the Blue line on the Lebanese side.
Actually both sides are Lebanon, but Israel seems to have claimed its side as part of Israel and won’t tolerate the French on their claim.

Who Me??

Would you? hahahahah


The Israeli terrorist state another failed attempt. LOL

These elements would spy on Lebanese for Israeli state.

Who Me??

Wow, that’s one lame spy attempt. I think even LAF has more talent than that.

J Ramirez

Very serious crime, I vote they execute him!

Who Me??

Wow, that’s one huge pair of pants. Nice shoe and purse selection in that shop by the way, hope you like black!.

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